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‘Mind Your Wants
Someone Wants Your Mind!


 "O Egypt, Egypt, of your reverent deeds only stories will survive, and they will be incredible to your children! Only words cut in stone will survive to tell your faithful works, and the Scythian or Indian or some such neighbor barbarian will dwell in Egypt . For divinity goes back to heaven, and all the people will die, deserted, as Egypt will be widowed and deserted by god and human.

For God's will has no beginning; it remains the same, everlasting in its present state. God's nature is deliberation; will is the supreme goodness."

Excerpt from Hermetica

You may be wondering why I used an excerpt from Parliament Funkadelic’s iconic song; Funkentelechy

"Mind your wants ‘cause someone wants your mind."

This simple statement cuts to the heart of our brain matter and focuses on the overt manipulation of our minds through wants and desires by those who control seek to control this planet.

  • First let’s look the words in a portion of the song that are at the root of its significant.

  • When you're taking every kind of pill
    (deprogram, program)
    Nothing seems to ever cure your ill
    (peck me lightly like a woodpecker with a headache)





How we the first human's on this planet  initially programmed?

We are programmed by our Creator to connect to be divinity in flesh and to educate the world with that original [African] mindset. Being ensconced in flesh we [humanity] forgot who we are.  I put African in parenthesis but I must emphasize that we, the original people did not use the name Africa as the title for the land that birthed humanity.  It was named by those who resided on the foundation continent, as Akebulan and then by many other names, but to keep things clear and current for those who are reading, I will refer to our birthplace as Africa[1].


“Things were not created when images were assigned to them, nor because names were conferred upon them. The confusion of names and things is modern, not ancient; Aryan, not African.”

Gerald Massey the Hebrew Genesis.

the confusion is
The confusion of names and things is Aryan and not African.

You may who is Gerald Massey ?

Mr. Massey was born in the 1800's and became an acclaimed Egyptologist and his books on Egyptology open the door for the correlation between modern stories of Moses, Abraham, David and  Jesus the Messiah and those of ancient Egypt.

"We are faced with the inescapable realisation that if Jesus had been able to read the documents of old Egypt, he would have been amazed to find his own biography already substantially written some four or five thousand years previously." Alvin Boyd Kuhn

It is important for us to understand why we were placed in Africa-- the model for humanities Paradise, the spiritual location where higher thought was use as the event horizon in all sacred books, and geographical center of the earth where creation could thrive. It was necessary to place humankind in an ideal environment for full development. I won’t bother to debate of the Creationists or Darwinist at this point. How we got here in my mind does not matter or by whatever means our Creator(s) saw fit, we were imbued with a divine spirit that caused our awakening.

The Prince of Peace

The human brain is the most sophisticated computer ever created. It is almost an insult to call the brain a computer but for the sake of this essay let me use that imagery. Our brains were initially created by our Creator with the original programming. That first programming was based in the foundation in divinity in African thought. African thought was based in the natural, supernatural and metaphysical.

What is natural?

Being in accordance with nature, not artificial.

What is Supernatural?

Super: high grade or quality, powerful.
Natural: Being in accordance with nature, not artificial.
Supernatural: Is a high grade or powerful understanding of what is and is not natural, what is and is not authentic and what is and is not artificial. Highly and powerfully aware or in tune with nature and the avoidance of anything artificial[2]


What is a Metaphysical understanding?

Meta: Beyond, after, besides with among or adjacent to, self. This word is used as a prefix to add or emphasize the attached word.
Physical: Having a material existence perceived through physicality or a body.

Metaphysical: To go beyond, beside, or adjacent the physical body. The second self or to, transcend space, time, cause, effect and possibility.

Although the above concepts of supernatural and metaphysical have been attributed to the Greeks, they were not the authors of the word understanding or the model. On the contrary, the Greeks appropriated[3] African concepts and ideas.

The Cubit Measuring Rod

Symbolizing we must rightly divide the word of Truth


According to noted scholar Professor William Leo Hansberry as he reviewed Stolen Legacy in the Journal of Negro Education in 1955, and noted:
"In Stolen Legacy an author with a passion for justice and truth champions a startling thesis with which most of the little volume's readers--Hellenophiles in particular--will no doubt strongly disagree. In this work Professor James dares to contend and labor to prove, among others, that 'the Greeks were not the authors of Greek philosophy', that 'so-called Greek philosophy' was based in the main upon ideas and concepts which were borrowed without acknowledgement--indeed 'stolen'--by a few wayward and dishonest Greeks from the ancient Egyptians."


For the Greeks, Roman's Christians, Jews or Islamists to say they are the authors of anything is sad at best. Nothing grows in a vacuum. But everyone wants to be first.
Understanding their appropriation we will start to discover the original programming the world was to follow.  

Hidden in Plain Sight.

Archeology: The scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, especially those that have been excavated.


When we say prehistoric we get the idea that that the world began when we said go. there is nothing further from the truth. All people had an history, but it the point is pushing the line for that history out of sight and starting with a new historical point then the word pre-historic can be used and that is what has been done.

From this discipline those who claim to be the scholars of archeology have confirmed humanity was first seeded in Africa and migrated across the globe millions of years ago. That is all well and good, but their narration continues to erroneously report that Africans who did not migrate did not develop past the savagery they have ignorantly and dangerously reported around the world. They attribute Lucy to the African gene pool, but not her progeny Imhotep. How is that possible? The purveyors of European Supremacy falsely report and chronicle, the absurd notions that; those Africans who stayed at home on Mother Continents remained  ignorant, animalistic and barely sentient[4] beings.

The hypothesis does not ring true even if your were blind and deaf. If we look to the history and cultures of the Dogon, Egyptian, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Meroëans and those who built Great Zimbabwe to name a few, we see high culture and a mastery in the sciences. But, those who view archeology with a closed mind see the same facts and attribute our accomplishments to white Negroes or aliens. Ha! When all else fails it’s little green men.

Asar/Osiris sitting on the square

These ideas do not hold true for all areas in Africa north, south, east and west those who were firmly rooted in advanced civilization and invented medicine, music, education and the sciences.  It does not hold true for those children stolen from the motherland shipped across the ocean to build a nation called America. Then within 50 years of our emancipation we created universities, cultural and religious centers, owned and farmed land, and built thriving economic centers that rivaled our oppressors[5]. [See The Black Wall Street]

In the mist of our enslavement great minds emerged and within 50 years, after the end of slavery Africans created an art form as complex as jazz, the only original art form, according to Delfeayo Marsalis, brother of Winton.

Those who were locked in colonialism also bore great thinkers and visionaries such as Kwame Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba, Hailie Selassie, Sekou Touré and others with a united a vision for Africa, just as great Menes of ancient Egypt desired.  these visionaries were systematically marginalized, imprisoned and murdered.

The mindset of the African and those of us in the Diaspora, is based in family, community and God with peace, justice and spiritual balance for all humanity as our calling card. From this balance of left brain and right brain traits can meld and merge, union of the male and female in our personalities. By understanding a supernatural and metaphysical and balancing it with the analytical, logical and sequential we can exist within the context of our original programming and our wants will always be collective. African royalty [kings, queens] existed at the behest of the people. If they did not live up to their design function they were replaced and another prince would be raised up. the point was for the King/Queen ruler to be a representation of the divine on earth as a ensign to mankind. Not as an individual.

During the dynastic period, the Pharaoh was a reflection of the reality of man/god on earth. He/she served the people with the understanding that their life was a model for divinity living in flesh. They were never to become overlords or Gods. The template was of flesh imbued with divinity as seen in the  Osiris or Asar mythology, the lord of the lower world or Earth, just as Jesus later was the Lord of the lower world or earth, the son/sun of God.

Mythology: A way of transmitting the truth through the ages.

When we move collectively no one is left out. Children have parents and a caring infrastructure to depend on--Grandparents, godparents, uncles, uncles, cousins aide in the growth of the child and the child becomes full and complete. As the brilliant professor John Henrick Clark said:

There was no word for jail [in African society] because there was no need for one...there was also no need for the word father because every man was a father to every child.

Everything had a spiritual root. Man lived in cooperation with natural and supernatural.

So, what have we been reprogrammed to want?

Only the narrow scope of Naturalness or lopsidedness.

  • Success: Money, fame, power. All earthly 
    Beauty: European features, body, hair
    Politics: Individualism and cliques, winner takes all mentality.
    Materialism: Luxurious homes, cars, clothing and vacations and exclusivity.

That is all we see on T.V, hear of in the news, listen to in songs and our mentality is my four and no more.


  We must change the paradigm and see success as a collective. If one fails we all fail. Success is not monetary but substantive[8] Money is a tool and not the goal, like fame and power. We have been programmed to believe in greedy, imbalance, sex without love and respect, fractured families and all the other Made-in-the-West cultural blasphemies. Our wants and desires that we now seek do not come from that African centered place. Our original programming made it possible for the whole world to flourish, we were the original be fruitful and multiply.

What does it mean to be fruitful?
For a plant to grow and fruit it must have light, air, dirt, nourishment and a water source. From this it can produce, first by pollination, budding, flowering and fruiting. Each plant multiplies and flourishes depending on its surroundings, then when it is time to fruit/flower is necessary to attract those to devour it and for the seed to be revealed. To expose and awaken the seed within the fruit is the desired product.


To be fruitful AND multiply infers a production capacity to duplicate like the original and this begs the questions:

  • What were we LIKE before?
    What was our purpose before?
    What would have been our fruit before the program was changed?
    What would the world have been like before the program was changed?

Some of you may think I want the reverse of the system we currently have. NOPE!

What we currently have is the system in which Western or White Supremacy controls and dominates the world in order to promote and perpetuate their genetic survival. This system not only limits the potential and reality of life around the globe, it limits it for the very ones who want to perpetuate that system.

How do you incarcerate the entire world?


You do it by replacing direction and purpose with wants and desires.
I am not advocating Black Supremacy to replace White Supremacy that was not the African way.
Our original programming was to produce and reproduce a certain type of human being, one with an awakened divine spirit. To produce this type of humanity, we needed an education in all things divine. We needed a wake-up call to remember.
Love is divine, sharing, respect, bringing up a righteous family is divine and to do this with the complete understand that everything we do affects everything and everyone else.

Honesty is divine, charity, peace, a pleasant temperament and balance. I can go on and on, but as you can see none of these divine qualities can be purchased. Those qualities are the original African programming that was deprogrammed into what we have had for the last 2500 or more years.
Wants and desired are the Real Estate of Western society. Everything is done for the benefit of those who placed those empty wants and desires before our eyes. It is part of the invisible fence used to control our African minds, and has made us and will keep us, perpetual slaves. Whether we are inside the system, working for it, jailed by it, or dependent on it, the system is designed to make us fit into the very scheme that will eventually eliminate us. Once someone has your mind then your ass will follow.

We must change our mindsets. As long as this new system dangles a dead culture of materialism, religiosity, hedonism, power madness and greed our minds are not our own, and the result is devastation.


The King of Peace

The mind can be deprogrammed. This is done through mind control.

Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated". The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.

The word destabilization can be applied to a wide variety of contexts such as attempts to undermine political, military or economic power. In a psychological context it is used as a technique in brainwashing and abuse to disorient and disarm the victim.
This is how we were taught to reject our original African programming given to us by our Creator. As in all things, you cannot leave a field without planting seed, if a field lays fallow weeds will grow up before you can replant.

When the Greeks came to our shores drawn by our teaching abilities and the knowledge reservoir that existed in Africa, we shared with those who were ignorant. Now, don’t get your panties in a knot because I use the word ignorant, originally the word meant not being aware of something or ignoring something. Today it just means stupid which is a completely different word entirely. When the word ignorant was used it did not mean stupid, dazed, crazy, or devoid of a cogent thought.

Someone may say as an example: I am a Doctor of Internal Medicine, but I am ignorant when it comes to investing in the stock market.
Ignorance has morphed from its original meaning to what it means today. This is a small example of how we have morphed from what we were, to what we are considered.

By changing the definition of who we are [scientist/educators/inventors] then contriving to make us believe a differing view of ourselves [violent, uneducable, and lazy] the narrative is changed. With that divergent definition and repetitive conditioning the seeds of self-hatred and destruction are deposited into an emptied field that initially was to grow and supported the fruits of love and life.
That love would understand the cosmos. That love would allow us to move between time and space. That love fueled the fullness of the planet on which we now reside. Love, the way it was intended is a catalyst of everything!


Our original African centered understanding is not contrary to who we are.
Our initial understanding was centered in our instructor’s heart. Now, we only want the things of the flesh/body limited, carnal nothing.
We have been programmed to want emptiness by being of abused, disoriented and brainwashed by western civilization. Unlike the African mindset, the western mindset destroys anything unlike itself. Assimilate or die.

Resistance is futile.

We were bred [yes bred] to believe the western world is the model of success [capitalism at all costs], justice for some, endless wars, and falsified religion [rote worship] is the mindset of this new man. We have been taught that individuality is the key to all success. But, in that materialistic individualism we will ruin society and subsequently the whole earth.

How many times have we heard.

 “Well I’m doing my own thing. I’m just tryin’ ta’ get paid!”

Mind control alert!

That’s the conversation of a blind and starving generation.

  • We are starving.
    We have to be to sing the songs we sing
    We have to be to watch the movies we watch.
    We have to be to read the books and magazines we read.
    We have to be to treat our brothers with hatred and disdain.
    We have to be to abuse, misuse and neglect our sisters.
    We have been conditioned to look at our history with a jaundiced eye using erroneous and dangerous misinterpretations given to us by the dominate culture.

We credit all wisdom to the purveyors of false history, thereby arriving at dangerous conclusions orchestrated by the agenda of people who stole our lives.

The agenda is never of our making or to our advantage. We have been duly trained to ignore the truth that is:

Hidden in Plain Sight.



Like blind men, we follow the blind guides and find ourselves falling in a muddy ditch. We’ve become reactionaries running aimlessly to and fro--stimulated and reacting to fear, fueled by ignorance or drugged by the accouterments of our modern culture.

Smartphone, anyone?

We must return to the history and spirituality from an African mindset.

The current Western system subjugates the third world, but also the world of poor White people who do not understand they are meant to be disenfranchised along the Africans and other so-called minorities, they have been taught to hate. Just ask those in eastern European or the Irish. We see how the Greeks, who came to sit at the seat of Egypt, are now being treated like second class citizen by the European Union.
We are all pitted against one another while the manipulators of the world keep us at each other’s throats to gain ground. But, the ground they gain sinks us all.

In a system that has ninety percent of the world walking in a circle, the choices of truth (spiritual, intellectual and cultural) have been reduced to meaningless simplicities like choice between McDonalds or Burger King.

Both meals are made from the cow [or pink slime as we have found out] and it is the same official stance. Those who reject hamburgers are fed tacos--repacked for those who are harder to fool. This is an old strategy hatched thousands of years ago from the architects of the Occidental (Western) system, now long dead. Their power and strategies remain alive and are self perpetuating. Encased in fear, greed, hatred and envy it has morphed into colonialism, imperialism, slavery and hegemony seeking WORLD POWER!

The elite sought to first guarantee their genetic immortality by world domination then use a plan of perpetual slave/worker replacement. Old ignorant slaves are replaced by new fresh, illiterate, unconscious ones, workers who would continue in ignorance helping erect false kingdom in which false kings take their thrones.

These are the ‘Men of Lawlessness,’ the adversaries to peace, truth and knowledge--those who are contrary to Maat. Which is the universal law of justice, reciprocity, harmony, righteousness and truth, a balanced reasoning.

Where do we go from here?

The good news is; the field can be reclaimed once we understand the game. Yes, the GAME!

I dislike the overused phrase, “Thinking outside the box,” but it applies here. To think outside of the prescribed box is to look at things from the higher point or bigger picture and I will add, without the European construct or in a European subtext or context. They said we are uneducated animals, useless eaters, without culture, history, language, science or writing and they have set up plans to make that true today.
We have to take the educational system back from those that do not have our children’s best interest at heart. We have to educate them in the ways of the Dogon and Egyptian, the ancient Meroëans and Malians, those from Benin and Niger.

From birth to the 4th grade black male children are the smartest and most dexterous of all children, but in the 5th grade something shifts and our sons begin to lose ground.


The visual kicks in. They become sight learners and knowing this, they are bombarded with negative images and those images are destructive from T.V. We must teach them to focus on divine insight to unveil the true Mystery. We must turn off the TELEVISION!

Black people have been labeled "Conspiracy Theorists," we have a right to be!

What is a conspiracy: A plot, scheme or a plan.
What is a theory: A model, concept, system, idea, notion, and premise.

A Conspiracy Theory is a plan or plot to promote an idea, scheme, notion, concept or model.

What is our image portrayed in the news, T.V, music videos?

I believe we have an underutilized intuitive ability to recognize things that are not immediately tangible. We have been given the ability to innately perceive false mixtures and manipulations if we are spiritually obese, fat on the junk food of wants and false desires. We have been able to see what is occurring since the beginning of oral and written history. We have an eye to see and a heart to understand the hidden. However, we have been fattened with falsehood too many times. How do you think we ended up in the Americas enslaved?

Who wants your mind?

Those who want to control you, the first spiritual resource of the earth. Our family duty is to find those distant dots that connect to the truth and teach our children the same. To understand the way this new His-story was contrived and connect pieces of information that seemingly have no correlation in order to find our way back to ourselves. We need to go to all over Africa and document our history because it is being slowly and systematically eroded.

Did you know the Egyptians believed they lived at the tail of the African [Akebulan] Continent and not at the head? They saw the land of Africa was a body and the southern part was the top and lower was the bottom…out of it the Nile spilled into the Mediterranean.

The Egyptians saw the earth as upside down, this was based in astronomical calculations. They were not wrong, what we are taught is incorrect. So, we exist in a world that is upside down. The blood it rushing to our heads and we are delirious. Then why wouldn’t the Egyptians migrate back into upper [remember the upside down map] Africa?

We are also taught the world is only 6,000 years old. We know it is not, but 6,000 years puts the European at the center of history and not at the end. It also erases all of African’s extensive history going back hundreds of thousands of years. The writers of the Hebrew Bible say; you cannot hide a light under a basket. That is true, but we must be able to open our eyes and see light. The pieces will eventually reveal the whole truth.

The light cannot be found in the middle of modern history, which is the epicenter of the European kingdom. Neither can it be found at the end where the children of Europe the United States is the new king and we were still mentally enslaved. To find the truth, we need to start from the beginning and that beginning is in Africa.

Brain Coral

My hope is to enable our people to see things Hidden in Plain Sight. We must look at the ancient aspect of our lives the look at the modern aspect of our lives orchestrated by a system of White Supremacy intent on keeping us blind and running in a well planned circle wanting all the so-called beautiful things thy place before us. We must find the road back to truth.

We must look at the languages and terminologies that describe our history and see as was told to Dr. John Henrik Clarke by Arthur Shomberg; “The missing pages of World History.”


We must look at our scriptures written in stone, on the temples of Egypt and war torn Sudan and Somalia. Our archeology, religion, and culture can be used to garner the correct interpretations and viewpoints. Though spiritual markers have been changed, obscured and attributed to those with another agenda--inventing lies and corrupting our history to claim it as their own. The histories of ancient Greece, Rome, Europe, and the Arab world has been contrived, redacted, misrepresented, and disseminated by people who seek control the African genesis by using a counterfeit history that minimizes and disenfranchises the original truth-keepers. They have changed language, description, times, and global significance of events of our people, places, cultures, and systems. And most insidiously, they have changed the way we view the Creator of the Universes. When truth-keepers--the original stewards of the true system and our initiated--are replaced and negated, then those who have placed themselves in positions of authority make and continually add to the core lie, which stimulates the lie to grow and overpower more of the truth like a cancer.

In essence, now a Fool is at the Wheel.

These replacement theologians (because everything is spiritual) present ‘The Lie’ as truth, basing it on a stories their ancestors contrived by derailing archaeology, history, and science though the lens of the falsehood presented as though it was rooted in facts. To uncover the core of the original lie, we must be peeled away like the dry skin of an onion, until the fresh skin is exposed and vulnerable to the elements of The Creator’s truth.

Let us understand the tactics of disinformation, whether it is Scientific, Religious, Archeological, Iconographical, Cultural, Economic, Geographical, Medical, or Interpersonal. We can begin by examining the lexicon of knowledge that average people do not possess.
Unfortunately most people learn everything they will use in this life after completing Elementary School. The majority of newspapers are geared to a ninth grade education. Our simplistic vocabularies are appended with only a few additions. If we go to secondary school or college we add to our education with the rote regurgitation of facts used by our oppressors.

Although I have a higher education than my mother she knew more about language and history that I could ever learn. She was taught by teacher that went to a two year, Teacher’s College in the rural south, but she had to learn.

There is no critical thinking involved in our can there be when the system needs a new set of ‘slaves?

  • Do you need to know how to think critically if you are in jail?
    Do you need to think critically to say “May I take your order please?
    Do you need to think critically to post nude pictures of yourself on the internet?
    Do you need to think critically…..

If we knew the whole land mass was once connected to Africa and from it the continents broke off, what would we think? If we knew the symbol African had to understand the symbol π or Pi or 3.14159265 to construct the pyramids!

In America, we are taught that Black is something to be loathed while White is to be lauded and admired. We look in dictionaries and encyclopedias finding validation of all we are taught. Magazines, television and the mass media all endorse the same evil indoctrination.
Our sons are feared and jailed or murdered and our daughter’s wombs are considered the most dangerous place in the universe! How did things come to that?

All we understand History is now HIS-Story and what we found at the Library is a LIE.

Look at the ancient and recent concept of the word “African.” The word carries the picture of a poor and uneducated race of starving, degenerate and pagan people. To most of the so-called ‘First World,’ it conjures up a negative image to all who have their identities based on the all-encompassing Eurocentric mindset. To the Imperialists, African people are the problem on the African continent creating an impediment to their exploiting of Africa's mineral and land development, ask China!

To others, African's conjures up visions of headhunters, cannibals, Africanized bees, AIDS and Ebola. Those who cannot see the true historic value of Africa, our heritage is summed up into a strip of Kente cloth, a Dogon Mask, or a Donga door artifacts gracing our homes or bodies. This entitles us to be called Afrocentric. How many people wearing [dread] locks knows what it means or understand the root of the lock? Why did the European [slave owners in the West Indies] call them Dreaded Locks? Because it related to the rays of the sun, to knowledge and the serpent that originally meant WISDOM before it was put into the Adam and Eve story.

What they are saying is African Wisdom symbolized by locks is dreadful, frightening, scary just kill them stay away, they are rebellious. What do you think when you see them? Reprogram yourself to have the answer, to tell our children that the locks they were are not a fashion statement. Wake up those that sleep!

False Afrocentrism or going to Africa like the White man Being African from a safe distance, without the commitment of an African mind, heart or wallet is an atrocity! And Africa more than a safari with a faithful jungle boy at your beck and call. Recently on a pitiful reality show, black sisters [unreal housewives] were so unconscious they were in Africa as tourists more Eurocentric than the European! Embarrassing!
There are even those who say,

“Africa is beautiful without the African!”


Reclamation of our entire History! Reprogram our Minds!

We must take a look at everything we thought was true--even the name “Africa” is hotly debated and erroneous at best. It may have been said it derived from the French term referring to the colonized province of Afri or Afru said to mean black although noir is the French word meaning for black, sometimes the word Sudan is used. We need to understand the name Ethiopian, Nubian, and Egyptian/Kemet were some of the names referred to the peoples of the whole land of what we call Africa.


Some African scholars say that the name came from the Afrim or Afru peoples who settled in all parts of Akebulan, while others believe the word comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph: "To Boil" or to get the Essence as in a chemical or pharmacological reaction that became the Greek word “Chemistry.”

The Greeks derived “Chemistry” from the word “Kemet” (the land of the African). The Greeks understood Africa was the land of the HEALERS, those who were given the keys to life. They were known for their ointments and mixtures for life or death. This concept of Black as a color differentiator was unheard of to the indigenous people of the land since all people were from one family.
That was the European, "divide and conquer" strategy.

If the name Africa evolved from French colonialism or Greek occupation, then how can a land be re-named by those who did not originate from there?

  • By those who came to subjugate, steal and conquer?
    By those who later set the boundaries for what was Africa and what was not Africa?
    By those who set the standard of what’s too big, too black, too ignorant, too poor, or too nappy headed?

Finally, there are those faithful sisters and brothers who understand Africa and Africans are the Heart of Civilization, the real first world, the beginning of all creation and the place where the mankind was made in the image and likeness of The Creator.

Let’s look at two other definitions for a moment:

Heterodyning (religious or spiritual sense): When two alternative views are blended, mixed or homogenized resulting in a new story. The new story has components of the original, but is less effective than the pure or absolute account. Although the blended story may be widely used it is deemed more powerful and authoritative than the original.

Sophistry: A seemingly plausible but false reasoning.

‘Ultimate Power is the ability to create your own reality, and impose it on others and make others accept it as their own.’

"The Greeks did not simply take over the Egyptian mythology intact, nor did they preserve the descent quite pure on any single line. In re-applying the legendary lore, derived from Egypt, to the same phenomena in nature, there would be considerable mixture, amalgamation, change of name, and consequent confusion.

"Gerald Massey ‘Egypt Light of the World.’

We must reprogram ourselves to the TRUTH.
'Wicked men Rule to manipulate the choices people think they have been given in Freedom.'
"A sure way to make millions is to start a new religion.”
L Ron Hubbard -Founder of Scientology.

For those of us who reject the ignorance and recognize the prescribed rebellion (that is an avenue presented by our oppressors) we have been "given eyes to see and ears to hear." We must tear off the seal and escape the box!

We cannot be afraid to stare truth in the face. We must distance ourselves from those who oppress us and start thinking like true Africans.

  • Africans before colonialism!
    Africans before slavery!
    Africans before the occupation
    Africans before syncretism and heterodyning.
    Africans before the advent of the European.

We must think like our forefathers--the ONES who walked and talked with the Creator and understood the purpose for life on this planet!

As John Henrik Clarke put it so eloquently:

“To be a Slave YOU must adjust yourself to carry someone on your back!”

Does this mean we are to hate those who do not look like us? No!

Because they too are under the same delusion and we all need to be freed! First, we must be loosed from our own bonds, because the teachers cannot teach the student if we are in bondage. We have all learned to trust in ‘The Lie’ and its crazed interpretations. We have become concubines to ‘The Lie,’ satisfied to birth bastard children and teaching them to love and accept the Lie and its Father. The author of 1884 puts it best:

Excerpt from George Orwell's book -1984.

‘It appeared that there were even demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate rations to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it was announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only 24 hours? Yes, they swallowed it. Parsons swallowed it easily, with the stupidity of an animal. The eyeless creature at the end of the table swallowed it fanatically and passionately with a furious desire to track down, denounce, and vaporize anyone who would suggest that last week the ration had been thirty grams.’

Swallowing the Lie with the ignorance of an animal!
My God!

“Mind your wants cause someone wants your mind!



‘Ultimate Power is the ability to create your own reality, and impose it on others and make them accept it as their own.’


Ignorance is Bondage.





Today - you can ignore the truth and remain Ignorant, but Ignorance is not Bliss!

The real question is:

Are you satisfied with your ignorance?' 

It’s easy to swallow history that has already been chewed up for you.  Life that has been masticated for you. Language is a powerful tool and so is a language of LIES.  Language [and the concepts it carries] can advise you that a glass is half empty or half full.  That same language can make you an object of desire or an object of scorn.

The Egyptians understood that their language of hieroglyphs, numbers, and letters and language that were sacred - they called it Medu-Netcher.  Just as their brothers the Abyssinian [Ethiopian] called their scared language Geez and Indus Valley Eastern Ethiopian called his language Sanskrit. The language and symbols that have been given to us by this corrupt system - breeds death.

The language of the pen can wipe you from the pages of history or demonstrate to the world that...

You Are History!


Note: This picture represents the men in whom the Aztec, Inca and Mayan peoples of the Americas , knew as:  'The Gods with gold tipped spears and great [leopard] animal skins'.  They traded with one another for millennia  before the time of The Vikings, Columbus or Americas Vespucci.


“These valiant BLACK men crossed the Atlantic Ocean and circumnavigated the world, while the European was still in the Dark Ages...”  

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The Truth will MAKE you Free...



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Hermetica continued ...

I call to you, most holy river, and I tell your future: a torrent of blood will fill you to the banks, and you will burst over them; not only will blood pollute your divine waters, it will also make them break out everywhere, and the number of the entombed will be much larger than the living. Whoever survives will be recognized as Egyptian only by his language; in his actions he will seem a foreigner."

"Asclepius, why do you weep? Egypt herself will be persuaded to deeds much wickeder than these, and she will be steeped in evils far worse. A land once holy, most loving of divinity, by reason of her reverence the only land on earth where the neteru (gods) settled, she who taught holiness and fidelity will be an example of utter [un]belief. In their weariness the people of that time will find the world nothing to wonder at or to worship. 

This all -- a good thing that never had nor has nor will have its better -- will be endangered. People will find it oppressive and scorn it. They will not cherish this entire world, a work of god beyond compare, a glorious construction, a bounty composed of images in multiform variety, a mechanism for god's will ungrudgingly supporting his work, making a unity of everything that can be honored, praised and finally loved by those who see it, a multiform accumulation taken as a single thing."

"They will prefer shadows to light, and they will find death more expedient than life. No one will look up to heaven. The reverent will be thought mad, the irreverent wise; the lunatic will be thought brave, and the scoundrel will be taken for a decent person. Soul and all teachings about soul (that soul began as immortal or else expects to attain immortality) as I revealed them to you will be considered not simply laughable but even illusory. But - believe me - whoever dedicates himself to reverence of mind will find himself facing a capital penalty. 

They will establish new laws, new justice. Nothing holy, nothing reverent nor worthy of heaven or heavenly beings will be heard of or believed in the mind."  

"Such will be the old age of the world: irreverence, disorder, and disregard for everything good. When all this comes to pass, Asclepius, then God will look on this conduct and these willful crimes, and in an act of will, he will take his stand against the vices and the perversion in everything, righting wrongs, washing away malice in a flood or consuming it in fire or ending it by spreading pestilential disease everywhere. Then he will restore the world to its beauty of old so that the world itself will again seem deserving of worship and wonder, and with constant benedictions and proclamations of praise the people of that time will honor God who makes and restores so great a work. And this will be the geniture of the world: a reformation of all good things and restitution, most holy and most reverent, of nature itself, reordered in the course of time [but through an act of will], which is and was everlasting and without beginning. 

Asclepius:  Apollo's son, the god of medicine. The origin of the Asclepiads is intimately linked with the Egyptian school of Thoth . In the early second millennium B.C. the Bronze Age priesthood of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, established a school in Phoenicia which carried on the Hermetic teachings. 

Asclepius is often pictured with his two daughters, Hygieia and Panacea. Hygieia represents the prevention of disease and is the root of the word, hygiene, and her sister Panacea symbolizes all healing potential of the materia medica.

The god Apollo, who is related to the sun, and yet is not the sun itself. Apollo is the same soli-lunar personification as is Thoth (Taht or Tehuti), and Khunsu (or the soli-lunar Horus), this is, the child of the supreme divinity in Egypt, the solar Ra, as his light by night--whilst he himself is the god who is hidden from sight in the under-world--his vice-dieu of the dark.  


Orion's Belt  and Giza

As Above , So Below  

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