Hebrewism of West Africa

From the Nile to Niger with the Jews

A brief critique


Ekowa A. Kenyatta


When I decided to read Joseph J. Williams’ book, I believe it was mentioned on a list of books by one of the African scholars I had recently read, I went into it hoping to find more facts to build a Biblical case for the African migration of the Israelites of original Northern Africa and Palestine. I have long held the notion the bulk of the true Israelites did in fact head to the east, west, and north and south of the African Continent.  Mr. Williams’ book has confirmed my assertions, but now I have expanded my understanding I have come to realize that the migration of so-called Hebrews was one in many  migrations of or people from in and around Egypt carrying the Egyptian religious culture that later became known as Judaism.

Before the rise of Imperialism in the West led by Europe and then America, most European scholars from the early 17th through1900’s wrote prolifically on the subject of Africa, Egypt and the Middle East.  A discipline and field of study was developed call Egyptology and this 'new' field has been used to redefine, delineate and confuse information and color the culture of Egypt to make it more white than black, more copy than original, more European than African. They realized that Africa, which included, Egypt and parts of the so-called Middle East was peopled by the Black African.  Those original Africans were the progenitors every race, culture, religion, political and social system, were masters in chemistry, all science, medicine, philosophy virtually everything man has thought of and produced since time began.

Hebrewism in West Africa is a must for any serious library.  It should however be carefully evaluated based upon the Authors pro-white stance and it should be read along side of the books written by the preeminent African scholars like Chiek Anta Diop, Chancellor Williams, Jose Malcioln, Dr. Ben Yohocanan, George G.M. James and certainly Dr. John H. Clarke and many others to get a full view of historical events.

Although Mr. Williams believes the Hebrews (Jews) migrated into all part of Africa from Northern Africa and were kin to the Egyptians and original  Ethiopians he also believed they were of a Caucasian root and mixed with the indigenous Africans- so racism does rears it’s ugly head again. Since the book was written in 1928 it has the views of the supremacy of the Caucasian of that day in regards to Africans.

Here is an example:

‘As a matter of fact, Hebrewisms of African derivation are not confined to Jamaica among the West Indian Islands. Blair Niles in her recent delightful little volume Black Hayti, speaks of the slaves of Africa, positively asserts: Some were said to be descendents of Jews mixed with Negroes. Those were tall, well built men whose features has a Caucasian [?] cast and whose language was clearly Semitic in character.’

In some instances as a scholar, he should have allowed the information to unfold itself and extract the truth or exegete the documents, instead he evaluated the information from a biased Euro-centric formula and the result was the whitening of Africa and places his fantasies in his evaluation.

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Here are some interesting quotes:

Slave ships headed to the Caribbean

Ashanti influences in Jamaica

The Author states:

‘The Ashantee and Fanti described [of western Africa] …were strong and active, and yielded value by the planters. The Spanish and the French colonists shunned them on account of their ferocious tenancies…they were thought to be instigators and leaders of every rebellion.’ pg 2

‘Moreover, in connection with the fearless independence and uncompromising spirit of the Gold Coast Negro, whether we call him Ashanti or Koromantyn, it is well to remember that the Maroons of the Jamaica Mountains who wrote their own chapter of daring in the history o f the Islands were par the most part recruited, at least as regards their leaders, from the same group (Ashanti). ‘Pg. 9

‘The Supreme Being among the Ashanti is Nyame, whom we shall later try to identify with the Hebrew Yahweh. His prime title is Nyankopon, meaning Nyame alone, the Great one.’ Pg,16.

This phrase is similar to the Hebrew Shema :

‘Shema Israel Adonai, Eloheynu, Adonai Echad’ translated ‘Hear O Israel the Lord your God is One’.


Are you a Yahoo? 

‘While criticizing a map that had been published by T. Edward Bowditch in 1819 he says:” Beginning then at the top of the map, I find a place called Yahooodee, a country or town of non-existence. Yahoodee simply implies Jews, the tribes of Jews, etc. Which is the term the Moslems, apply to those people of the Mosaic faith who inhabit the lower part of the Atlas in the district of Suse, (he places Suse 30 degrees N: 7 degrees W - where Bowditch places it 20 degrees N; 2 degrees E). They also apply the term Yahoodee to the Hebrew or Jewish tribe, whether native African or not…who inhabit Timbuctoo.’

For centuries the children of Israel were called Yahoo’s, especially by the new Hellenized, Romanized Christianity. To be called a Yahoo was a derogatory term, just as the term Christian was initially derogatory the co-opted.  Similarly the term Nigger is/was used in a derogatory manner and now co-opted by not only black folks but also those who want to live the [so-called] black experience through the vehicle of Hip-hop. The term Yahoo was carried over to America as the moniker for a backward person, a yokel and now used as the ad for a popular Internet provider – Yahoo.

Modern geopolitics: Is it just the Oil and Regime change?

‘Afghan women and men …stoutly defend the belief in their Hebrew descent, why then should historians called the Beni Israel (sons/children of Israel)?’

Williams quoting DeRoo in his book the History of America before Columbus:

‘Not a few writers defend the opinion that the Egyptian, who sailed around Africa and far away to the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, left America some architectural and linguistic vestiges of their presence, and conceives of the possibility of the Phoenicians, whether Tyrians or Carthaginians, having reached the American Continent. Speaking of the ‘remarkable’ parallel of the comparatively recent times in the Inca monarchy in Peru.’

‘…the elements of the culture was actually derived from Egypt, and was introduced into South America by the same race of Megalith builders who have left their traces of their presence through out the Pacific from Easter Island to the Carolines. Now the monarchy of Japan, the ruler who claim to be the ‘Children of the Sun’, was undoubtedly founded by the megalith (Egyptian) builders who arrived by sea…’ [See the Olmecs]

History of the conflict in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi later fueled by Europe;



Mary Hastings Bradley, during a journey through Tanganika, speaks of ‘the sophisticated WaTusi of Ruanda, who have a precise theology and elaborate account of the Creation of the world, fall of Man – through the sin of a woman disclosing a secret she had promised her Creator of guard! – The subsequent punishment, and the sending of a Friend, or Mediator. The stories came down from the south with these tribes of pronounced Hamitic and Semitic origins (remember they still believed in the Caucasian Hamite theory before it was proved to be a lie) – Caravan and Cannibals, New York 1926, p. 65.’

‘Ruanda is a fascinating place. It is the last great native kingdom, the kingdom of the Sultan Musinga, who keeps his court at Nyanza, the lords over four million people, the WaHutu, who with the dwarf Batwa were here before the conquerors came, and the conquerors, the WaTusi, who at some undated time came from the North (of Africa) bringing their fine herds of long-horned cattle with them. The WaTusi are born aristocrats, tall and slender as wands some of the men are seven feet and over - bonze skinned, with finely modeled hands and feet, and oval, clear-cut features, of the Egyptian cast. 1.c.’p.281’

‘Speaking also of Uganda to the west of Lake Victorian (the mouth of the Nile) and northwest of the Belgian Congo; ‘It has an organized native government, with a tradition of 33 kings, and a legendary line that traces back to King David. It is a proud history. The legends tell of the Ugandan people crossing the Nile centuries upon centuries ago, and subduing all tribes who country they traversed. They claim the highest native civilization in Africa.’ – Hermann Norden, White and Black in East Africa, Boston, 1924, p. 248’

Another interesting item is the bibliographies. From them we can see the subject of the origins of mankind in reference to African culture and religion was a subject hotly debated.

The same thing is being done to the people in the Sudan as in Ethiopia the waging of wars and genocide in order to steal the heritage, culture, natural resources and spiritual identity of the original peoples.  All these nations came from the seed of Abraham and were the original children of the Egyptian. This truth is being blotted out by the System of white supremacy.

As I said, most of the European scholars of the early 1900’s are still locked into racist notions that have now been systematically disproved so, armed with that understanding the book is worth the purchase price. It does have a wealth of knowledge if you understand the tenor of the times.

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