Essays by Ekowa

The Measure of a Man



The worst crimes were dared by a few,

willed by more, and tolerated by all.” 


The original concept of a man/woman was that of the African type.

As the ancient leaders of the world we recognized the manhood and humanity of all people regardless of skin color, hair texture or ethnicity. Those things were never a problem for us and did not divide our thinking as it does today.  We understood the uniqueness of humanity and the fact that each person--regardless of color, features, hair texture--possessed divinity, we were more than the flesh we were wrapped in.

Originally, color distinction was not the basis for discrimination in the African world, we all shared a common ancestry and brotherhood although we all possessed varying complexions and features like the African family today.


       Shirley Chisholm                                  Alicia Keys                                           Young sister from the Continent

We invented, defined and shaped the first concepts of culture, religion, agriculture, husbandry, writing, sacred music, law, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, astrotheology, medicine and death preparation and the afterlife. Everything...let me say this again EVERYTHING started and was nurtured in Africa and what we built in 20 to 30 thousand years [estimate] is the foundation of every culture and society that exists today, without exception. 

BUT...we are the forgotten tread that holds the seams of the world together.

In this present age people of African decent have been characterized as having nothing and building nothing, a people in perpetual; slavery or colonization the cause of the problems of the world...but it is a lie. However, that erroneous propaganda causes the whole the world to believe we are a people with no history at all.  We are thought of as only a tragic skin color of a dream unrealized.

But, we must realize that the thread of our leadership still exist if we choose to look deep enough and after seeing our course, follow it to bring ourselves out first and then the rest of the world. We are the Key.

The question must be asked:

Why are we emulated in this world, but castigated?

Why are we sought out as Mystic Negroes in films ad in music, but feared on the streets?

Why are we characterized as fools by the media and corporations, then look to for the latest fads, fashions and trends?

Because you can not put a light under a basket without is shinning. There's a whole lot of untapped power in us and we are a people that will continue to influence the world as we have in the past. But we must be able to pool our light/illumination and will.

In this study we will explore the reasons why and how our disenfranchisement came in vogue and why it's now the norm to differentiate by color alone when defining African people [mankind] since we were the first men/women on the planet.

Alex Wek

We do not blink at the redundancy of the words ‘Black Man’ or ‘Black People’ do we? It is redundant because we were the first people of the planet and therefore the standard by which all other things should be measured.  We were the initial description of a man, woman and family for millennia upon millennia. We are the universal standard. All other men aspired to be us, as history, archeology, religion and myth chronicle.

Today, the European [neo-Caucasian] is described as "the man" without the preface of color. When a crime is being committed by a white man the news media  says,

    "We are looking for a man, 5'10 and 145lbs, with black hair, and brown eyes."

We assume( because of our conditioning) the person spoken of is white because they used man without a color preference. In any other case the race or skin color is announced. I must say as a codicil to this essays, the media is using white male in their description a bit more.

Please don’t email me and say I hate white folks I do not.

I am not against any race, religion, color, ethnicity, or gender, but it's time for us to put history back into its proper perspective without racism.

Racism defined:

"Racism is a wealth and power based competitive relationship between Blacks and non-Whites. The sole purpose of racism is to support and ensure that the White majority and its ethnic sub-groups continue to dominate and use Blacks as a means to produce wealth and power. Centuries of Black enslavement and Jim Crow semi-slavery resulted in the majority society becoming 99 foot giants and Blacks one foot midgets. This massive inequality in wealth and resources made Blacks non-competitive and totally dependent upon Whites for the necessities of life. True racism exists only when one group holds a disproportionate share of wealth and power over another group then uses those resources to marginalize, exploit, and subordinate Blacks. Whites can deny Blacks employment, educational opportunities, business resources, a place to live or the right to vote. Therefore, according to this definition, Black people cannot be racists." Dr. Claude Anderson

The system of White Supremacy does not discriminate in its trickery, it will trick whites as will as black, red, yellow and brown people. It tricks us into thinking whites are superior to all other people and tricks them into believing it. When this belief system does not hold true then what happens to the white mindset of superiority? It tricks blacks and others into thinking they are inferior and in some cases believing that lie, but with this part of the lie, we have western culture through media, religion and politics to make this lie seem real.  Both positions are a burden to mankind and to God.

When speaking or writing of the European, the newest universal symbol of man, a descriptive explanation may be added that differentiates racial hierarchy.

The European is seen as:

Anyone that does not fit this narrow criteria is not considered Caucasian, but did you know the Lebanese and Iranians are considered Caucasian? If you look at the  world the more prosperous nations are considered the first world and in the first category. Those outside of that category are relegated to the second. Russian, Eastern Europeans, some around the Mediterranean and Spain are in the second category. The closer a land mass butts up against Africa or India the lower the classification.

Within the 2nd and 3rd world there is also strata imposed and accepted by those who follow the Caucasian model. Again, when describing a Caucasian the description of brown, blue or green, brown eyes or black, brown or red hair is added.  With or without these descriptions he is held up as the universal standard for a man while all others described must include skin color, hair texture and so on.

Is the pre-Bible the guideline for mankind?

Now, there is a pre-Biblical concept for man. The people who were formed, made, brought out first were African. When these people looked at the night sky and imagined our Creator, the image they saw was of themselves.

Biblically, the first man is said to be called Adam.


Let us look at the surest or consonantal form of that name. The ancient Hebrew language as we have found was a language with no written vowels.

The short and long vowels in our English language are a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y. The vowels equivalents in the Hebrew written language were added thousands of years after the language was conceived but both languages have similarities.

Note: The priests and scribes knew the vowel sounds, but as over the years the priesthood and scribes lost that ability and the vowels had to be reconstructed.

Language started by using objects and the related sound of the object. In writing the object the reader would pronounce the sound that related to the picture.

Example: A cow says Mu or Moo, and with this the M sound results.  The Moo or M then is taken to represent this sound and the corresponding the image of a cow or the horns is written or drawn of represent the sound of m, moo or mu. When the reader saw this symbol they would understand the sound the animal would make, and do the same when pronouncing the word. In addition, these alphabet icons had sacred significance. The spoken word and their accompanying symbols have in the African view always been seen and understood as divine.

The Ancient Concept of Man

Understanding these facts, the language of the Africa continent which included Israel or Palestine, the so-called Middle East, and India followed this ancient pattern with rules of all consonantal languages. Original Hebrew like Egyptian and Latin was considered a dead [true speech unpreserved] language.  The Hebrew written language had transformed due to migrations, was later revised by the Masoretic vowel point system, and the block form of lettering which are the Hebrew characters we use today. Modern Hebrew linguistic understand that written Hebrew and conceptual Hebrew is derived from many sources, mainly from other so-called Semitic and African languages.  

The name [word] Adam, the first Biblical man in the Hebrew tradition, was created and resided in what is now know as Africa, but to the people it was called the land of the god while others called it Akebulan.  The Biblical Adam's name can be traced back to the Egyptian god Atum, the Neteru [attribute of the the one God] and viewed as the son of God or Re.

Listen up!!!!! Don't be afraid when people use the term God. God is a name/title and a fairly recent one, from the Germanic version of Gud, Gudh of Gott. We get so bent out of shape with a name/title that was given to us by a people who weren't even alive when we first walked the earth. Stop tripping!


Earlier I used the word surest, but what is that?  

"A surest is the root of the word that can be either two or three letters attached to a suffix, prefix or both. "

In the case of Adam the surest is ADM or Alef-Dalet-Mem in Hebrew.  The Alef being called the chief/primary of first and the Dalet-Mem being the soul. Adam, in Hebrew or man is the chief soul according to the Gematria.

The chief soul to do what?   Now, that's the question!

Adam: Hebrew: אָדָם‎,"dust; mankind"

The dust, mankind but does the alphabet bear out the meaning? Remember the cow and the moo? A definition of what is peopular today or 1000 years ago, may not have been the initial meaning of the word. 

In the case of the Egyptian word Atum the surest is ATM, on the surface these appear to be two different words, but let us go a step further. The Hebrew D [dalet] and the Egyptian T upon translation are the same according to linguistic evidence. Ahmed Osman uses this example when explaining the similarities of the Hebrew word for God Adonai and the Egyptian neteru Aten.        

“The ‘ai’ can be removed from the word Adonai as it is a Hebrew pronoun meaning ‘my’ or ‘mine’ and signifying possession. We are then left with Adon [Lord] which, as correctly noted by Freud, is the Hebrew word for the Egyptian ‘Aten’ as the Egyptian ‘T’ becomes ‘D’ in Hebrew…”[1]

We see the D and T are the same, applying the same logic in of the consonantal languages where the vowels are not written but memorized by the scribes and the priests. The Hebraic language has gone through a metamorphosis due to captivity, migration, dispersion, invasion, and intermarriage. It was not until the Masoretes that they ‘tried’ to add vowel marks based on their own shallow understanding and not from ancient scribal information.

When there is an interruption of the transmission of oral linguistic and cultural traditions the result are so-called ‘dead languages’ or the difficulties to reclaim prior knowledge and understanding makes the language unavailable for contemporary use.  Hebrew scholars in an attempt to reclaim their lost languages borrowed heavily from Amharic, Arabic and, Egyptian languages, just as the ‘borrowed’ from African culture in search of their roots. Therefore our contemporary knowledge of Hebrew is our best guess. To find the key we must look to their most influential neighbor, Egypt.

The Hebrew Adam becomes the Egyptian Atum, based upon the D, T interchanging as cited by Osman and the A, E vowels.  This leaves us with the Biblical name for the first man, Adam being derived from or interchangeable with the Egyptian name of the Neteru Atum. If the names are interchangeable, then the character, titles and actions of the Adam and the Atum also have similarities.






The Atum is the Creator and the son neteru.

“The Pyramid Texts tells us that Atum was "he who came into being" of himself. His creative nature has two sides for Atum can be seen as the one who completes everything and finishes everything. “Atum was the monad from whom all else originally came.”

He can also be referred to as the beginning and end or in Hebrew Aleph-Tav or the Alpha and Omega. Jesus was said to be the last Adam and his title was the Aleph-Tav or Alpha and Omega. The Adam of the Bible was the first-born of all creation and completed the Creation on earth.

Everything has two natures the seen and the unseen, the male and female, the positive and negative, the dark and the light and the body and the shadow.

The Atum was called out of a primordial mound [the dirt or dust] as was the Adam formed from the adamah [dirt or dust] of the earth. The Bible recounts it like this:

“And YHVH Elohim formed the man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils breath of life. And the man became a living being.” Gen. 2:7.

We are told the biblical Adam was created in the image and after the likeness of God and was given the task to dress and keep the Garden of God in Eden, and also the task of naming all animal life either in the Earth or in the Garden.

"And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field." Genesis 2:19-20.  

The Creation of Atum:

In the creation myths of Egypt, Atum is the primal creator. He created himself (or arose out of nothing) and created the first gods, Shu and Tefnut, from his spittle. The Memphite creation myth puts him as the first creation of Ptah, who simply said his name and he came into being.

What is the biblical account of Adam’s creation? Genesis 1:26 and 2:7 says:

“And Elohim said, “let us make man in Our image according to Our likeness, and let them rule …” “ And YHVH Elohim formed the man out of the dust [adamah] from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living being.”

God spoke everything into existence and for the biblical Adam he formed him from the dirt, animated him by his breath and called his name Adam.  What was this breath? Did it form a word or a name?

 Atum was created out of nothing and Ptah called his name and he came to be.  The stories of Adam and Atum are the same.

The term Elohim denotes God in plurality or God.  When the Bible says ‘Let us’ or ‘Our image’ it means just that a plurality.  In the past I have said it is the manifold power of God –but the Hebrew language does not support that claim. It is just Christian linguistic acrobatics that makes this possible.  Trinitarians have a basic understanding although they have limited his Our and Us to be three to agree with their theology.  But, Elohim, Our and Us can denote two or more and is not limited to three and should reference the ogdad or ennead of the neteru of Egypt, since the Hebrews borrowed heavily from them.

"Let us make man..." (Genesis 1:26) - The plural "us" (and "our" in the phrase "in our image") is traditionally understood to refer to God and the angels, or to be a "plural of majesty" (the "royal we"). More recent scholarship is that it reflects the common Middle Eastern view of a supreme god (referred to in Genesis 1 by the generic noun "Elohim", god, which is itself in a plural form, rather than by his personal name of Yahweh) surrounded by a divine court, the Sons of God (Heb. bene elohim).

This is the definition of the word Our:

"Our own, belonging to us, owned by us, used by us, due to us, inherent in us, a part of us, of interest to us, done by us, accomplished by us, in our employ, with us, near us, of us."

This is the definition of Us:

        The persons speaking, regarded as an object; ourselves; -- the objective case of we.

The definition of We:

The plural nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a person in speaking or writing denotes a number or company of which he is one, as the subject of an action expressed by a verb.

Of these three definitions none conveys the number of three or two exclusively. So, we could say that the Elohim is many, or one of many talking to the others of that many. Elohim can either be masculine or feminine and since there is always an opposite or duality it may be male and female.

Now, let me show you to something. The correlation between Adam being the first man and Jesus/Christ the last Adam and how those two images relate to the Atum.

“The first man Adam became a living being, “the last Adam a life giving spirit. The spiritual, however, was not first but the natural, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. The first man was of the earth [made from it] the second Man is the master from heaven. As is the earthly, so also are those who are earthly, and as is the heavenly, so also are those who are heavenly. And as we are born in the likeness of the earthly we shall also bear the likeness of the heavenly.” 1Corinthians 15:45-48.

Here we see that the role of Jesus is a spiritual role of the first man as Adam is an earthly role of the first man so many of the spiritual aspects of the Atum are found in the spiritual Jesus the 2nd or last Adam. the sprit need a vehicle to inhabit. The body came first [natural] then the spirit.

Since Adam was the first and Jesus was the second what does that make us? We are the combo pack. In us divinity lives. In flesh divinity lives.

“And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and brought forth a son in ‘HIS OWN IMAGE’ and called his name Sheth [Seth].”

The image of the first man was the image of Adam an African man in an African country. Later, the Biblical Adam produced a man after his image and likeness. What was that image and likeness? Some say it was the man after sin had entered the world, others say to was an unenlightened man. Considering both theories ‘a man in his own image’ is one who could not fully comprehend and communicate with Godliness in all its wonderful manifestations.

The Egyptians did this best and the Hebrews later copied their revelation. [See the essay on Moses[].

Modern day cults, Biblical enthusiast, and some Hebrew Rabbi's say the biblical Seth was the image of the perfect man, how could that be after Adam and his wife had sinned? Wasn't the sentence of sin inherited after the decision? Well there's a catch.

"Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaqi) refers to Seth as the ancestor of Noah and hence the father of all mankind. According to Zohar 1:36b, Seth is "ancestor of all the Generations of the Tzaddikim" (righteous ones)."

This is an attempt to get away from the African.

The description of Atum is as follows: His appearance is rarely human, usually depicted as a crown or as one of his many totem animals. He is sometimes depicted as a black bull carrying the sun disk between his horns.[2]

A black bull with a sun disk between its horns?  Has any icon of Adam [first or last] fit this description?

“The second-century bishop Irenaeus of Lyons speculated that the four canonical Gospels correspond with visionary depictions of angels, or "cherubim", found in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel and in the New Testament book of Revelation. The cherubs of Ezekiel 1:10 each have four faces–those of a man, a lion, an ox (or bull) and an eagle–corresponding to the four cardinal points of the compass. Augustine, like Irenaeus, assigned the ox [bull] to Luke, but gave the lion to Matthew, the man to Mark and the Eagle to John (The Harmony of the Gospels 4.10).”[3]

"The Gospel of Luke makes clear that Jews of the lst century A.D. associated this light[sun] with the Messiah, who is the Sun of God’s righteousness (Luke 1:76-79; 2:32; cf. Mal. 3:19 [Eng. 4:2]), in John’s Gospel demonstrates the association of Jesus Christ with these promises (John 1:5, 9; 3:19; 8:12; 12:35-36).”31"


There is indeed nothing new under the Sun. There is no need to go over the lineage of Jesus –we should all know he was of African descent. In the gospel of Luke the animal totem is an ox or bull. But, what about the sun disk associated with the black bull image that was sometimes associated with the Atum? 

Here is the European version with the haloed cross behind his head.  So we see the reference of Atum as the black bull. The reference of Atum applies to Jesus.


Euro-Jesus with the sun-disk cross

In the book of Colossians, Jesus [the last Adam or 2nd Adam] is said to have created all things that were made. Jesus was the word of YHVH in his pre-incarnate state. 

“…who has delivered us from the authority of darkness and transferred us into the reign of the Son of His love in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, who is the likeness of the invisible Elohim, the first-born of all creation. Because in him were created all that are in heaven and are on earth, visible and invisible whether   thrones or rulerships or principalities or authorities all have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all, and in Him all hold together.” Col. 1:13-17.

Here is the description of Atum the neteru.

Atum was one of the main gods [neteru] as well as one of the oldest in ancient Egypt. He was a creator and sun god, together with Re, Horakhty and Khepri. His name is derived from the verb TEM, which has a positive meaning, "the accomplished one", or a negative meaning, "the one who did not come to being yet". [4]

What was Adam considered? According to the Bible he was considered the ‘God of his earth’ before that privilege was taken from him by Satan. Satan/Set is called the "ruler of this world" in John 12:31.

The first Adam did not come into being…yet. His growth to whatever he was supposed to be was hindered by his sin, according to the Bible. But in the case of Jesus he has become the Son and chosen. The duality, divinity come into flesh.

“This is my beloved son, in whom I am well please.” This day I have begotten thee.

Adam and Jesus was of the same type, each resembling Elohim. Here is the Hebrew Phrase used in Isaiah that speaks of the Adam.

“Adameh le'Elyon" I shall resemble the High Lord ” - Isaiah 14:14.

The Kabala-Jewish medieval mystic cult says:

“The human being Adam, as well as the whole universe - was created from a basic pattern of "Adam Kadmon" (Primal Adam) which indeed resembles the human figure - "the Image of God" - with its various details.” [5]

“Adam Kadmon, as the first being to emerge from the infinite Godhead, En-sof, is essentially indistinguishable from the deity, yet at the same time his body is said to both emanate and constitute the world.”[6]

“Atum (alternatively spelt Tem, Temu, Tum, and Atem) is an early deity/neter in Egyptian mythology, whose cult/religion centered on the Ennead [The great nine] of Heliopolis.”  Heliopolis is the Biblical Anu/ON the place were Joseph was made vizier and married Anu-Seth the daughter of the priest of On –Potephera.

I do not think it is a leap to linguistically say Atem and Adam--remembering the D and the T. Adam was perfect and the earthy image of God. The Bible and ministers have said that a duplicate or twin Adam was sent to buy us back from sin that the first Adam wroth.  The first Adam had not yet crossed over to divinity according to the Bible, and agrees with the description of the Atum –the one who is not yet become. Genesis 3:22 says:

“And YHVH Elohim said; “See the man has become like US, to know good and evil [not good from evil]. And now, lest he put his hand [handmaiden, power?] and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…””

Who is called the Son of Adam?

In Hebrew, son of man is either: בן אדם [ben 'adam] (lit. "Son of Adam") בן אנש [ben 'enosh]. Enosh means "human being" in Hebrew. He was a son of Seth and a grandson of Adam in the genealogies in Genesis in the Old Testament.

Job 16:20-21 says: My friends scoff at me. My eyes pour out tears to God, that he would maintain the right of a man (גבר : [gabar]) with God, Of a son of man (בןאדם : [ben-'adam]) with his neighbor!

Matthew 8:20 cf. Luke 9:58 says:

“Jesus said to him, "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head."

Remember the D and T consonants transferred as shown above.

“Atum was revered not only as the father of the gods but also as the father of the pharaohs. The title "Son of Atum" was included in the many titles of the king, even after the pharaohs styled themselves "Sons of Ra." [7]

Ra or Re was worshipped in Heliopolis the Biblical Anu or on as was the pre-dynastic Aten. We have seen above where the Egyptian Aten relates to the Hebrew Adon or Adonai. So we can say the title Son of Ra is the same as Son of Aten which is the same as Son of Adon or Adoni or Son of God. Therefore, we can safely say the title Son of Adam is the same as Son of Atum. To put both cases together the title Son of Adam and the Kingly or in the case of the Egyptians Pharonic title, Son of God [Ra/Aten] is synonymous.

What did Jesus [the second Adam] call himself? The Son of Man. He was also referred to in this Biblical narrative:

“Who is the likeness of the invisible Elohim, the first born of all creation. Because of Him were created all that is in the heavens and that is on the earth, visible and invisible…” Col. 1:15-16.

What is said of the Atum?

          “Atum was the monad from whom all else originally came.”

Adam was called the one who brought sin and death into the world. So with him came life in his creation and with his sin came death and destruction.

The Pyramid Texts tells us that Atum was "he who came into being" of himself. His creative nature has two sides for Atum can be seen as the one who completes everything and finishes everything. Hence, he is not only the creator, but the annihilator of creation.[8]

Jesus being the last Adam is the commissioned to bring life again:

“And you being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having blotted out the certificate of debt against us.  And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the stake.” Col. 2:13-14.

Then as the destroyer will take it with the brightness of his coming [See Rev.]

“Atum, however, was not only the creator, but the original creation itself.”

God made man in his image and likeness, according to the Bible.

“Atum was the father of the gods, creating the first divine couple, Shu and Tefnut, who he produced by copulating with himself. He thus had a female principle inherent within himself (specifically, his hand). This masturbation act later played into the Theban title of "God's Hand", given to priestesses who were regarded as symbolically married to AmunAtum and his Hand" even appear as a divine couple on some coffins.”[9]

The Biblical Eve -the helpmeet and handmaiden of Adam was reproduction and a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and she is called ‘The Mother of all Living’ or ‘Life’. The word Helpmeet is Ezar or Azar. the word used twice intensified its meaning. The Biblical Eve was the helping-helper, comforting comforter, which is similar to function to the Ruach HaKodesh in Hebrew of the Holy Ghost.

“But for man there was not found a helper [comforter] for him, as his counterpart. So YHVH caused a deep sleep to fall on man, and he slept And he took one of his ribs [cell or sperma], and closed up the flesh in it place. And the rib, cell or sperma which YHVH Elohim has taken from the man He made into a woman, and brought her to the man.” Genesis 2:

“Eve is later made from Adam's 'rib' (the Hebrew word also means 'side' or 'part'). Adam and Eve then eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (representing the awakening of self-consciousness), and are cast out of Eden (the original, blissful state of unselfconsciousness), and take on 'coats of skin' (a reference to the fact that human bodies were then becoming physical rather than astral). Interestingly, the Hebrew word for 'knowledge' (daath) also means 'sexual union':[10]

A rib or a sperm? 

se·men (sē'mən)

 “A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organs, containing spermatozoa consisting of secretions of the testes, seminal vesicles, prostate and bulbourethral glands.  Also called seminal fluid.” [Middle English, from Latin sēmen, seed, semen.]

She was a ‘maid of his hand’ as in the case of Adam a rib, cell made or sperma in the story of Adam.

“Atum is most usually depicted in anthropomorphic form and is typically shown wearing the dual crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. This iconography, of course, equates him with the king and in fact seen in the shape of his beard.”

The name of the place was sacred.

“Atum was also the main deity of Per-Tem (house of Atum), the biblical Pithom in the eastern Delta.”

The place of the booth or tabernacles:

“Succoth (Ex. 12:37) is supposed by some to be the secular name of this city, Pithom being its sacred name. This was the first halting-place of the Israelites in their exodus. It has been argued (Dr. Lansing) that these "store" cities "were residence cities, royal dwellings, such as the Pharaohs of old, the Kings of Israel, and our modern Khedives have ever loved to build, thus giving employment to the superabundant muscle of their enslaved peoples, and making a name for themselves."[11]

A Hebrew Festival of and in Pithom/Succoth was the Feast of Tabernacles.

“Vayikra (Leviticus) 23:34 "Say to the Israelites: 'On the fifteenth day of the seventh month the HaShem’s Feast of Tabernacles begins, and it lasts for seven days.” 

Now, that we have established that Adam the first man of the Bible was African, as was the last Adam Jesus, and both correlate with the Egyptian or African Atum as the first creator and created neteru, and were the ancient standard of MAN. The question begs, “How did the European become the standard of man, and icon of the universal manhood, and why does every other human adhere to the European standard of identification?

The answer is Time, Terror and Tenacity.


I AM A Man!

The statement above was an earthquake of renewal. The sleeping giant was rising as the African man reclaims his universal title.

What do you do when a people understand who they are? If you are there enemy, first you divide and conquer, by imposing economic sanctions, educational apartheid, color hatred, class and gender friction, and religious mumbo-jumbo.

Sensory Confusion--the feminizing of the Black man

A few weeks ago I was listening to the comedian Dave Chappelle, a guest on Oprah, and he was explaining why he recently left his popular comedy show and walked away form millions of dollars.  He said one of the reasons he left his show an went to South Africa was because he found what every talented Blackman had known, they ain’t laughing with you the are laughing at you. He said they made him bring out his ‘inner coon’ a euphemism of  ‘Sambo behavior’ and they wanted him to perform skits in women’s clothing.  Now, I found that interesting, since he had made so much fun of black folks that he finally got a conscious, but whenever we get a conscious it is time.

This revelation made him think about all the black men in show business that had to compromise their maleness to get or keep a job. Everyone had an opinion on what he meant, they said well Flip Wilson did it, so has Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames, Tyler Perry and most recently Barry Bonds…poor brothers!  The larger question is what is the central point?

HE recognized this was just another tactic to feminize and neuter the image of the black man as he struggles to claim his universal maleness.

Here is a quote from the newly re-melanized and 'newly' Afro-conscious Dave Chappelle:

"I am a conspiracy theorist to a degree. I connect dots that maybe shouldn't be connected. But certain dots, like when I see they put every black man in the movies in a dress at some point in their career. ... I am like, 'Why these brothers got to wear a dress?'"

Here is a comment from an internet article:

“University of Connecticut professor Regina Barreca, who specializes on the history of humor, offers a sociocultural rather than economic basis for the black drag phenomenon.


"The black male in our culture is seen as a dangerous figure, making it attractive to feminize him and make fun of him," says Barreca, who is also a columnist for The Courant. "It defuses that [danger] somehow."

Another quote from the same article:

"It seems that the sole purpose for black male performers to cross-dress is to render less threatening images of black men and women for white audiences," Hadley says. "Characters such as Big Momma, Sheneneh, Wanda or Geraldine assume the dress and characteristics of the projected stereotypical images of black women that audiences are already laughing at.


"These images of black women undermine the reality and actuality of black women, and make the images of black women and black men palatable for white audiences, and therefore marketable." [12]


Wesley Snipes                          Martin Lawrence


Jamie Foxx                                   Ving Rhames


In the System of White Supremacy we are all captives. We are all oppressed. We have all been ‘sold a bill of goods’ one part of it is that the European is THE only standard of beauty, righteousness, morality and manhood. There is not better place to find this story than in the entertainment arena.  We have seen our men take role as cross-dressers, flaming homosexuals, thugs, rapists, psychopath or asexual characters like the mystic Negroes and the side-kick confidante who never gets the girl. We never see black love fully in a movie unless it is juxtaposed with abuse.

Why don’t we see Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson or Will Smith portrayed in the movies with a stable home life and loving normal wife and normal black children?  They are either helping white women, in love with white women, neglecting their wives, buying into another white man’s future or just another neutered brother.  Even on Bernie Mac Show, Bernie is made to look like a fool in his own home.  The children are of control, and his wife is portrayed as a fashion conscious, one dimensional, non-mothering airhead.

I will leave you to ponder this essay without a conclusion and only these two quotes: 

Let us find a way back to truth!

“But returning to Egypt, the lesson she teaches history contains may reflections of philosophy.   What a subject for meditation, to see the present barbarism and ignorance of the Copt, descendant of the alliance between the profound genius of the Egyptians and the Brilliant mind of the Greeks. Just think that this race of black man, today our slaves and subject of our scorn, is this very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that the midst of the people who call themselves the greatest friend of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery and questioned whether black man have the same kind of intelligence as Whites!” [13] Count Volney Ruins of Empires

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Martin L. King, Jr.


Ossie Davis delivering the eulogy for Malcolm X at the Faith Temple Church of God on February 27, 1965. Davis says, "[Malcolm] talked to all of us: Get up off your knees. Come out of your hiding place. If your hiding place is gold, come out from behind it. If your hiding place is prestige, come out from behind it. If your hiding place is poverty, if you live in the slum, if you live in the gutters, stand up, look at the sun, you too are a man."[14]

 I believe we must take back our original images and re-apply them to our lives. We must proclaim that we are the real,

The Measure of  Man

Our Unmistakable Glory


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