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The purpose of my essay's is to exalt the glory of Africa and the African and put European His-story in context!  African History Stop using my writings to prove your ignorant and invalid ideas! Get a real life and READ!


Forward ever... Backwards never!


Ethiopians [Abyssinians] possibly in the early 19th century

Ethiopians had the oldest written and printed Bible 400 years before Europe know how to write.

"To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots."
Alexander Solzhenitzyn



Don't be Educated in Ignorance!

Egyptian First -Fruit Offering

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Dr. and Baba Keita Kenyatta

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Imperative to Study  


Genesis  or Bereshit

In "A" Beginning and not in "THE" Beginning The genesis account is one of many beginning for humanity.


"He who controls the past controls the future and he who controls the present controls the past."

Section 1

What I Believe

Mind your Wants


What's in a Name

The Name Game

Africa, Africans and the Bible

Changing Black to White

The Measure of a Man




The Annu

Paul the Egyptian

Roads to Rome

Locks Symbol of the Priesthood

Maat and the 10 Commandments

Genesis 4:25-26

Paul and His Doctrine

A Brief Study of Tradition

The Hebrew Feasts

Section 2

Where my Man At? 

Lips, Hips and Fingertips

MAAFA Timeline

Black Family Pledge

 Ohel Mo'ed

The Druids


Menses and Menopause

Judaism 101

Judaism 101B

Black Britain

Black Greeks

Black Buddha

Black Vietnam

The Olmecs

Global Economy

The Swastika

Book List and Links

Hebrewism in West Africa Book Critique

Sensuality and Sexuality

Section 3

The Dream

Culture of Yahweh


Yeshua: The Capstone or  the Cornerstone?


The Holocaust/Maafa

 Medical Apartheid

Contributing Essayists

Louisiana's Black Fisherman

How Then Do We Live?

Einstein on Race and Racism

The Christ Within

Obama- Can a black man be President...again?

Was Jesus a Black Man?

Zoomorphic and Anthropomorphic Types

The Arab Slave Trade


Cynthia McKinney

We gotta have HOPE!

Sun of Righteousness

Jeremiah Wright is RIGHT--His views in Context

 An Interesting Point of View

Hebrews: Slaves or Brothers?

The Dravidians


Section 4

The Forty-Four

We movie

Educated to be Ignorant

Jacobs Egyptian Funeral

I was just thinking...

Black Blogger Bites


A Case for Reparations Ta-Nehasi Coates

We came from Heaven to Earth

We Gotta have HOPE Fear of a Black President


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