Statement of Beliefs

The Golden Stool

As a symbol of nationhood, containing the SumSun or Soul of Ashanti ( Asante ), the Golden Stool is considered so sacred that no person whatsoever is allowed to sit upon it. It is kept with the strictest security and precaution; and is taken outside only on exceptionally grand occasions. Never must it meet the earth or the ground. It is always lying on its own stool or on the skin of an animal such as the leopard. The Golden Stool was not a Kingly throne, but the resting-place of the nation's soul.

The second part of the story:  After many years of wars with the European, the Ashanti among others were taken into slavery and brought to the Americas as our homeland remained devastated and colonized, in a fit of insanity, rebelliousness, and hatred the colonizer summoned the Ashanti people and demanded to sit on the Golden stool as a psychological maneuver to do what no man would dare to do!

Why did I start with this story? It is just one of many in which the crimes the rulers and importers f the System of white supremacy s perpetrated on African and other peoples. As Ivan Van Sertima said, 

"We [Africans] are educated with a European mind."

It is my hope that I will shed this mindset to think and respond as an African in all aspects of my life. The first call by the Creator is to look at the most influential institution in my life and that was religion.


Here's how my story began.


'Once you have learned how to ask questions - relevant and appropriate and substantial questions - you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know. '

N. Postman and C. Weingartner

Greetings in the name of the Creator of all Things seen and unseen, known and unknown, my name is Ekowa Kenyatta and I am a 57 year-old wife and mother. I am an African living in the northern hemisphere of this globe as a child of the Diaspora.  I am college educated, street refined, and most importantly, a seeker of all truth and a daughter of the priesthood.

"I am a cultural and spiritual Revolutionary."

This is my personal walk through history to find the truths that eluded me. You my not agree with my assessments, so I suggest you study and find your own way and understanding.


What do I think is the difference between Belief and Truth? 

When I use the title 'I Believe' my hope is to communicate to you what has been communicated to me through my search for the Truth. When I say truth,  it is not a contrived truth that I have sought, but rather the universal timeless Truth.  The eternal Truth that we have lost.

Belief - A conviction that something is true, exists, is right, an opinion to ones best knowledge

Truth - In agreement with fact, correct, accurate, straight, level, conformed to the original [African]standard, sincerity, integrity, and evidence. 

My essays are based upon evidence gathered in my research of the true and accurate identities of the ancient peoples of the known world which was Africa and how these people were the foundation of ALL history, culture, religion, science, language, and civilization.  I will hope to show how our people brought civilization to the whole world without exception, how they communicated with the Creator of all Things, and finally how that communication was inherent in their original culture and existence, and has effected ours as the foundations of all civilizations

In my  process of growth as I learn then more information will be added to these essays.  They are a work in progress, as I am. Throughout this process some erroneous notions I have held will be deleted as well as some essays added to or even deleted.  As my natural and spiritual understanding is refined, many of my original thoughts have and will drastically change.  Hopefully, you can follow my growth patterns as we all grow.

I have gathered information and evidence from many noted scholars, the gems they have unearthed are magnificent and I will give credit where credit is due.   Some ideas are mine [if any idea can be really ours] and in this I've found the ancestors were with me walking along this path of enlightenment as the light for my feet.

I believe, first of all there is no need to reinvent the wheel on every item so, I will defer to the prolific knowledge of  scholars and historians.  I understand that I only have a small amount of information concerning our great and illustrious people, but as time progresses I hope I will be able to comprehend more of our discoveries and write about them in my own words and present these simple words to you. I am a simple and basic person and I believe we should understand without all the hub-bub and fake academia. I'm not a historian or academician. I am a human/divine looking for answers.

To those who may criticize me, there are a lot of highly academic sites you can go to--this one is for the common folk!

For all those who have tried to use is site to promote racism of any form, you are wrong and God will repay your ignorance.

For those who have raised up Blogs and sites to unfairly criticize this work I say "Throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one it hits will holler." 

Finally, for those who have lifted my writing out of context AND those who have attributed my writing to themselves please let's behave honestly.

I wrote this because I needed  to understand things simply, and my essays are simple and easy for any person to understand. I have made mistakes, so please do not take my word as gospel and forgive my grammar and punctuation, my mind sometimes out-writes my hands, but these essays should just compelled you to "Study to show yourself approved."

With much Love...

First, I need to thank my dear husband, Dr. Keita for his love, strength, and patience while walking this path of discovery with me, and for allowing me the freedom to pursue my educational goals unencumbered by tradition.

Secondly, I thank my Parents for their genes, love and southern sensibilities, and for placing all of their children in an environment that supported learning and success. I love you Mom and Dad I know you transition has helped me.

Thirdly, I thank my little ones, those from my womb and those who are my spiritual children. Those in this world and those who have gone on to be glorified in the world to come. They have indeed made me develop the 'Mother' and Comforting-comforter resident in me. 

I also want to I thank all my former Pastors and Teachers who in their unconsciousness and sometimes with deliberate myopia concerning the Bible and religion, have inadvertently educated me in the science of ‘What Ain’t’, so I may be able to recognize 'What Is'! 

Sometimes you can learn what is by what ain't when things are unclear. Just as you can see the original by the outline, remnant, or shadow it leaves.

I also thank  Robin Tillman and Dr. E. Limbere for helping me recover my essays when my server and computer crashed.  I am indebted to you both!

I also need to thank my dear friend, Marsha Stewart who made me believe I had something worth saying.  Thanks Sister! One day we will meet and have a laugh over a beer and some fried catfish!     I'm buyin'!

Finally, and most definitely! I thank my Creator for the faithfulness, love, protection, and compassion rained upon me throughout my life.  My Creator has guided me on a road that at times seemed difficult, but I know now  'My footsteps have been ordered...' and with the confidence of Divine instruction I will reach my intended goal. 

My hope is to live up to all that is invested in me. Although I am not perfect, I intend, with the Creator's help, to live a prosperous life [mind, body, spirit] and to help those in need [family, friends, neighbors, and the world].  I purpose to be a blessing to all those the Creator has put in my path, and to recognize those who are a hindrance to my growth, and finally, to be gathered to my Ancestors at a ripe old age, basking in the ultimate truth that will only be fully understood when this flesh falls away.   Amen.

"We see in part and know it part"

"I know that my Redeemer lives...and in my Flesh I shall see God."


First, as person with Christian beliefs how did I find myself here?

Really it was simple. If you trace our steps backward, and are honest  in that travel, we will all find ourselves in smack-dab in Egypt/Africa .  In the modern day the lines of ancient Africa---a larger Africa encompassed parts of the so-called middle east, India, Europe, China , the islands of the seas, all the way to the Americas.  In a quest to further the relationship we must have with our Creator, who in the past I have called God, then Jehovah/Jesus, then Yah (we) h and now I simply I refer to as The Creator of All Things , I asked the Almighty to make clear to me and allow me to understand past, present, and future events that have shaped and will shape our natural and spiritual lives.   I needed to know who he/she/it was and what all of this hidden knowledge and history means and where I, me, we, fit in.   


Nubian Temple

Now, hold on a minute...don't get scared!

I did say He or She or It?  

When I say He or She or It  in the past, like most of you, I would have winced and shut my ears to any and all who would used a feminine or neutered term in referring to My GOD.  But, now I know that we have anthropomorphized [placed human characteristics on ] our Creator to fit the ideas of the dominant cultural edicts, mores, and ideas. We weren't the first, although there is something important to the masculine and feminine attributes in our Creator manifested in our writings and experiences. This includes a specific gender which in the past 2000 years, has been exclusively male. But, in the beginning and distant past God was represented by a womb, or basket as the source of life...female.  


  "When God Was a Woman is the U.S. title of a 1976 book by sculptor and art historian Merlin Stone. It was published earlier in the UK as The Paradise Papers: The Suppression of Women's Rites. It has been translated into French as Quand Dieu était femme (SCE-Services Complets d'Edition, Québec, Canada) in 1978 and into German as Als Gott eine Frau war in 1989."

All babies start out physically female until some are washed with testosterone. even with male genes. Studies have also showed that the lien of what is male and what is female is blurred. 

Ask yourself the question: Why do men have nipples? Why does a woman's clitoris resemble a hidden [cloaked] penis in some cases 6 inches long?  Do we think of things too strictly as male and female? Hummmm--anyway lets move on.

The terms She/He and Male/Female applied to the Almighty then attributed by mankind simply because we do not know how to define our Creator, so it is simpler to view him/her/it as we view ourselves or nature backed up by the scripitual reference that we are made in his Image [mark etching] We look at that as purely physical, but it is not, it is spiritual.  Since we live in a Patristic and Paternalistic society [male dominated] we have over the millennia, used the male gender as our bases for what is and is not God. Just as for millennia the image of god was the European. But where does that leave us? How do we re-appropriate the feminine without it being labeled as a negative, or having penis envy at best?

Just as we say God has hands, feet, arms, legs, breath - does He really?   Does a Spirit have arms legs and hands?  


As John 4:24 says;

"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

A more accurate translation is:

God is a Spirit and those who worship Him do so in the spirit of truthfulness [in the Spirit of truth].

When the Bible refers to the Creator speaking to a rebellious Nation He says:

'Oh how long I have wanted to gather you like a mother gathers her chicks.'

Is the Creator a chicken or game bird?  




When Psalms 91 says:

'Under his wings we trust'

Is the Creator then a bird?    



"When his voice sounds like a roaring sea or many waters" 

Is the Creator water?



Is God in all things...yes God is the Creator of all things.

These statements are all metaphors and zoomorphic terms used to make us understand the Creator by the created things we see on this earth.  We therefore can use the same for male and female.  So, if God is a sprit does he/she have a male or female proclivity? 

The word said; "the Adam" had Eve inside him and they were both made in the image and likeness of God the Creator.  Was this image only male? Is a woman only a man with a womb? According to nature, although there are many factors to gender, again I will say it: male embryos are essentially female until they are bathed with testosterone to become male even with the chromosomes of maleness.

We understand it in the statement 'AS LIKE"  our ancestors wrote a story about God using the 'as like' principle, and then the first so-called Hebrews and their children, the first so-called Christians, continued the tradition.

The ancient writers used Iconography in their descriptions of the Almighty Creator  and the attributes or forces that  worked on the behalf of the Almighty.  They used depictions and hidden symbolism  to tell a story just as we do today.  They used a great visual aide and carved it is stone so it would last, which it has. They left the keys to understand which unfortunately fell into the hands of the wrong people...the Egyptologists who tried to hide the fact that Africa was Egypt and Egyptian civilization was the culmination of all African thought a culture and this is where Hebrew or so-called Judaism! Later, Christianity and finally Islam sprang from Egypt with all the religious off-shoots of the world,  like Hinduism, Buddhism and Druidism to name a few.

In the Hymn to Amen-Ra the writer says:

"Thoth [Tehuti the mind of God] exalt thy two eyes [which are the sun and the moon] and makes you to dwell in splendor..."

Iconography is used to communicate the traditional symbolic forms of God, man, authority, power, strength, love, justice, good, and evil in an set of idea, beliefs, stories/myths to engage our whole brain and employ all of our senses.  When we do not understand these points, we will begin to believe the propaganda that our people were ignorant and filled with evil, and that the light was brought to us by the European.

"Civilization did not start in European countries, and the rest of the world did not wait in darkness for the European to bring light ."

African Civilizations by John G. Jackson quoted from Dr. John . Clarke

Iis a Euro-centric mindset that caused the invading and conquering European to dangerously and purposefully misunderstand and misrepresent  the culture and worship of our people in Africa/Egypt, and deem our rituals and services to be pagan or heathen then try to sit upon our most sacred places to desecrate them, and we help in our ignorance.  This attitude carried over into Christian doctrine when the Greeks and Romans started the process of claiming what was not theirs.   Since that misinterpretation, the notion that we were Polytheists or Animists abounded and has branded  us with that faulty, ignorant, and slanderous  label which makes Judaism, Christianity and Islam misinterpret their religious roots.  

But a tree without a roots will die. 

I believe: The Creator of all things meets us where we are. Everybody is not going to accept this understanding - but as the kids say: I ain't mad at ya!' 

Some will stay with the basic understanding about the Bible, live a good life, follow the commandments, be gathered to the heaven and walk on streets of gold, and that is all good! But, for those who are seeking the meat of the word, then it is a bit different.  

Hebrews 5:12-14says:

12 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food. 13 For everyone who partakes only of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness, for he is an infant. 14 But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.

By now, I have to acknowledge the Egyptian root to our Christian religious and cultural beliefs.  I do so unashamedly.  We all should see  the Egyptian roots in Judaism and Christianity, but we do not dared acknowledge them for fear of excommunication or Hell.

 It is true the roots of Egypt have been watered down so much they are unrecognizable, but even with that, out of fear, we reject the truth set before us.

 The problem is: If we embraced the history of Egypt and those historical claims, then how could we then explain our Biblical hatred of Pharaoh and Africa ?   How could we distance ourselves from the horrors of Egypt heaped on the Hebrew

We looked at the movie The 10 Commandments and saw ourselves in the Charlton Heston and Cecile B. DeMille's version of mythology masquerading as History and cheered for the "Hebrew Prince of Egypt and hated the oppressive Seti and Rameses.  

We believed the lie that the Hebrew built the pyramids, without even reading the biblical text that said. It was the treasure cities of Pithom and Rameses the Hebrews built.

"Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses."

Ex. 1:11

Side bar:

Pithom means : "The city of Justice" in Strongs Concordance. But justice for whom? 

How can a treasure city be built with bricks made out of straw? It was not. It said they also built the City of the Setting Sun which was close to the area of Sucouth.  

Sucouth is the name of a holyday on the Hebrew calendar. The Bible mentions no pyramids being built only 2 cities, and one city relates to Justice and the other to a tabernacle made of flesh which is Sucouth, a town by Pithom and the Hebrew festival of Tabernacles or huts.  These thing are clues in finding the hidden meaning.

We dwell in a flesh suit, we tabernacle here for a time. 

We sat in religious seats already prepared for us and use brains saturated with religious gunk even before we came into religious arena.

We could only accept Egypt disguised in Catholicism and her step-daughter or Protestantism dolled up in European clothes.  The same held true with Judaism, the daughter of Egypt dressed up in Persian robes.  This is how it goes:

1. Egyptian Mystery System ->Judaism ->European Judaism.

2. Egyptian Mystery System ->Catholicism -> Protestantism.

3. Egyptian Mystery Systems -> Christianity ->Islam.

4. Egyptian Mystery Systems -> Buddhism.

5 Egyptian Mystery Systems -> Freemasonry and all Fraternities

6. Egyptian Mystery Systems -> All Governments

All Roads lead back to Egypt and not Rome !

All came by way of the Mysteries, but not one wants to tell the truth.  the priest [ministers] are either too ignorant to know the truth, know it but look away, know it but want to keep us in bondage.

Romans 1:25 "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things. 

"Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature."

As a side note: The initiation in the Mysteries of Egypt included entering into the straight gate and the narrow path. When we went to Ghana a few years ago and visited Elmina Castle where our ancestors were starved, beaten, and humiliated in order to prepare them for their heinous servitude in the Americas, the European mockingly had a small door cut into a wall that lead to the gangplank, it was a representation of being lead into a life of a different initiation - the initiation of servitude and death!

"Those piles of ruins which you see in that narrow valley watered by the Nile are the remains of opulent cities, the pride of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia . … There a people, now forgotten, discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the Universe."    Count Rossini Volney Ruins of Empires"

We had to walk a narrow path and enter the straight gate for our initiation into the most barbaric form of slavery known to mankind.  This ritual into slavery and death was the reverse of our initiation into the world of Creation and life through the Mysteries.


Packed like Sardines

Our Captors knew the significance of the ritual. They understood we needed to be broken in mind, body and spirit to enter that small portal.  They used it to spiritual demoralize the children of the original Egyptian/Africans, those who taught the world everything it knows. 

Growing up in a Judeo-Christian home, I found there were several inconsistencies in my understanding of biblical and secular history.   When these inconsistencies arose I was programmed [from childhood] to overlook them and never question anything biblical and learn secular history from a Euro-Centric purview.

Finally, when I was old enough to study for myself and challenge what I was taught, I ran across information and explanations that seemed frankly, like contrived fairy tales, myths and hastily concocted events to explain Biblical origins.  Everything I read seemed based on conjecture and innuendo, and when questions arose that was not rooted in real fact or historical evidence I was told to shelve it and God would reveal the truth to me.   When I pressed for more conclusive answers I was told.

'We didn't question the workings of God we just believe!'

Why were we enslaved I asked, because we deserved it just like the Hebrews. W were black-hearted heathens and coming to America saved us.

But the Bible says God hates men-stealers!!!!!

A men-stealers/kidnappers reward is cited in Exodus 21:16 :

"Anyone who kidnaps another and either sells him or still has him, when he is caught must be put to death.”

Now, understand me, there are things we must apprehend although we do not comprehend.  That is the LEAP from natural to spiritual.  We do indeed need to 'Walk by Faith and not sight."  But, we need to understand that most of our history has been polluted with a construct, and put in place for us to forget who we are. When I continued to press and ask questions I was looked on with scorn, and all too soon my curiosity and love for all things African  was questioned and I would be labeled a heretic to the faith that saved me.

I must say here, that I had a personal encounter with the Creator several times throughout my life.  He/She/It has been the sustainer of my life and has blessed me in ways to numerous to count. That is why I wanted to KNOW m Creator completely.  I wanted the truth all of it - the Uncut Funk!

Over the course of 55 plus years on this planet, these molehills of unanswered religious questions became mountains I could no longer ignore.   By the time I felt confident enough to question my Creator on my own, in order to find out what my direction was, the vehement voice of my Pastor[s] and their minions overruled the still small voice of God inside me.  

In a fit of despair I asked again:

 'Am I worshipping You in the right way, and is this the truth I am being told?

The Creator told me...No!

Needless-to -say, I was floored.  You spend your whole life building a house on a lie and you don't even know it! 

Over the years I had moved from one exclusive mainstream religious cult to another and found myself an upwardly mobile wife of a minister long before I asked the question. I was a tongue talking, Bible totin', Holy Ghost filled, Sunday hat wearing woman of God; and by everyone's estimation, on the fast-track in the religious hierarchy. I sincerely thought that was the way God wanted it.  I was wrong!

After many years God began to show me that He/She/It was bigger than [the] church and bigger than man's notions of religion. Larger than the people who pretend to work in his Name, and bigger than the lies told to keep us ignorant.

I did not want to be one of the religious people who did so many things in the Name of the Creator of all things, but in the end he would say...Get away from me I never knew you." That scripture always pierced my soul.

'These people honor me with their lips but, their hearts are far from me.' Matt 15:8

When I finally stopped playing 'Saved' and sat down quietly and opened my ears to hear the voice of the Almighty, I was told that most of what I thought I was doing was not worshipping and getting to know the Creator and the greater purposeWhat I was doing  was aiding the promotion of the agendas of men, women, and the institution they served in steering the people in the wrong direction.

Sister and Brothers... The Creator of all Things [God] will not let us travel a Fools Path forever and will not send you on a Fool's Errand, if I listened. 

 From that point on  I was determined that I would no longer be a fool!

The scripture: "Try the spirits and see if they be of God" was translated for me from the Greek language and what I found was  flooring. Although Greek is not the original language of our people it gave me some insight on what I did not understand.

But what spirit? The Spirit: the rational spirit, the power by which the human being feels, thinks, and decides.

What it actually means is not what we have come to believe, through modern Pastoral interpretation.  It is not the mumbo-jumbo that the Charismatic, Pentecostal interprets it to be. 

The statement is not to used as a supernatural or spiritual talisman in order to find out what God is saying or to go into a spiritual realm or trance to get 'A message from God.'

The verse really means: 

'To understand with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom... The word written and received.'


Literally means in this scripture:


To understand by: Studying and intellectually discernALL aspects of the subject at hand.

Here, I must throw in a Greek word that sums up what I experienced:

Peripeteia - A reversal - the turning point in a drama after which the plot moves steadily to its denouement [conclusion], a shift of fortune from bad to good or vice versa, an ironic twist.  In other words, News that was originally sent to cheer you up, slowly brings about an awful recognition that may lead to a catastrophe.  It also means to shift from bad fortune to good in a comedy.

Well, this wasn't a comedy.  This realization was indeed a reversal of all I thought I knew and understood. The irony is, being an African living under the system of white supremacy, it has as planned, affected our perception of right and wrong, good and evil.  It has manifested itself heavily in all religious systems, historically, and in the African religious experience.  I as most of you out there in Cyberville, were and are under the illusion that Africa , African history and African culture is just an insignificant a blip on the screen of secular and religious history.  I found out that was a lie of Biblical proportions! It is a lie even against White people and people everywhere.

 In the religious world, I was asked covertly to disengage my brain. 

It was not said openly, but to blend in with the status quo, I was prompted to give up all things African, and believe that being taught from a Euro-Centric point of view was what God wanted.  I was told to believe without tangible evidence, believe with my feelings, emotions, and unction's everything that was pronounced from the pulpit, and their interpretation of the Bible.

Sola Scriptura: Simply stated, the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura ("Scripture alone") teaches that every teaching in Christian theology (everything pertaining to "faith and practice") must be able to be derived from Scripture alone.

This is expressed by the Reformation slogan Quod non est biblicum, non est theologicum "What is not biblical is not theological," cf. Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms.[ Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology, Richard A. Muller, Baker, 1985).]

What does that mean?

An essential part of this doctrine, as Protestants have historically articulated it, is that theology must be done without allowing Tradition or a Magisterium (teaching authority) any binding authority. If, Tradition or a Magisterium could bind the conscience of the believer as to what he was to believe, then the believer would not be looking to Scripture alone as his authority.

 I'd learned years ago, that my feelings could be manipulated. I had recognized that the first time I had fallen in love…with the wrong man! 

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." Galileo

I found my spiritual  'feelings and emotions' were not the best gauge in most cases, but I thought the religious hierarchy knew more about this 'new understanding' than I did, so I submitted.   For the next 17 years, I followed what I believed to be, the Spirit of God working through Men and Women of God.   But...

I was wrong!

I was stupid, but...The Creator of all Things, is not stupid.

He/She/It will not let you run a Fool's race forever.

I now know that, I don't have to disengage my brain to follow the spirit of The Creator of all things.  It expects me to use every faculty I have in order to discern what is truth and what is falsehood.  Then through meditation and prayer make a leap based on that unction

When I was out in the world, I would have called a quacking Duck...a Duck!  But, in this modern Churchianity - that employs Psycho-Babble and manipulation, I was told that a Duck was the Holy Spirit!

From that innocence and gullibility, I saw people mowed over and destroyed, mind, body and spirit!

We need to THINK! 

To quote Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul... You better THINK!

When I began this quest for truth, I was floored by some of the information I read, I was floored to see that EVERYTHING has it roots in Africa !  

Not to mud people and men in the rough as Hume postulates, but in reality to enlightenment,  intellect, high culture, art math and science and a glorious knowledge of the Creator!

It was the beginning of a ride that is wilder than any amusement park!  The search for truth has led me to every library and bookstore in the western hemisphere, and ultimately to Africa , the birthplace of all civilization.  The search for truth has caused me to lose many, many friends and mentors. People I thought [felt] were true in their quest for truth and love for me.

This search has divided my family, caused riffs that may never be mended, but Yahshua [feminine salvation]  is said to have come with a sword to his people.

It reminds me of the time when it is chronicled that Yahshua was preaching in the Temple .  His mother and brothers called to him because they thought he was losing his mind by proclaiming the word in power and truth and bucking the established traditions.

Sometimes, your family can't understand the call and pull the Creator has on your life. 

Sometimes they are jealous and angry that you are leaving the 'traditions' they hold so dear.  They feel that in rejecting their ideologies, and you have rejected them, and subsequently the whole ancestral family.... If they only knew the truth.

Sometimes, people want you to stay ignorant, so they will not have to venture out of their own comfort zone.

Sometimes, they are just plain AFRAID!

But, regardless of all of it, you have to walk this road alone.  It is a sheer cliff.  You must put one foot in front of another and press you body against the jagged rocks in order to walk this path, but it can be done successfully.  

Here we go again with the strait gate:  Matt 7:13

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

In my life, over the course of several heartbreaking years, The Creator of all Things has pointed me in the direction of the truth.  What I have learned has caused a great stir in my head and heart along with an unlimited amount of mental and spiritual anguish. 

This is a lonely walk.

I came to understand that what I had taken for granted and believed my entire life and what the Creator of all things, miraculously revealed, was the LIE taught from traditions, myths and the contrivance of man. This was indeed the work of the adversary, who the Hebrew’s call Ha-Satan, and the Egyptians referred to as Set, and we have come to call the Devil, Lucifer or Satan.   Which is the negative. But we need negative to understand positive. But that's another essay.

That which is the opposing truth and righteousness. [Maat]

'Broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go in thereat, but straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to LIFE and FEW there be that FIND it.'



Let me say it again!


What type of life are we finding?  The truth is the light and that life is the light of men.  Life the Egyptians used the symbol for which is the ankh.


According to the Book of John:

"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men."

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not"

"This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all."

Few find the truth.... Few find life.

The Adversaries of this world and those who work to perpetuate this system, use an age-old method of 'Hiding the truth where it can be plainly seen’ and 'Making the truth into a LIE.'

A semblance of the truth is made available in every bookstore and library but a spin is put on those strands of truth and we are programmed so intrinsically, that the natural man ignores the TRUTH or when he is confronted with the truth, he automatically thinks the TRUTH is a LIE.  Finally, the truth is whitewashed literally, and the evidence is obscured, so much so that on the surface it doesn't resemble anything you want to KNOW about! 

Because of our religious programming, we are like Pavlov's Dogs - when the bell rings we salivate even when there is No Food.

Truth has to be seen with the acute Eyesight that the Creator has given us - that was why the Creator of all Things who modern manifestation is YahShua (Jesus) is recorded as saying "Having Eyes you see not and having ears you hear not!" With this eyesight that attenuates your insight so we are able to rightly divide the word of Truth and discern good from evil ...How? 


We don't understand the power of discernment and how necessary it is when choosing life, good, and godliness. Not based in situational ethics.

Our natural senses are dulled by a constant diet of the unsatisfying junk food we call modern religion. the word religion is supose to mean: to bind back to like a ligature sews or binds. but bind back to what?  We are blinded to our relationship with The Creator of all Things, because someone in the church-house knows our personal name, or the Pastor calls out our name from the pulpit.  We think that is godliness. We believe that our  'standing' in the church correlates with our standing with God!'   We are told and shown that our function in this world is solely to make the church bigger not to help, but to grow, not to feed, but to be fed on!  We were told that in this world our actions don't really matter,  'Now that we're saved.' 

We are no longer accountable to understand the edicts that Yahshua [Jesus] outlined?  we are longer accountable to be the vanguard for the world, no longer accountable to let Messiah be birthed in us and for us to go out and do the 'Greater Works' because he had gone to the Father? No longer able to read, study, comprehend and then FOLLOW Biblical Directions [Old and New] as long as we are  SAVED by saying a few words in a rote formula.  

As a beautiful African woman said to my husband years ago : 

Salvation is not a Formula.

We grow and develop by reading and understanding the commandments of the Creator first and being exposed to the spirit of truth.   The precurser to the 10 Commandments were the Negative Confessions of the Egyptians. For the most part, we are not encouraged to read, let alone STUDY the word past a childish "word studies" and a few manners and customs of ancient times. Then, when we come across obvious contradictions we are frozen and retreat back to our comfort zone.

We, as the writer says; never get past the rudiments of the word... 

" Therefore, leaving behind the initial [initiatory, first, primary] lessons about the Messiah, let us go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of turning form works that lead to death, trusting God, and instruction in washings [baptism or mikveh] laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal punishment. And, God willing this is what we will do...For when people have been enlightened, tasted of the heavenly gift, become sharers in the Holy Spirit [Shekinah], and tasted of the goodness of God's word and the power of the world to come - and have fallen away - it is impossible to renew them so that they turn from their sin, as long as for themselves they keep executing the Son of God on the stake over and over again..." Hebrews 6: 1-8.

We need to drink in the concepts of the word that we read everyday and research them based on study,not just study around religion. That's a vicious circle.  We need to understand the life within it pages and compare it with other words of wisdom We need to understand that life was here at the foundation of the universes and ALL beheld its glory! In other words, the bible is true, because the Bible is True.

When we study we stop at Greek and Hebrew and we do not understand the greater influences of Egypt on Hebraic and Greek and Roman religious thoughts and concepts or how Rome changed the African message to suit the mission to conquer the world.

What we find is, we have grown weak without true spiritual food - We are Soul Men and Soul Women not Spiritual Beings made in the image and likeness of god letting our LIGHT shine! we are not only Human Beings whose source is from a supernatural supplier our Creator.

"For although it is time for you to be teachers, you need that someone teach you again, the very principles of the word all over again.  You need milk and not solid food! Anyone who has drunk milk is still a baby, without experience in applying the Word of righteousness.  But solid food is for the mature, for those whose faculties have been trained by continuous exercise to distinguish good form evil. " Hebrews 5:11-14.

Yes, we have mentally assented to the notion of our position in the Creator, but we never have made him the LORD of our life. We have never understood the "Christ in us the hope of Glory part!?"  We have never moved on from the titty to meat!?

The Scriptures say:

'There is nothing Hidden that will not be revealed.'

It has been a hard battle from darkness to light, blindness to sight--I cannot say I have made it completely - there are many, many, many, many things that remain shaded and even obscured.  But, you cannot put a lamp under a basket. That's not it's purpose...the light will shine through the cracks.

Light will Triumph!

I am not angry with anyone and I do not hate anyone, so all my Ex-Pastors can breathe a collective sign of relief!  They helped me with the 'What Ain't portion of my life."

All my friends from all the churches I have attended please do not fear. I am on the narrow road, but if you do not believe me 


In this group of essays, I will try to dismantle European elitism and their quest for historical immortality by co-opting the culture and spiritual truths of the original African peoples. Hatred of any kind would not give honor to the Creator so this not the intent of the essays, although I may write things that may sting all of us.

I have come to understand that we all came into this life with a purpose and we all understand the TRUTH at different times, but it is Our Duty to proclaim the truth to the best of our ability.  The truth is always 'Hidden in Plain Sight' available for all to see, but more often than not, it is dressed up as something else.  No matter how it is - we are still accountable to SEE past the facade. We are told to seek Him while it is still early. 


I Believe...

There is only One God [and in my research] for a point in my life I accepted the name the Creator of all Things because it I simple and to the  point, but I know he may surely be known to the Egyptian as Aten or Atom [Adon], Amen, Nuk-pu-Nuk as variations of the attributes they recognized.

This belief in the ONE that was REPRESENTED by the SUN, but was not WORSHIPPED as the SUN or SOLAR DISK. 


The attributes were the male and female as established in the images of the Neteru [the 8, 9 or 12] and later described by the Hebrew as the Elohim [multiple], and then by the Christian as the compacted Trinity [Man, woman, child] Father, Son, and Holy Ghost [feminine].

This belief was taken by the original Hebrews before the invasion of the Hyksos and the farther they moved way from the root of Egypt, they forgot [rejected] their nativity and their culture was influenced by other systems [that were variations of the Egyptian System] such as the Persian understanding under the tutelage of Ezra the Scribe and the remaking of the Hebrew Torah.   That new amalgamated system was modified and the essence of the understanding was merged converged and part of it lost. 

As the original Egypto-Hebrew migrated further down the Nile toward central and southern Africa and ultimately into all of Africa the name which was always known to the Hebrews as Yahweh was modified dialectically to the name Nyame, Nembe, Zambe, Namba (as in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia) and Yamé to name a few.  In this migration they [re]co-mingled with their KNOWN relatives throughout the Continent and returned to the root of civilization, which was AFRICA [called Ethiopia or Cush to some]. 

These relatives were not just in the modern continent of Africa, but India, China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines and its provinces, the Islands of the Sea for an example: Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia, Australia, and on to the Americas and in the diasporatic movement these are the nations where Africans in different epoch migrated.  Long before Columbus or Marco Polo or any European explorer.

In Africa  

Historically, the country of Malawi was known as the city of the Levites (Levi or Lewi) - Mal-Lawi or Mal-Lewi, so was Mali the land of the Dogon tribe. The WaTutsi and Hutu of Rwanda were the children of the first migrating Hebrews and then the later the WaTutsi came as the dispersed Levitical or migrating Egypto-Hebrew Priests.  This was made even more tragic considering the genocide in RaWanda.

The Children of the Egyptian had a sect called Hebrew[Hibaru] who on dispersion and migration became the Asanti, Igbo, Hutu, Tutsi, Ethiopian, Malawian, Yoruba, and Lemba nations to name a few and the Nations of traditional Igbo who practice the traditional religion also call God Chi . Chi which is related to the Asian Chi or life force and the Hebrew Chai which is  'Life' and the root word for the name if Chavvah [Eve] the wife of the Biblical Adam. 

Coincidence --  I don't think so. 

I believe a Truth is written in the pages of the only Holy Book I currently accept  [although we must still get to the root meaning of it] which is the original Bible.  The Bible was brought together over thousands of years and excerpted from the Papyrus of Anu and  the Book of Coming Forth by Day  and other ancient writings, but I am beginning to understand the link is always Egypt

I believe this word was originally excerpted from the so-called "Book of the Dead or Coming Forth by Day" and other Egyptian [African] tomes and mixed with migration stories and prophecies of the Messiah [Messu].

I believe the original manuscripts are inspired and were completely understood by the Africans that wrote them and they had a Cosmic understanding. 

I believe that the Bible is a microcosm of an original work, and that work.

I believe we are accountable to understand and apply what we do have to our lives. 

But, we must search the scriptures AND try the Spirits and ask for wisdom and knowledge from our Creator and the paraclete he left for us to consult.  When we do this, we will be able to SEE what is hidden.  I believe e woman was/is the model for the Holy Spirit on Earth.

I believe many parts of the word agree with the Egyptians Books and manuscripts that were stolen and/or destroyed by the Persians, Greeks, Romans and others in order to claim that African heritage for themselves.

I believe that Moses was an Egyptian Hierogrammat and son of Pharonic parents and may be Ankhenaten who later became the priest of a nation we know as the Hebrews, I believe his name Mos is only half a name meaning in Egyptian 'Son of' and not related to the commonly used Moshe or 'drawn out' and by using Moshe we further seek to obscure Moses' true identity.

I believe the Patriarchs in the Bible were all Egyptian  including Joseph, David and Solomon being their corrupted Hebrew names, and they understood the importance of keeping the Ethiopian [African] seed of the woman to guarantee kingship. 

I believe that I need a Messiah or Anointed One and that Messiah manifested himself as the Creator of all Things to show me who I am inside.

I believe the original manuscripts were written about and for African peoples, and they were the original peoples of the known world, written in all books before the advent of the European.

I believe that the ORIGINAL autographs of this word were written by Africans concerning the African Messiah.

I believe we must adhere to the commandments of the Lord and that the hinge of their commandments are [A hinge what opens and secures the door to the frame of the house] and is the essence of Maat and negative confessions. But let us start with: 

          1.Love the Lord with all you heart mind and strength.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

I believe the original Black Hebrews were the children of the Egyptians and in the major Diaspro-atic movements they traveled down the Nile and moved with their relatives to the inner parts of all of Africa, then spread to all of the world.

I believe there is a LIFE after this LIFE on earth, and when we sleep [Die to this mortal body] we will meet our Creator and know all things. 

I believe physical death is not the end of our Spiritual LIFE

I believe all people had a law they agreed upon and that was the " Golden Rule or the Ethics of Reciprocity."

 "Treat others as you would want to be treated."

I believe we are spirits housed in a body, living in an incubator we call Earth and upon our exit we will go to a place prepared for us. 

I believe that our nightly sleep is evidence of the Resurrection, and that when we sleep we commune with the Creator of all Things and that communication depends upon our relationship with Him.

I believe we will all be judged on our life on earth in this incubator, and our hearts and actions weighed according to scripture and according to acceptance or rejection of Messiah.

The Bible is a microcosm of a larger work. The Bible is what brought me to Egypt, to the true Messiah, and to the Creator.

I believe that Truth does not change, but knowledge matures.  As I mature and learn more of the Truth, I will not be afraid to Add To or Take Away from what I have posted.  So, this sight is subject to change as I spiritually mature! 

I believe the Creator of all Things, can stand up to ANY test.  In Messiah [the Mesu within] our footsteps are order by the Creator of all Things. 

I believe that Africans are to teach the world about the Creator.

I believe we are the Priest of the world and we do not know it.

I believe that in subsequent translation, revisions and versions of the Bible, the African-ness has been removed from the Scriptures and made Euro-Centric, this is due to the design of European Imperialism, Colonialism and the System of White Supremacy...Racism.

I believe European Christendom in particular and the Europeanized-African and African-American forms of Christianity, have been bastardized into a religion that Messiah the Creator of all Things, YahShua did not practice, would not have condoned, or recognized, as the truth of the Creator which he came to proclaim.

I believe that one of the names of the Creator is Yahweh/Elohim in the Hebrew tongue (Which is Canaanite) and the dialect may vary depending upon the region in which the original Hebrew African Israelites traveled.  The name the Creator of all Things, the name on the Continent in some areas is pronounced like breathing out or aspiration or a blowing out. 

Here are two examples of the HEBREW pronunciation of the Name.



The western African pronunciation:



The ancient Egyptian:                                                      Aaaa-men

I believe we are endued with His power and we have to have his wisdom in Messiah to handle that power in a good and positive and life-giving way.

I believe that Messiah is the Salvation of the Creator of all things, as his name proclaims and no man can come to the Father except by that salvation: the Creator of all things called in the Hebrew tongue YahShua and this dwells inside and outside of us.

I believe we are to live by the Torah [Five books of Moses] to the best of our abilities and when we fail we have an advocate who is the Creator of all things and his advocate YahShua the modern name we use for entrance into the heavenlies.

I believe those Five books were lifted from the original Egyptian Books.

I believe that the 'Eyes to See 'the word was originally given to the African as reiterated by the Biblical Moses about Jethro [Hobab] the priest of Midian but, because of our blindness the world can not truly see the Creator.

I believe that the African man/woman MUST resume their place on the spiritual world stage, to direct the nations back to the Creator.

I believe we must stop playing games with the lives of those who trust us.



I believe that this walk with the Creator of all Things is worth the journey!


I am inviting all of you to take a walk with me - down the path to Everlasting Life.


To paraphrase Bette Davis in the movie 'All about Eve’;

Hang on it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Lulav - One symbol of Messiah and his Salvation.

Iconography  -The Mystical Tale of judgment and resurrection.

This website and the information provided in it, may seem controversial to some, but it is my hope that it will aide all in the pursuit of ALL truth, as we learn to 'Walk with the Creator of all Things, in the cool of the day'.

Symbol of the 10 commandments derived from the 'Book of Coming forth by Day'.

The model for the commandment plates above.

Amen/Amon the hidden one with crown headdress plumes that represents the sun and thetablets.


"And Ye Shall know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free."

John 8:32.


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Black Liberation Theologist  Dr. James Cone



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Ekowa A. Kenyatta


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Thank You.


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In other words  - 'Don't take nothin' less you 'axe me’: 0) OK!   And please don't take anything out of Context! - Remember, like your mama said: God (The Creator of all Things,) don't like ugly, and ain't too fond of pretty!


Mate masie or Ntesie ~ I have heard  and kept it

Akan symbology

"I understand"


Literal translation:

'In the depth of wisdom abounds knowledge and thoughtfulness. I consider and keep what I learn. '


Preservation of a people's culture first has its basis in oral traditions.

Let's find LIFE!

"It is a snare for a man to say rashly, ‘It is holy!’ and after the vows to make inquiry."

Proverbs 20: 25.





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