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The Iconography of Ankhenography’




"History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is also a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography.  The role of history is to tell a people what they have been, and where they have been, what they are and where they are. The most important role that history plays is that it has the function of telling a people where they still must go and what they still must be."   


Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Historian




What's in a Name?



'It is but your name that is my enemy;

You are yourself and not a Montague.
What is a Montague? It is not a hand, or foot,
or arm, nor face, or any other part
belonging to a man. Oh, if you could be some other name!
What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet

So would you if you were not called Romeo,
retain that same personality by another name than that.

Without that title:--Romeo;
And for that name, which is not all of you,

please take me as yours.[1]


William Shakespeare [revised in plain English]


In this often used statement by Shakespeare's Juliet, a 14 year old girl in stating the name of Romeo Montague. Their names having overshadowed their love and would bring about their deaths in a play of rivalry, ignorance, love, and tragedy. Unfortunately, the real tragedy is taking this Shakespearian statement as completely true in every situation. There is two ways to look at this statement. No matter the name the essence is the same or a name dictates the intrinsic value of the person, place, or thing.


On the case of Africa and Africans and the worlds view of us, there is something to a name. A name can point you to the historical, religious, scientific and cultural root, or genesis of a people, and demonstrate their individual and corporate contribution to society.


“A Name defines the intrinsic value of any being.”


Recently, I was watched the movie Dances with Wolves. In the film the native people realized that the soldier, John Dunbar played by Kevin Costner, needed a real indigenous Lakotan name that spoke of his new character achieved after his contact with those people. One day the priest and a few warriors saw him playing with a wild wolf he'd named Two- socks, and the priest renamed the whiteman,  “Dances with Wolves” or “Sungmanitutonka ob waci" in the Lakota language. The native people understood that he needed a name suitable to his flowering personality because John Dunbar did show the essence of who he had become.


A Name is important to all living things. The Bible says all will be given a new name written on a white stone which is an allusion to coming out of spiritual slavery into permanent freedom.  A white stone with your name carved into it was proof you were no longer a slave, and could never be enslaved again.  I don’t know if this was true in the African tradition, because we did not have slaves as such, but that is what is meant in the Biblical sense to the writer of the Revelation.

"I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it." Revelation 2:17.


Africans had differing names for differing reasons. Just as a Judge of today is called ‘Your Honor’ from that title is not known whether the judge is male or female, but you have come to understand that person holds a judicial position of some sort within governmental structure. Later that same individual may also be addressed as Mr. or Mrs. in another context, and further, mother or father, aunt or uncle, daughter or son.  They also have a personal name like John or Jane and a surname of Smith or Jones.  They may even have an ethnic name acquired during a trip to their homeland and finally a pet name like Pookie, Man-Man or Candy.  In my family we call my brother ‘Brother’ and my sister ‘Sister’ as their nicknames. My father, may he rest in peace, on occasion was called June, a derivation of Junior or June-bug.


It was the same in the African family structure especially in the Royal families, but they had many other names, maybe 100’s of names. Royal names, coronation names, ascension names, and so on. The House of Pharaoh was often uses as euphemism for the wife or mother of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was called the throne, or crown, or sun of the morning, sun of righteousness, the scepter in addition to his military, social, diplomatic, religious, cultural names and titles. A name could give access to all things for a son without the father even being present.


Jesus said, "I have come in my Father's name and you do not receive me." John 5:43.



“Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus [The Creator’s salvation] every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus [The Creator’s salvation] Christ [the anointed] is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2; 9-10.



The original writers of the original Bible were Africans. As an African, I am using these collected biblical writings of my people as the basis for this essay. I believe the Egyptian priesthood, of which Hebrewism was only a sect, carried those spiritual beliefs and traditions to the rest of the world.  This priesthood had it roots in Africa/Egypt/Ethiopia and spread to India, Europe, Asia, the Islands of the Seas, and finally making their way to the Americas centuries before the European arrived.



The Biblically created Adam unit that we see in the pages of Genesis was said to have lived in Gan-Eden of the Earth called Eden/Aden in the Hebrew language or Gent in Amharic the language of present day Ethiopia [Habashan]. The Gan-Eden in my mind, by all accounts was like a nursery, in the midst of the Earth planet where mankind grew a flourished.

The definition of the Hebrew word Eden means:   Pleasure, delicate and delightful. [2]

The his-torical geographic origin of Eden is given as Mesopotamia. The name Fertile Crescent was given to this geographical area long after the Biblical Deluge account.  The interesting thing about the name MESO-potamia is that it make the reader think is somewhere in the middle.  MESO meaning: Middle, division, intermediate, central.[3]


This central MESO area had to be attached to something to make it the middle.  The Webster's Dictionary states MESO--potamia is the middle of S.W. Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates River which is now Iraq, Iran and Syria.  Words do not appear out of thin air.  Most African (Semitic-Hamitic) languages have a root word or surest to expands upon the central word it is either affixed with a pre-fix or suffix.




Sus in Hebrew means horse. Sus-Ah means her horse. The ‘Ah’ ending makes it a feminine statement, or in this case possessed by a woman.[4]

The idea that Mesopotamia is apart of Asia is a recent racist notion.  I consider racism an essential component to the System of White Supremacy that keeps all people [including whites] in bondage. All of the Meso area was considered part of the African family lands. Just as Israel/Palestine was also a part before the Biblical revisionist, European historians, Map makers, and finally the Engineers and Architects of the Suez Canal surgically removed it from its roots. The original inhabitants of all the lands were African.

Suez drawing 1881


MESO-potamia - is certainly not an ancient word it means the middle of the two Rivers: Tigris and Euphrates' but original name is NAHARAIYM

So what is meant by the word Naharaiym?


Quote from a Bible Concordance/Dictionary:

Aram Naharayim - Meaning 'Syria of the two rivers', this refers to the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in modern Iraq. Abraham sent his servant Eliezer to Aram Naharayim to find a wife for his son Isaac (Genesis 24:10). It was also the birth-place of Balaam, hired by the Moabite king Balak to curse the Israelites. Balaam came from Pethor in Aram Naharayim (Numbers 23:7, Deut. 23:5).


Strong’s Concordance # 5103 quote:

Nehar ( Chaldean) from a root corresponding to #5202; a River, espec, the Euphrates: - river, stream. Nahar( #5202) - to sparkle, be cheerful,  hence from a sheen of running stream, to flow, assemble, be lightened.



Another word is used that the 'Concordance people' overlooked, but related to the same word is Nahar (#5204) from the same root of # 5202 - a stream (including the SEA); especially the NILE, (or) Euphrates, etc): figuratively - prosperity - Flood River. Finally, there is another related word with the ‘ah’ or feminine ending meaning people.


Nahar-AH as a truer meaning of LIGHT or daylight, or the Children of Light and Daylight.


“Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while the light is with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.  While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them. John 12:35-36.”


In Africa the Nile and the City of Light was Anu or Heliopolis and it equates with the Naharayim.  

At the beginning of the Ethiopic Sea, which is now called the Mediterranean along the Nile River was the City of Anu or On.  Anu meaning Light or Sun - the City of the Sun where originally the Aten was worshipped as the sole God long before it was moved to Tel Amarna by Ankhenaten and worship was renewed.  Here again the Aten was a name among many names of the representation of God which in this case was the disk of the Sun. Anu also means men or people.


NAHARAIYM is the real name of the Fertile Crescent in the Nile Valley and not to the Middle East or modern day Iraq where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are.  


The term Middle East is a recent terminology. As Dr. John Henrick Clark said: The middle East of WHAT?


In this case the ending or suffix to the word Nahara is IYM, YAM or YIM meaning people, children or plurality. This could easily mean the ‘Children of the River Nile’ - The Children of Light, The Children of the River that flows to the Sea -The Children of LIGHT or the DAYLIGHT, and The Children of the Men.

The Nile was called the Hapi: Hapi (Hapy) was the character of the Nile and also the Horus’ 4th son. Although the Tigris and Euphrates were fertile areas - the clincher to point nativity of Aram Naharayim as the source of LIGHT, that was On or Anu.


Aten with Ankh and hands of life



Sanctifying adjectives:


Kem - Black

Suten - Royal

Nter - Holy, Sacred


When we look at the ancient map or Egypt of KMT we see the city of Anu/Heliopolis is at the mouth of the Nile that pours into the Mediterranean (previously named the Ethiopic Sea.  At the top of the Nile River is the city of ON or ANU,  or the Greek  - Heliopolis - Where the Priest that worshipped the One-God whose representation was the Sun Disk was headquartered.


The Greek Heliopolis, the Hebrew On and the Egyptian ANU were one in the same. The Egyptians had centers of worship throughout Khemet. Thebes -Heliopolis-Memphis and Hermeopolis all studied a different aspect of the worship of the One-God and its attributes the neter, which the original African Egyptians understood as the ONE whose attributes were many. These centers did not conflict with one another’s doctrine originally and the original priests worked together, nor were they at odds with one another.



Imhotep the Father of infinitum, was a priest of ANU or Heliopolis and was also considered the 'son of Ptah the primal; creator who was studied under that name in Memphis or Mennufer.


The City of ON/ANU is also the city that Joseph the son of Jacob who later was named ISRAEL frequented His youngest son, Benjamin was called the Son of ON or Ben-Oni by his mother.  Israel was also buried and embalmed in Egypt and was he was said to be married ANU-SET the daughter of the Priest of ON, Pot-i-Fera.  Joseph also named one of his sons Ephraim ( Ephran) - which may be the root word for AFRICA the name used to identify our lands by those on the outside.


'Pharaoh called Yosef the name of Tzafnat-Oa'neach and gave him as a wife On'snat, the daughter of Poti-Fera priest of On (Heliopolis). Then Yosef went out through all the land of Egypt...."


'Two sons were born to Yosef before the year of the famine came: Osnat the daughter of PotiFera priest of ON (Heliopolis) bore to him. Yosef called the first M'nasheh [causing to forget], 'Because he said, God has caused me to forget all the troubles I suffered at the hands of my family.' The second he call EPHRAHIM [fruit or fruitful], 'For God has made me fruitful in the land of my misfortune.' CJB Gen 41:45-52.


So ole Joseph got a name like in Kevin Costner's character in  "Dances with Wolves."


'Patrusi (the Southland or by implication the Holy Land) is the continental reference for Africa. Patrusi is a name derived from Pa-Ta-Rusy (The land of the south), the new Kingdom Kamy (Egypt) name of upper KMT (Khemet) where the Pre-dynastic unification of 22 nations had formed the world first empire. As such, Patursi is a name expressing the beginning of continent unity which began at the dawn of civilization.  In contrast, the Latin designation of 'Africa' has never been a continent designation. Though imagined by Gerald Massey to have been derived from the Kamy words Aaru, and constructed as Af-ru-ka, the name of Africa is  instead known to have been derived from the Aamu word 'AFR', related to the Kana'aniy word  EPHRAH, meaning fruitfulness.  AFR was the term used by the North Patrusi people of Kart Hadasht in reference to the fertile hinderland. '


 The name Egypt may have also been a European bastardization of the name ' Spirit of Ptah'



Joseph, as chronicled by Ahmed Osman, may be Yuya the Vizier of Egypt. As most Africans understood and as the Bible chronicles - Nimrod settled the land that is Mesopotamia or Naharayim associated with the Nile.  Nimrod was the son of KUSH.  The relationship between Mesopotamia leans more toward the Nile and ON or ANU than to Asian or the Arabic populations which inhabits the second Fertile Crescent today, simply because of the family connection. ‘Let us rightly divide the word of truth.’


''The sons of Ham were Kush, Mitzrayim, Put, and Canaan' Gen 10:6

In other words:

The Sons of Kham are Ethiopia/Nubia/Sudan, Egypt/Uganda/Put/Punt and Canaan/Palestine/Jordan/Syria.

Or to redefine with the original names:

The sons of Kham were Habashan, Punt, and Kana'aniy.

'Kush father Nimrod, who was a powerful ruler on the earth.' Gen.10:8


Ethiopia/Nubia/Sudan fathered the children of the Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia/Naharayim.


                                                                     Ethiopia                   Nubia                          Sudan                 Ancient Egypt


Using the original names and pictures of the Fertile Crescent children of Nimrod shows us they were all AFRICAN! As Africans we vary in hue, hair texture, facial features, but the constant is that we are Black and related to one another. The lie that our skin color is solely dependent on our proximity to the Sun is …well, like I said, it's a LIE.   


The Fertile Crescent /Mesopotamia was geographically located in the continent of ancient original Africa, which is the birthplace of mankind. This was reiterated by the Hebrews in their story of the biblical Adam in the table of nation. But ALL creation and migration stories derive from the original African account, with some variations. Modern maps show Mesopotamia as being exclusively in Iraq and of the Asiatic-Arabian culture this is incorrect and is a recent fabrication. By placing Mesopotamia outside of the African womb, it proves to be a lesson in arrogance and racism and is another tactic in the system of whitewashing the original African culture and adds further insult by referring to the region in terms of the Orient or the Middle East


Even at that if you would dig deeper into the roots of the Middle East and Asia you will see the African presence that is now being obscured.


‘If history is made by men and women it can also be remade and histories and people deleted.’  Edward Saeed


Fertile Crescent, Middle Eastern region arching across the northern part of the Syrian Desert and extending from the Nile Valley to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  The name Fertile Crescent reflects the early development of irrigation and urban civilization in the region, especially in Mesopotamia. [1]

A picture dated 11 November 2002 shows a detail on the Da Ming Hun Yi Tu (the Amalgamated Map of the Great Ming Empire) dating back to 1389, which is arguably the oldest world map in existence that accurately reflects the African continent.

Africa is Eden. The same place where the brothers Shem and Khem lived after the Biblical flood, albeit in different areas.

If you live in a different part of the nation than you brother, does it cease in making him your brother?

Side map:

The Da Ming Hun Yi Tu side map also shows a great lake, covering almost half the continents land mass. Researchers suggest it may have been drawn on the basis of an Arab legend that stated, "Farther south from the Sahara Desert is a great lake, far greater than the Caspian Sea".


Why does everything have to be a myth or legend when it comes to the history of the people that live in the area?  Why have we been lead to believe the maps of Africa have not been altered and borders deleted and areas shrunken in size?  What we don’t see in this cropped photo to the left, is how far Africa extended to the northeast.  The original silk print is more exact.


Let me site a simple example:

The country of Russia once included Alaska.  Alaska is now part of the United States, although it is separated geographically by Canada.  Puerto Rico is also a commonwealth of the United States, but geographically it sits in the Caribbean the same is true for the Pacific Ocean based state of Hawaii. All states ere acquired as from the roots of American imperialism and hegemony.  Alaska was once an Inuit nation, Puerto Rico was an independent nation as was Hawaii.  Hawaii had its own rulership as seen below.


                                                                        She looks like your Aunti, huh?


Africa was cut up and the people divided, first by the pen and then by the sword. Eventually, the Middle East was permanently separated from Africa by the Suez Canal.  That does not mean Africa stopped at the Nile, the Jordan River or for that matter, the Tigris and EuphratesAfrica extended far beyond the pens of the mapmakers or the hands of King Leopold.


The Biblical figure Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees.  According to ancient Greek and Roman scholars Tacitus in particular said:


Everyone knew Abraham was an Ethiopian or Cushitic’.


[Note: Some have said Tacitus did not make this statement, but even if he didn't there is plenty of evidence to show he was of African stock.]


Four groups of men of African descent redrawn below.


Ur was a suburb of Ethiopia although at the time either was not called by those names.  The Biblical Abraham married Sarai/Sarah who is said to be an Ethiopian princess and his sister-wife. This marriage gave him the credibility in Egypt that he needed, because all Queens of Egypt were descended form Ethiopia and considered to carry the SEED of the GODS. Sarai/Sarah was also a child bride and considered his sister in African cultures.


In the Book Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson he states [I’ve paraphrased]:


“A Princess was born a princess, but it took a male becoming a consort to that Queen or princess to become a prince. He had to have a coronation or be crowned where she was already crowned at birth. At is coronation he was ‘Born Again and given a New Name.’”


This was true of Abraham and Sari and the lesser know Egyptian consort Hagar. When we look at the African family we see a variety of different looking people. Some light to almost white with thin lips, long aquiline noses and straight hair to the other end of the spectrum - Dark smoky skin, round noses, curly hair and full lips. We are a rainbow of colors- the microcosm of this African Truth is seen in the United States

We have Sarah Vaughn, Big Mama Thornton, Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, Angie Stone, Jill Scott and then we have Lena Horne, Beyoncé Knowles and Jason Kidd.



The theory that the world was people Noah having three ethnically different sons is a MYTH and a subversion to disenfranchise the family. So, all you Bible believers, we must rightly divide the word of truth as we were told.  The best rendition of how the family of Noah looked is the modern artistry of Varnette Honeywood. The Female version of Shem, Ham and Japheth.


To paraphrase a quote from Dr. John Henrik Clarke: ‘Everyone on the African continent had always been black, up to and past the time of the biblical Jesus.


When looking at what IS and then what WAS in geographic Africa, it seems the criteria for gauging this essential truth is vastly different for the European Topographer, Archeologist, Egyptologist and Historian than it is for the Africans who for centuries wrote down in stone the same truths. These are the western world’s tactics to divide and conquer and make Our-story defunct and remake into His-Story--the new story.



Topography, in cartography and surveying, layout of natural and artificial features on the surface of the earth, and the science of their detailed, graphic representations on maps and charts. [2]


Note: Moses was trained as a topographer as part of his schooling in Egypt.


The above Chinese Map validates the truth that Brother Runoko Rashidi’s has researched; the Asian man was actually an African.  Although, the Europeans put the spin on it saying Asia founded Africa, and even India founded Africa, they will say anything not to tell the truth. What I am looking for is the ancient map that stated that Asia was a part of Africa, when I find it again I will add it to this essay.


Professor Cheikh Anta Diop - noted historian, confirms Dr. Runoko Rashidi’s findings in his book the African Origins of Civilization. Prof. Diop includes this poem in his book.


A poem by Aimè Cèsaire, a great African Poet, when he speaks historically of the rest of the European world:


‘Those who invented neither gunpowder nor compass, those who tamed neither stream nor electricity, those who explored neither the sea nor the sky…’


From European HIS-story, we were told that the Asian invented gunpowder. But, they got the formula from their cousins the sons of Kham/Ham.  The Egyptians priest had long used gunpowder in their religious rituals. Populations from Asia always sprang from a single lineage, indicating the single origins of those populations," The researchers said.  "It is now probably safe to conclude that modern humans originating in Africa constitute the majority of the current gene pool in East Asia.


‘The 4th century Greek historian, Ephorus wrote that "the Ethiopians (Kush/Nubia) were considered as occupying all the south coasts of both Asia and Africa, divided by the Red Sea into Eastern and Western Asiatic and African.


This is the ancient Nuzi map of Eden, which supports the existence of the African Eden. The Nuzi Map - made of clay may have been made 120 years before The Flood of Noah or possibly closer to Creation.

“The Nuzi Map portrays the main city within Eden/Aad as being South of the cited mid-point. That is, on the Nuzi Map the city of Aid appears to be perhaps as far south as the Dahlak Archipelago to the Northeast of Asmara, Eritrea (Ethiopia) or nearer the Sudan/Eritrean border or even further to the North perhaps nearer the Suakin Archipelago and Port Sudan.   It is very probable that ruins of Eden will be found throughout this entire area.”


The Nuzi map proves the existence of the four rivers chronicled in the Bible.  Those four rivers traverse around the entire country of Ethiopia/HaBashan. Eden is located in Ethiopia.


The term for Eden was Aden/Adin/Aad – which also means: To give pleasures, has the same prime root word as Eden or Adan, to be soft pleasant or voluptuous land.  Basically, this was the best place in the whole world to live flourish and be fruitful. Egypt-Ethiopia/Kush-Nubia-Sudan was on of the places where man walked with GOD in the cool of the day ‘Where the Son of God’ met with mankind. It would be the same place where, people would return after the Deluge - they would return to their nativity - Africa.


NOTE: When the word Ethiopia is used it referred to ALL of AFRICA and not just the current location.  Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nubia are different words for the same people!


We now see that the Fertile Crescent was connected to the other Fertile Crescent in the Nile Valley and along the Nile River that traversed through the center of Africa and beginning in what is now call Uganda.  Where they from the same source? Do you think that people never traveled UP and DOWN the whole Nile in all the thousands of years man has lived on this Earth-planet? And since they did, some people stayed where they traveled and mini-civilizations flourished.


The locale where the biblical Adam unit (man and woman) was said to be born is now Sudan/Ethiopia/Kenya at the breast of the east African continent. The Egyptian has identified this region as mouth of the Nile were the original people resided. The Bible is the Israelite recount of an older Egyptian Creation story, they just put themselves at the center of it to have a foundation to start a nation. You could not be a legitimate nation without having the family blood line, history of the reeds, and a priesthood initiated in Egypt.


‘The Tekeze River on the Nuzi map is not shown on many modern maps, flows into the Atbara River, which is one of the three main tributaries of the Nile River.   And, it appears that the Tekeze River is the river that is clearly shown on the ancient Nuzi Map and is very close to Aad/Eden. The Tekeze River begins in modern Ethiopia on the Ethiopian/Eritrean border, traverses West-northwest through Ethiopia and Eritrea, and then flows into the Atbara as it enters the Sudan.   The Atbara then flows northwest through Sudan until it meets the Nile at the town of Atbarah, Sudan. This city of Atbarah is located on the Southeast corner of the big bend of the Nile (i.e. South of the 5th cataract or waterfall).  Remember the indigenous peoples never used the phrase CATARACT that was a European invention to divide the Family of Africa. Thus, the Nuzi Map reveals that the Edenic City of Aad is in very close proximity to the Tekeze River, which begins due South of the Dahlak Archipelago (Ethiopia).   Therefore, Eden is in Africa near the East or horn of Africa. (Excerpted from an internet site)."


The Nuzi map proves many points here are a few of them.


1.  Ethiopia/Sudan/Africa is the land of beginnings of mankind and the biblical Eden, as proven out by most intelligent African scholars and truthful Europeans.

2.  The present Ethiopian borders included the lands of the Fertile Crescent, including Ur of the Chaldees, the birthplace of Abraham and may have extended down to Uganda and Zimbabwe.

3.  The Fertile Crescent is a part of the map of ancient Africa, especially when you understand that the Nile is the Nahar.

4.  The Son’s of Khem/Kham/Ham did not differentiate themselves from one another.

5.  Africa is the birthplace of mankind.


According to the Bible the Creator god El later renamed Yahweh, gave Adam the land of Gan-Eden (Africa) where the Hebrew Isha and Isha (Adam and Eve) were originally nurtured and this is where the rivers flowed:


A River, (the Nile River where Uganda-Rwanda is located) went out of Eden (Africa) to water the Garden (In Ethiopia), and from there (in the Garden of Ethiopia) it divided into 4 streams.  The name of the first is Pishon; it winds throughout the land of Havilah (the land of Ghana), where there is gold…the name of the second is the Gihon; it winds through out the land of Kush/Cush, the third is the Tigris, flowing east of Ashur (Syria, Iran, Iraq). The fourth is the Euphrates.”  Genesis 2: 10-14.


Africa by satellite


These rivers flowed around all of Africa.  The River sprung from Africa and flowed around it too. The garden was the incubator and that incubator was ancient Ethiopia/Africa. Africa is Paradise!  Remember, Moses the supposed author of the Genesis, understood that the children of Nimrod inhabited the lands surrounding the Rivers of so-called Tigris and Euphrates. In Moses tenure in the Khemetian university [mystery] system as a Hierogrammat where he studied many subjects include the topography of all the kingdoms.


Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan believes, and I humbly agree, the Israelites went around into Ethiopia and crossed up and over Eastern Africa come back into Israel or Palestine from the North, and not round by southern Egypt and across the Suez.  It only takes a 3-5 day trip to leave from Egypt Goshen or the City of Ramses and get to Palestine, AND MOSES WAS DEGREED in GEOGRAPHY and TOPOGRAPHY?  Naw, he wasn't that stupid and they didn't wander around that small area for 40 years.


So, what about the wandering? Did everyone get to Canaan? It would explain the many Hebrew-Israelite people historically living in all the countries along the Nile and inward to Kenya, Tanganyika, Rwanda and Uganda.


It may also explain why UGANDA at the mouth of the Nile, was a viable option for the resettlement of the Ashkenazi Jew after WWII, the victims of the heinous German Nazi Genocide plan until the land of Palestine or Israel was finally decided upon at the last minute. Yes, it was.


Moses understood that all was Africa and he was African, although at that time that particular name was not used. The names of the Tigris and Euphrates was not the original names of those two rivers at that time Moses was said to have penned the Torah, it was a later revision by the scribes we were told to “Beware of” . Just as the indigenous peoples of what we know as 'America' did not call this land by the name of Amerigo Vespucci! The rivers were the Nile that poured out into a Sea and not the Persian Gulf.




Some ignorant biblical students say Saddam Hussein is of the line of Nimrod! Pullleeeaasssee! Hussein and his houses are not of that lineage.  They are ARAB!!!! Arabs of his sort did not exist at the time of these writings.  Arabs are not originally AFRICAN! Africans who believe they are Arab have been Arabicized!


Neither was the Shah of Iran! Nebuchadnezzer was an African! The people who reside in the mid-east are not the original inhabitants.  The ones who claim the history of Sumer and Akkad are not the African who first penned cuneiform. They are a mixture.  These same people are the ones who now claim Egyptian and Nimrodian history.  They are the co-opting Arab nations that have nothing to do Africa.

Crescent moon and the planet Venus


The Arabs who originally enslaved the true ‘People of the Book’ helped the Europeans murder and enslave millions of innocent Africans and still do.  You can't look at northern Africa and the so-called near East and find the original African peoples in the majority, we have been pushed aside, killed, enslaved and marginalized and driven south in every country, by those who call themselves Arabs.


So, all you people who think Arabic Islam is the religion of the Blackman need to READ abut how they the Arab enslaved us! The Religion of the Black man is not a mélange of anything, but he true religion of Khemet.


The great African civilizations, which inhabited the cities along the River Hapi (European name, Nile) Zambezi, Congo, Limpopo, Gabon, Tana, Awash, Keiro, Niger, Volta, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, were the sons of Cush.  Cushites migrated throughout Africa/Ethiopia/Nubia/Egypt. The Four Rivers in Genesis flowed in - out, and around the continent of ancient Africa.  The biblical Adam and Chavvah (Eve) were taken from the African model that was 1,000's of years old.


Again, please don’t look to a modern map for any information concerning ancient African geography.  The Europeans have hacked up Africa so much; it does not begin to look like it did originally.


For more information about the dividing of Africa in the modern history read ‘King Leopold’s Soliloquy’ by Mark Twain. In his treatise he talks candidly about Europe scavenging and colonizing Africa.  This was not the first time Africa was cut up, but the population had already been decimated by the Islamic and European Atlantic Slave trade and colonialism.


‘From about 1880 to 1905, most of Africa was partitioned among Belgium, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, and Portugal (see Scramble for Africa). In 1876 King Leopold II of the Belgians established the International Association of the Congo, a private company, for the exploration and colonization of the region. His principal agent for this task was Anglo-American explorer Henry Morton Stanley. [3]


Henry Morton Stanley was of the Stanley and Livingston fame [‘Dr. Livingston, I presume’] was a missionary on a mission, to help the European conquer Africa.  He was a Christian missionary for hire


‘Of the 359 people who had accompanied him, only 108 reached the Atlantic. This adventure, which Stanley wrote about in Through the Dark Continent (1878), answered many of the major questions in European minds about Central African geography, including the size and drainage of Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika. The trip also revealed the existence of a navigable waterway, the Congo, reaching into a region of Central Africa that held commercial potential. This was information not lost on Belgian King Leopold II, who was eager to rape Africa’s wealth.’[4]

Leopold the Murderer:

Leopold I (1790-1865) of Belgium, the father of Leopold the II who divided Africa was king of the Belgians. The son of Francis Frederick, duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, [5]

This is important because they were relatives of the current Queen Elizabeth of England, who is the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.  They changed their names to Windsor.  All the European kingdoms (families) stole, ravaged and murdered to obtain their wealth.  They did so from looting African, India, the Americas and the Islands of the Pacific. The wealth of the British monarchy comes from gold, ivory and diamonds in Africa, spices and rubies in India, and drugs and tea in China. They now control the minerals or Iridium, Strontium, Cesium, Cobalt and other important minerals are essential for any technological advancements.  99% of these mineral are in AFRICA.  This is why we have wars all over the continent.  It is a fight for this precious chemical, mineral, gems and gold.



All the Kings of Europe want to co-opt Pharonic Rule that is their objective.  The do this by saying they are the progenitors of the Hebrew Race - the new Israel.  They know the original African Israelites were the children of the Egyptian.  They consider themselves the true BLACK Nobility.

“Scramble for Africa, phrase used to describe the sometimes frenzied claiming of African territory by half a dozen European countries that resulted in nearly all of Africa becoming part of Europe’s colonial empires. The Scramble began slowly in the 1870s, reached its peak in the late 1880s and 1890s, and tapered off over the first decade of the 20th century. Between 1885 and 1900, European powers were, at times, racing each other to stake claims in Africa. Most Africans resisted being taken over and ruled by foreigners. Thus, much of the latter part of the Scramble involved European armies using modern weapons to crush opposition and install authority over the continent’s inhabitants.[6]

The European version of the African religion which was Judaism, Christianity and Islam was/is used as a tool for European domination, slavery, colonization and African subjugation. 


Here are two quotes that will give you a little insight:


·        "What luck for rulers that men do not think." -Adolf Hitler


·        "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man wants to

      make a million dollars, the best way would be to start a new

      religion."  L. Ron Hubbard [Scientology] quoted in the N.Y. Times, July 11, 1984.

The new religions forever changed the image and intent of the original man and his relationship to the Creator. They divided us based on race without understand why color was necessary.   Here is an excerpt form a very good email that a friend received. 


“The European invented the designation of RACE because of his obvious skin difference from the original peoples of the known world. Instead of embracing the difference and realizing that the Blackman was a man to aspire to be, hatred overtook his sensibility. The fact that other people identified themselves via historic African values and culture it would show the European was the one with difficulties, out of step and out of place with the rest of the world.


The Europeans, which is a conglomerate and minority 'culture’, could not gain the attention to their particular cultural traits so they need some thing that had the same effect for them, 'race' but on the other hand debased majority cultures. Race designation did not exist.

Now that the European have effectively spread their cultural ideas into every majority culture (with devastating effects) then designation of 'race' is no longer necessary. In this new strategy we have become a conglomerate, a mélange, a people without history. 

What we need to do is to identify what is African culture and what is not.  Race is not a necessary function, but the knowledge of culture and in it ontology is needed.  We have no choice if RACE as defined by the European is removed as a dividing factor and culture is not investigated.  If we do not, we will end up being culturally European regardless of the color of our skin.”


The Land Trek


The first Biblical couple (the Adam) and their children were to be fruitful (which is the word Ephran) and multiply and to have dominion; this was a worldwide and universal edict to them.  I believe this is an allusion to the first Africans who spread throughout the whole world.


Again to reiterate:


Ephran for which we derive the name Ephraim (and possibly the Aamu word for Africa) also meaning to be fruitful. 


'Be fruitful and multiply'

Be Ephran and multiply - Be Africa and Increase!


It is also my contention that, we were not born to just be Earthbound (Aiya), but to be the seed of humankind that would eventually spread to the Universe(s).  This is why we have a need to go out beyond our borders. This is why we understand that this earth and these bodies are not our eternal destiny. We are compelled by the edict to be fruitful and multiply and fill this Earth and all the habitable planets. We are to travel in a way other than employing spaceships, but that’s another essay for another time.


In order to make this Universal trek we have to understand the system of hierarchy and obedience, relationship, love and wisdom.  You have to be able to discern and learn obedience before you can ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before!’ 


First, we must learn that the Creator of all Things, is One, and He/She/It is only one!  The Big Kahuna of the Universes, to be obeyed, worshipped and loved. Which all breaks down to the same thing, really developing that Messu or Messiah within us. The Creator made ‘choice’ inherent in our psyches and our developmental growth as humankind. Testing is inherent in choice, but not a test for failure, a test to prove what we are made of.  We must also understand our love for our fellow-humans.  Like one man said when interpreting the scripture - "Leaving the 99 to go after the ONE wayward child.  This can be the earth we live in - no understanding that our children who are now ruling this earth, are wreaking havoc upon it, and we must gain control and put them under parental subjection.  Until we do this and impart the understanding about the eternal, then we will be that ONE lost sheep in the mist of the universe - waiting to be redeemed.


This whole thing is a TEST. But by who and why?


Example: We give our son and daughters tests all the time, we may not call them that, but we see what they are made of and IF they will adhere to a set of rules we have instituted, unsupervised. If they do then, we measure that as LEARNING to obey and we give them more freedom because of it.  If they get in trouble they will return and we will go over it again.  We do not do this for them to fail, but to succeed.


The Creator is always giving us choices, according to the Bible.


  1. Choose ye this day whom you will serve.
  2. Chose life and not death.
  3. Choice to do good and not evil…the list goes on. 


But, what do we do?  Choose the wrong over the right? or try to mix wrong and right together and come up with a compromise?  In that compromise we have chosen death over life. 


Who do you think Thor and Zeus and all of their myths are about? Africa and the neteru they misunderstood as gods and goddesses.   The farther away from the root, the more myths develop.  It is my hope that from these essays a person may look past the images they have been trained to react.


'The following Homeric stories verify the practice of the Greeks in the transliteration of Egyptian words and plagiarism of their legends. [a] According to Homer, Proteus was a maritime divinity feeding his phocae on the cost of Egypt .  He was endowed with a gift of prophecy which was exercised only upon compulsion.  Proteus, however was an Egyptian Pharaoh who succeeded to the throne on the death of Pheron, son of Sosotris. Proteus was also worshiped at Memphis.  The Greeks is not only transliterate the name of this Egyptian King, but also plagiarized on the legend.  Herodotus II, 112] George GM James - Stolen Legacy. p. 148.'


We are a people derailed BUT through 'Christ in us’ we are being formed and perfected by the Creator.  We have yet to mature into what we will be. In the Biblical estimation we are in still the 6th day-age of the Creation of mankind.  As a marker or signpost of the Age to come we have been given the 7-day week, as testament to His plan.  This is the set point for the day (eternity) of Rest or Sabbath and the beginning of our maturity. Medically the seventh day is the day that rest is needed to rejuvenate you body and mind.


Our Creator does not dwell in our ‘Space-Time-Continuum’, is not constrained by time.   He is the creator of time and has dominion over it.  Therefore He is not subject to it.  He has, is and will always reside in the eternities.  We call, it ‘the day of Rest or Sabbath or Shalom.’  We, on-the-other-hand, are on the other side of this timeless state and we enter into the understanding when we REST as a unit, the completed Adam, fully realized ‘Christ’.


Wow, that was a mouth-full!


According to the Bible by way of disobedience have been coerced into growing up faster than what was intended.  We still mix ‘good with evil’ and think we have made wise choices.  We still violate a basic edict, ‘Obey your divine and supreme Parent.’  Only through Messiah can redemption and maturity be gained.  Only through Christ can there be reconciliation. Only through following the WHOLE of the original scriptures can we see.


What do I mean by redemption and repentance?




STOP going against the will of the supreme Divine ONE.

TURN from ways that are sinful and lead to death - natural and spiritual.

RETURN to your Creator and have fellowship.


Long before any King, Negus, Nebus or Pharaoh we all walked with our Creator in the cool of the day. We Looked Up and understood the Creator is ONE by the celestial and terrestrial miracles we observed.:


My hair is Nun [creation-water]; my face is Ra [sun]; my eyes are Het-Heru [understanding] (Hathor); my ears are Wepwawet [royal messenger]; my nose is She who presides over her lotus-leaf; my lips are Anbu (Anubis)[protection]; my molars are Selket [life saver]; my incisors are Auset (Isis); my arms are the Ram, the Lord of Mendes; my breast is Net (Neith); my back is Set (Seth); my phallus is Ausar (Osiris); . . . my belly and my spine are Sekhmet; my buttocks are the Eye of Heru (Horus); my thighs and my calves are Nut; my feet are Ptah; . . . there is no member of mine devoid of a neter (god), and Tehuti [Thoth/wisdom] is the protection of all my flesh.



Belt of Orion


In the beginning, we were created in the image and likeness of the Creator and looked-up for the source of all truth, worship and power.  When mankind walked with our Creator ‘In the cool of the day’ and we understood the neteru as they pointed to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  To be a child of the King was to be taught how to rule the world and eventually the universes.   We erred by forgetting our history and letting another people take the throne.


We allowed the world to fall into sin and disobedience and not looking and developing the ‘Christ/Karast within’ hoping that intellectual knowledge alone was enough without a spiritual understanding, and that spirit was enough without an intellectual understanding.   Since most of that knowledge is not fused with spiritual wisdom fueled by the spirit of The Creator, we begin to see ourselves as gods on earth in a negative and oppressive sense.  Isha and Isha’s legends and real-lives were the stepping-stones for the exploits of the gods and goddesses myths of future generations that followed without understanding the metaphorical context.


The image the Goddess [nerteru] Isis was morphed into Chavvah became the biblical Eve.  She can be identified with different forms in different regions:  Ishtar of Babylon, Ashera, Diana of Ephesus, the multi-breasted El Shaddoo and the rival mate of El Shaddai – the Strong-breasted One.


The mask of the tribe of Dan


Osiris became Ish, and Ish became the god Zeus, and Vishnu, and Shiva and a myriad of other gods around the world.  They became the images of Isis, Horus and Osiris and the trinity of beings.


Finally, as time progressed, the uneducated European man ‘looked down’, to worship his genitals. The KNOWING the true Mystery of the Matrix (Vagina) was mis-interpreted by those who sought to take the throne of the Sons of God and this misunderstanding was widely promoted as truth.  Ultimately, reproduction, sex-magic, occult rituals were initiated.  During this period, humans (especially newborn) sacrifice became the way to communicate to the gods and receive blessings. The menstrual cycle was deified as was the penis and vagina. Africans knew better! European did not because the refused to be re-taught.


What does it mean ‘Understand the Mystery of the Matrix?  That is to ‘Know’ each other or to have intercourse and to understand the macro-comic universe as see and experienced in the microcosmic universe. Which was the mystery that was partially seen the story of the Biblical Ish and Isha. To know is not only to engage in intercourse, it is to try and understand the microcosm of creation to access the macrocosm of creation. But, without instruction, balance and limits that Knowing became a god to their children.  To have intercourse and for that act to become life, that is a mystery. It is the difference between having sex and making love.  It is the difference between procreation and interlocking



The pyramid loaf in the form of both triangle and the symbol of a woman's vulva. The Bread was found buried in the Temples rearing back to the necessity of the 'divine' woman.  Although, the word Mystery/Musterion is of Greek origin and refers to their gods and th4e misunderstanding of the original African premise: A mystery religion is a religio-magical cult or society, which reveals its secrets, teachings and ritual only to the initiated; the word mystery (musterion) means ‘secret thing or ceremony’ and initiated one.  Initiation often involves the symbolic death and rebirth and symbolism featured strongly in the other rituals.  The spiritual practices in the centers and temples of were Egypt falsely and incompletely emulated by the European, and given the name Mystery.


To know is the Hebrew word YadaWhich can be interpreted acknowledgement, to discover, to feel, to make one aware of oneself, to perceive, to understand? 


Yada (h) is also a type of 'Praise' and carries with it the name of The Creator or Yah [breathe] which is the name that was revealed to his people. Yada is also the mode of Praise for The Creator.  Children or procreation is a gift and a heritage to The Creator.  It is not to make them little gods, but to make worshippers. The highest form of worship is not the word Halleluiah, but it is the study of the word of The Creator.  Intercourse was not given to make an alternative religion, but to bind a family together and to make you understand the Creator  To KNOW one another in the context of marriage is to praise Creator, to procreate is worship.


To know the Mysteries of the Matrix is to understand the world and the cycle of the macro universe encapsulated into the sexual union.  Sexual union was God, but it was how man was created and in it they saw God's hand of Creation.


Now, in this present age the Creator is removed from our intimacy, and is traded for sex-worship (prostitution), or sex-magic (fornication of any type including Homosexuality), Pornography [voyeurism] from this the act is worshipped and takes on a life of its own.  It becomes compulsive and leads to a spiritual and eventually a natural death. 


‘In the absence of the real, the counterfeit becomes reality in the minds of mankind.’ 




The image of the ‘Sons of God’ persisted and legend spread throughout the world.


“In the book: “They Came before Columbus”, When the Indigenous peoples of the Americas came in contact with the Africans who had circumvented the globe while the European were in caves, Those so-called Indian peoples saw them coming all Black and Beautiful, with gold-tipped spears and Leopard skins, bringing gifts (‘cause we are like that) and they though we were Gods of the Sun. (The Creator-Beni or Beni-The Creator.)”


Mayas with black priest in leopard skin



Those who traveled to the Americas from Africa


The face of the Olmecs


The Biblical Abel or Hebel/Havel was the High Priest of the Adamic family, he brought blood [life or menses] when he approach The Creator. This may have been why there was a struggle between the two men, because the first-born son was to be the inheritor of the priesthood, from the father Adam.  Cain knew that he needed blood to approach The Creator, but instead he brought a bloodless sacrifice. That was the story of Abel and Cain, the twins or quadruplets that came from Isha’s womb, this was the bible writer explanation of the twin neteru of Egypt.


“Thy head is that of Heru (Horus) . . . thy nose is a Anbu (Anubis) thy teeth are Sopdu thy arms are Happy and Dua-mutef, . . . thy legs are Imesty and Kebeh-senuf, . . . All thy members are the twins of Atum.”


Women in this male driven narrative were rarely mentioned, but extra-biblical evidence supports there being 2 males and 2 females born to Chavvah. The extra-biblical accounts convey the idea that each male was born with a sister.  Repeating the ancient African legend that Adam and Chavvah was made in a conjoined fashion, I don’t know if that was correct, but I will leave that to you to decide.  We see that Adam knew* his wife only once and she born Cain and then she bore his brother Abel, although the sisters were not mentioned.


To ‘Know’ in modern man’s terms means to: understand the mystery of a system of sexual-worship.  In many cultures the ‘Understanding of the mystery of the Matrix’ is the prime purpose in their religious pursuits.


‘You are to set apart for God everything that is first from the Matrix (womb).’ Ex. 13:12.


I think ‘to know’ to know ourselves. Bone of bone and flesh of flesh the unity in becoming ONE and producing life from that union. 


  Dispelling the Myths

‘Kham was the father of Kush…and Kush fathered Nimrod…His kingdom began with Bavel, Erekh, Akkad and Kalneh in the Land of Shinar…’ Gen 10:8-1


Nimrod and his children were the fathers of the Sumerians and Akkadians, the ones who would teach writing and Language to the world. They were brilliant.  Their brilliance in language, writing, and moral law was passed on by their father Kush, who settled in the area we know as Ethiopia


The Sumerians (Nimrod) inhabited southern Mesopotamia (Land of the sons of Kham) from 3000-2000 B.C. The Sumerian civilization dominated Mesopotamian law, religion, art, literature and science for nearly seven centuries.


One of the greatest achievements of Sumerian civilization was their CUNEIFORM ("wedge-shaped") system of writing. Using a reed stylus, they made wedge-shaped impressions on wet clay tablets, which were then baked in the sun.  Once dried, these tablets were virtually indestructible and the several hundred thousand tablets, which have been found, tell us a great deal about the Sumerians.  (See Nuzi Map).


Originally, Sumerian writing was pictographic (as was Egyptian), that is, scribes drew pictures or symbols as representations of objects. Each sign represented a word identical in meaning to the object pictured, although pictures could often represent more than the actual object.


It is said through Jewish Talmud and Mishnah that Kham/Ham possessed the animal skins that The Creator gave to Adam and Chavvah, as the first Atonement. 


‘The Creator made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.’ Gen 3:21 


His father Noah gave them to Kham/Ham, and he passed them on to Nimrod who wore them as a mantle, a sign of divine authority.


Like Nimrod – the mighty Hunter before The Creator.’ Gen. 10:9


If this is true, why did Kham, the supposed lesser and second son of Noah, the one who disrespected his Father, receive the prized animal skins or mantle of authority instead of Shem or Japheth?


The Sons of Kham were also the Egyptian (Mitzrayim or MitzraYam) who also use pictographic writing, hieroglyphs. Yam is the name ancient name of Adam the first man. I am researching if the name Mitzra-Yam had something to do with Adam, or sons of Adam or something.

MitzraYam, the root word is Matsowr – a mound or stronghold. Rampart, fortification.  Metsach – to be clear, conspicuous, the forehead open and prominent.  The Eye of understanding.


Yam being the African word for Adam. So the name Mitzrayam in Hebrew would allude to “Mans eye of Understanding” being opened.


‘And Adam knew his wife again and she bares to him a son Seth meaning appointed: For the Creator, she said, have appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. …And Adam lived 130 years and begat a son in his own image, after his likeness and called his name Seth. ‘Gen 4:25,5:3.


Mitzra-Yam could mean the Prominence of Adam, or the Stronghold of Adam. The crown of Adam (mankind) The Christ-in-Us is the biblical name YahShua is the last Adam.  Could it be that they held up the knowledge of this to the world?


‘The sons of Kham were Kush, Mitzrayim, Put, and Keenan. The sons of Kush were S’va, Havilah, Savta, Ra/mah, Savt’kha…and the sons of Ra’mah were Sh’va were Dedan.  Gen, 10:6.


Note: Havilah was a son, and also the River so named in Eden, in Gen. 10:29 there is Havilah from the Shemetic line, which I believe is the same person.


‘The sons of Shem were…Ofir, Havilah and Yovav – all these were the sons of Yoktan. Gen. 10:26


The Akkadians and Sumerians were the children of Cush that lived in the area that became known as the Fertile Crescent (see Nuzi Map. ) After the revision of the flood story, it became known as one of the early education centers - as was their cousins the Egyptian. The sons of Kham mighty kingdom builders were of world renown, succeeding in the languages, sciences, astronomy, and medicine.  Everything they set their hands to do prosper.


‘…And His (Nimrod) kingdom began with Bavel, Erekh, Akkad and Kalneh in the land of Shinar.’ Gen. 10:10.


Wallis Budge states in his book, Egypt: "The prehistoric native of Egypt, both in the old and new Stone Ages, was African, and there is every reason for saying that the earliest settlers came from the South. There are many things in the manners and customs and religions of historic Egyptians that suggest that the original home of their ancestors was in a country in the neighborhood of Uganda and Punt".’


Modern day Uganda-Tanzania-Rwanda-Burundi is located at the mouth of the Nile River, because the Nile flows UP to the Mediterranean Sea.


‘The Nile is the longest river in the world, measuring 6695 km (4160 mi) from its remotest headstream in Burundi to its mouth at the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile proper rises at Lake Victoria, and flows north through much of eastern Africa.[7]

‘The Blue Nile comes from the mountains of Ethiopia. The longer White Nile comes from the East African lakes (Victoria, Tanganyika etc.). With the southernmost tributaries, it's 4098 miles to Mediterranean. Even the north of the lakes its still 3700 miles long.’


Put/Punt are said to be the original Libyans, so at one point the mouth of the Nile (Hapi) and Libya were in close proximity. All were part of the land of Cush.


Noted scholar, Dr. Ben-Johocanan says; the Punties were from the eastern part of Africa and lived as far down as Zambia, as concurring with noted Egyptologist Wallis Budge. We see that the area where the Puntites of Put lived is vast and does not follow the modern maps where Libya exists today.


‘The sons of Kham were Kush, Mitzrayim, Put, and Keenan. The sons of Kush were S’va, Havilah, Savta, Ra/mah, Savt’kha…and the sons of Ra’mah were Sh’va were Dedan.  Gen, 10:6.


Look at it like this: 

I have siblings living across this Country; we all have the same mother and father.  We react in the same ways, like the same foods and raise our children the way we were raised. Just because we are in different locales does not mean we are different peoples.  We are the same people called by variations on the one name.  When one is in trouble another comes to their aid.  It is amazing, when it comes to Africa we have to be fragmented and not use the same logic or scholarship we afford to others.

In the writings of the Noah was known also as Utnapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Babylonian (Nimrod) account of the Deluge.

Gilgamesh Epic, an important Middle Eastern (African) literary work, written in cuneiform on 12 clay tablets about 2000 BC.[8]


The Area of the Fertile Crescent was also called Nuzi or Harran/Haran, is where Abram (Abraham) and his family settled.


‘Then Abram and Nachor took wives for themselves…and they left Ur of the Kasidim to go to the land of the Kenaanite. But when they came to Haran (also the name of Abraham’s brother who died), they stayed there...’ Gen. 11:29-32.


The city of Haran we are lead to believe was seemingly named after Abrams brother in the biblical account, but that remains to be seen, Haran the brother of Abraham may have been named after the City.   I think after all of the translations and renditions, the names became the locations in the languages they were translated into.


Nuzi/Haran is the site near Kirkuk, N Iraq. Thousands of clay tablets unearthed, bears inscriptions said to have been made by the Horims (or Horites) of the Bible. The tablets, which are in Akkadian, reveal the ancient laws and customs.  The Nuzi tablets contain the stories of Laban and Jacob. La´ban was the father of Leah and Rachel in the Bible, and uncle of Jacob.


This should be more interesting now. Because of America’s invasion of Iraq these names are more familiar. 



Medieval Arabs

Although Nimrod’s people have long represented the seat of language and writing… There is conclusive evidence that the Kushites were the ones who introduced the system of language and writing to the world, and as a normal course, the children of Kush, MitzraYam, Put and Canaan and the grandson of Kush, Nimrod and their progeny who were the Akkadians and Sumerians, established language in the region called the Fertile Crescent.  Kush the father taught the son Nimrod the languages and writing skills.  In turn Nimrod’s family the Akkadians and Sumerians expanded on the concept.


'Cuneiform writing, which originated in southern Mesopotamia, was invented by the Sumerian, who used it to inscribe the Sumerian language; it was subsequently adapted for writing the Akkadian language, of which Babylonian (Nimrod) and Assyrian are dialects.  Because Akkadian (Nimrod), the language of later inhabitants of Sumer, became the language of international communication, it was studied in schools throughout the ancient Middle East, and the use of cuneiform spread to Asia Minor, Syria, Persia, and, for diplomatic correspondence, to Egypt/Mitzrayim. '


Here is a poem by the great African poet; Aimè Cèsaire, entitled ‘Since Akkad, since Elam*, since Sumer’, reflecting on the state of the rest of the world, who had to be introduced the writing system of the Kushites.


‘Master of the three roads, before you stand a man who has walked much. Master of the three roads, before you stand a man who has walked on his hands, walked on his feet, walked on his belly, walked on his backside, Since Elam, since Akkad, Since Sumer.’

(*Elam is Babylon, Sumer is the Sumerians, Akkad is the Akkadians all from the line of Kush.)


When you see the names please…don’t get sidetracked! Remember they represent One family from the line of Kham/Ham, not a fractured group of people.  These are African peoples in all of their glory. This is why the raid on the ancient Museums in Iraq was so important to Collectors.  For years the European community could no get their hands on the antiquities and could not put the spin on history as they did in Egypt.  Now with they been lost we see that it was an obvious planned raid to reshape the Fertile Crescent and further delete the presence of the African.


Cuneiform was also adapted for the writing of local languages, such as Hurrian in northern Mesopotamia, Syria, and Asia Minor; Eblaite in Syria; Hittite, Luwian, Palaic, and Hattic in Asia Minor; Urartian, known also as Vannic, in Armenia; and Elamite in Persia (All Khamites). New systems of writing, using the wedge as the basic writing tool but differing slightly from the Babylonian system in terms of the shape and use of characters, were devised also. Such systems were developed in Ugarit (Ra’s Shamrah, Syria) to inscribe Ugaritic, a Semitic/Khametic language and in Persia to inscribe the Old Persian language of the Persian Empire. (550-331 BC).[9]


Originally, each sign stood for a word. Because words that could not themselves be pictured were expressed by pictographs of related objects (for example, god by a star, to stand and to go by a foot), some signs stood for several different words. Because most Sumerian words are monosyllabic, the signs were soon used as mere syllables regardless of their original meaning.[10]


The Family Photo Gallery


Check out the pictures below


New Caucasian Race




Children boxing






Dancing hunter





Do yourself a favor !!!


Gather your family together and look at them, I mean really look at them!






The basic African family is made up of a wide range of colors.  Where Uncle Darrell may be as black as a tire, his sister Aunti Mary, may be cream color and your cousins are varying shades of chocolate to Nutmeg to mocha to vanilla.  We populated the whole Earth...starting in Africa.


Here is an example of the comments of European writers before the spin machine could bring out the Ann Leftkowitz's of the world and their flawed historical accounts.


Prof. C.A. Diop states in a quote from Egyptologist, Champllion.


‘All peoples were being lead by Horus, each situated as the closest man to god, The red color is a variation of the color of the African, on the temple walls the chronicle of man is presented.  The red man, the black man the brown-yellow man in all of their respective finery, finally the white man with pale skin, red beard and blue eyes clothed in animal skins, the last is represented as the basest of men, I was ashamed.’


Why was he ashamed of himself? Because he paled [excused the pun] in comparison to the people of color that RULED the world.


Tut with apron and left foot forward


Eye of Horus


Champllion was a European; he understood the ramification of the pictures on the temple walls of Egypt.  He was ashamed of the state of the European (Caucasian) and how they were viewed by the African world.


I must insert here when we look Biblically at the word ‘the whole world’ this was possibly a reference to Africa and its provinces.

I thought this was interesting since the Hyksos was said to have ruled Egypt. There has been much debate on the origins of the Hyksos, which would be too lengthy to discuss here.  But my guess is they were not European and if they were Asian, we need to go to the original Asians spoken that inhabited the East .long before the current population.




‘According to Manetho, his name signified  “concealment” or “that which is concealed;” and this meaning is confirmed both by the fact, Ammon, the root amn, , in the hieroglyphics has the signification “to veil,” “to hide. He is also called hec or hyk,  “the ruler.”




A bearded Man wearing a cap surmounted by two tall plumes.  A ram, a ram headed man, or a ram headed sphinx. Self created at the beginning of time. Believed to be the physical father of all Pharaohs.  King of the gods of Egypt.  Patron of the Pharaohs. Originally a god of fertility, a local deity of Memphis.   Ammon became linked with the sun god Ra through the royal family, becoming Ammon-Ra.

The Creator of all things. Early, a god of air and wind. Later, a fertility god.  During the New Kingdom he became "The king of the gods". He was said to be able to assume any form he wished, with each of the other gods being one of these forms. From the eighteenth dynasty on he was a national deity. Through political means managed to assimilate many lesser gods.



Babylonia (Nimrod) was one of the first civilizations in the world.  It formed around the region where the Tigris and Euphrates (Nimrod) rivers flow in relatively parallel courses toward the Persian Gulf. The region is also part of what is known as the Fertile Crescent (Nimrod), so named because the people who lived in this crescent-shaped area developed rich, and irrigated farmlands. [11]

‘The distortion of the facts came out when…the children of Israel fell into captivity under Nebuchadnezzer.  After Nebuchadnezzer, the Israelites fell into the hands of Cyrus, who let them rebuild the temple…but they were no longer true Israelites their seed was mixed (with Kham).  The Amorite had destroyed the version of the Bible that the Israelites had.  It was the so-called learned Pharisee who kept the law by memory.  But the tribes of Judah went south to Ethiopia and had the true scriptures (Falasha or Beta Israel). It was 7,000 from the house of Israel who kept the law of Tawraah pure (Torah).  They took it up to Ethiopia and put it on a high mountain and only the Priest of the Falashan (tribe of Judah) was able to climb the mountain to get it. ‘ - Malcioln

Quoting from the famed Historian Cheikh Anta Diop – The African Origins of Civilization:

‘Diodorus of Sicily writes in his book History Universal: ‘The Ethiopians say that the Egyptians are one of their colonies which was brought into Egypt by Osiris…They add from them (Ethiopians), as from their authors and ancestors, the Egyptians get most of their laws.  It is from theme that the Egyptians have learned to honor the kings as god (Elohim or mighty ones) and bury them with such pomp; the Ethiopians invented sculpture and writing.  The Ethiopians cite evidence that they are more ancient than the Egyptian, but it is useless to report it here.”’

Diodoros knew it was useless to write the truth because the European denial machine was already in full swing, to change a 20,000 year old history.  First they deny the origins of the Family of Kham that brought forth Ethiopia, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.  Then they divided the people, and later they conquer the land through destruction.  But, the truth is hidden in plain sight!  Just look in the mirror, and then look at history.

The Sumerians (children of Nimrod) were not the only people to inhabit the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia. There were other groups of people (Shemites) who lived in permanent communities and who interacted with the Sumerians (Cushites) in times of peace and in war.  By 2350 B.C., Semitic-speaking people united northern Mesopotamia with the Sumerian city-states and a new capital was set up at Akkad (Nimrod and the children of Shem). The result was a centralized government under the authority of the king (Nimrod), his royal court, and the high class of priests.


‘Kush fathered Nimrod…His kingdom began with Bavel, Erekh, Akkad and Kalneh in the Land of Shinar…’ Gen 10:8-1


In “Classical Splendor: Roots of Black History”, Robin Walker confirms: “Ancient Egypt is the first major civilization in Africa for which records are abundant. It was not however, Africa’s first civilization. That honor goes to the ancient Nubian kingdom of Ta-Seti, which encompassed the territory of the northern Sudan and the southern portion of Egypt. This region is also called Ethiopia in some of the literature, and Kush/Cush in others.”


A poem by Homer the Greek writer of the Odyssey and the Iliad:

The sire of the gods and all of the ethereal train.

On the warm limit of the farthest main.

‘Now mix with mortals, nor disdain to grace,

The Feast of Ethiopia’s [Africa/Ethnois] blameless race.’

Some scholars have said that because of the extensive mention of Kham/Ham before Shem in the Biblical accounts and the overlapping names and city locations for Shem, that Shem did not have any children at all!  It is said that Kham/Ham fathered children for Shem, just as Sarah the wife of Abraham had children through Haggar, her maidservant and cousin.  That would account for some of the name similarities and location similarities. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that there was a lot of mixing going on.  Which should not be a surprise since they were the same people…African.


‘From the peoples of the near East, Mesraim still designates Egypt; Canaan, the entire coast of Palestine (Israel) and Phoenicia; Sennar (Shinar) which is probably the site in which Nemrod/Nimrod) left fort Asia, still indicates the kingdom of Nubia.  These are the statements of eyewitnesses.” C.A Diop – The African origins of Civilization.


“The descendants of Shem and Ham however, shared between them the southern and central regions of Asia Minor and Arabia, with Ham’s descendants subsequently spreading onto the African continent. This, of course, meant intermingling took place between the posterities of Shem and Ham and it is consequently sometimes difficult to assess whether certain early nations were predominantly Semitic or Hamitic.”


We understand that there was no word for Cousin, Niece, and Nephew in the African Family.  All children were looked upon as the children of the whole family.  Just as Abraham considered his nephew Lot (who was the son of his deceased brother Haran), his Son, Lot had all of the privileges as a son.  The concept of a divided family is a European derivation that is why you also get the name Mac and Fitz – they designated the bastard sons of the family – as in John Fitz-Gerald Kennedy…. Mama’s baby, Papa’s May-be!


Now, Lets Look at Abraham.


The city of Ur was also known as part of Ethiopia Ur of the Chaldee was a City-State under the control of the Ethiopians/Kushitic peoples before and after the time of Abraham.   Roman historian Tacitus said that it was common knowledge that Abraham sprang from Ethiopia.


Afro-Asiatic Languages, formerly known as Hamito-Semitic languages, the principal language family of northern Africa and the Middle East, comprising about 250 languages. The Afro-Asiatic family has five branches, or subfamilies: Semitic, Berber, Egyptian, Cushitic, and Chadic. The Semitic (modern Hebrew) languages include the Arabic language, the Hebrew language, and the Amharic language (the official language of Ethiopia), as well as ancient tongues such as the Assyro-Babylonian language, or Akkadian, the Aramaic language, and the Phoenician language.


To paraphrase…it’s an ‘African Thang’.  All languages and peoples of Africa, which included Asia and the so-called Middle East, sprung from the children of Kham/Ham.


The Egyptian branch of Afro-Asiatic consists of the ancient Egyptian language, including its last phase, the Coptic language (Kush), which survived until about the 14th century. The Berber branch of the Afro-Asiatic family includes Tuareg and other languages of northern and northwestern Africa. Many Berber-speaking people also speak Arabic, and the Berber languages are written in the Arabic script.

The Cushitic languages are spoken mostly in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. They include Orominga (spoken in Kenya and southern Ethiopia), which is written in the Ethiopic script, and Somali, written in the Latin alphabet. (See note).


Correction to the Encarta: The Latin script originated from the African, and not the other way around, and the so-called Latin alphabet is a stepchild of the African alphabets.

The Chadic languages are spoken in central and West Africa. The most Important of these languages is Hausa, native to northern Nigeria and neighboring areas, but also serving as a regional lingua franca for millions of nonnative speakers. Traditionally written in the Arabic script, Hausa began to be written in the Latin alphabet during the 20th century. [12]


An African by any other name is still an African!


The Sidonians (Phoenicians) themselves used the name (Canaan) for the name of their home country. According to Augustine {Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, 13} the descendants of the Sidonians (Phoenicians) in North Africa called themselves the Khanani.


‘The Canaanites city-states of Sidon and Tyre (Nimrod) vied for control over larger sections of what the Greeks began to call Phoenicia. Tyre won out for a time and the unified state of Tyre-Sidon (Nimrod) expanded its trade through the Mediterranean and was even able to establish colonies as far away as Spain (Moors). The most successful of these colonies was undoubtedly Carthage (Khem), said in the Tyrian annals to have been established in 814 B.C.E. by Pygmalion’s sister Ellisa. She was named Dido, 'the wandering one', by the Libyan (Putites) natives and escaped an unwelcome marriage to their king by immolating herself, a story that Virgil also recounts in the Aeneid.  

Her dramatic death brought about her deification while the colonists continued to practice the Canaanite religion, spreading it under Carthage's (Khem) auspices while that state expanded during sixth and fifth centuries B.C.E. Carthage outlasted its patron state as Tyre and Sidon (Nimrod) were crushed under Assyrian expansion beginning during the reign of Sennacherib around 724 B.C.E. and ending under Nebuchadnezzar around 572 B.C.E.


The Sidonians/Zidonians (Sidon was founded by the first son of Canaan were a Hamitic people descending from Ham through Canaan -Genesis 10: 6-15. At one time their city was known as "Great Zidon" -Joshua 19: 28 (today called Saida). In Scripture their language is referred to as "the language of Canaan" -Isaiah 19: 18.


The Arameans (Aramaic spoken by Abraham and The Creator’s Messiah) adopted this Canaanite language as their tongue and borrowed the Canaanite script.


During the Babylonian captivity, the exiled of Judah adopted Aramaic as their tongue, and borrowed the Aramaic block letter script -Ezra 4: 7, to write the so-called Hebrew or Jewish Scriptures. Aramaic, Syriac, Palmyrene, Nabatean, Arabic, and Persian writing systems (or so-called Semitic writing systems, properly called Hamito-Semitic or Afro-Asiatic), all descended from this Canaanite writing system. (Excerpted from www.2Eden. Net).


Even before the Hebrews or the Palestinians entered into the land of Canaan (Palestine), it was the homeland of a group of people known as the Canaanites. By the third millennium B.C.E. the Canaanites were living in cities, one of which was Jericho. They developed an alphabet from which other writing systems originated and their religion (The Original YHWH-ism) had a major influence on that of the Hebrews and through them on both Christianity and Islam.


The earliest evidence for a Canaanite dialect is found in the inscriptions of the Sinai turquoise mines at Serabit El-Khadem, dating to around 1500 B.C.E. These inscriptions are adaptations of Pharonic Egyptian hieroglyphics by the acrophonic principle to a Canaanite dialect. These adapted figures were later stylized into the Canaanite script of around 1000 B.C.E., the almost identical Phoenician script of the 8th century as known at Karatepe.


Phoenician, Canaanite, Egyptian, Akkadian, Sumerian, Hebrew, Babylonian, Carthaginian, Chaldean, Aramean are all from the African root family. Let us not get sidetracked by the names the writers use!


Early Script


Here is an example of a coin found in the early Hebrew times.  This writing is not paleo-Hebrew but Canaanite script.  Below is a coin with the name of Isra’el inscribed on the front. Hebrew is read right to left.


The Canaanite and Hebrew script are the same, from the same family. On this coin is reads from right to left, ISRAEL.




To all those in the ‘Scared Name’ Movement. When I first looked at the so-called Sacred Name movement, I found they were deceptive in their understanding of the origins of the Hebrew language.  They called ancient Hebrew, paleo-Hebrew, ignoring the fact that it was Canaanite and by doing that, consciously separating the intermarriage of the peoples, culture and language.  I know this was purposeful, to divide a so-called elite Hebrew from the base Canaanite.


‘ Say that The Creator or El is telling Jerusalem; by origin and birth you are of the land of the Canaanite, your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite!  Ezekiel 16:3, and 16:45.


Here The Creator is mad at Israel for not understanding their nativity, and reverting back to the old ways and customs of that land. (See the essay on: The Culture of The Creator for more information) The Creator had called these Africans to set-apart way of life, to prime the ‘natural’ stage for the Messiah to come.  It was necessary of Messiah to come to redeem what was lost. Israel was to be the womb of the Messiah.  Israel was to be the womb set-apart to The Creator, for the seed of the One who would redeem mankind.


The ‘Scared Namers’ are correct in using the original names of the creator The Creator and His Messiah however, they are ignoring the origins of the language and the root of the Hebrew peoples, which is through the line of Kham.  I have also found a lot of the’s, deceptive and racist in their analysis of the original Hebrew, and toward African peoples in general, and their insistence on co-opting the African culture by ‘Replacement Theology’, and denying the people called by his name.


To you who look and do not see, I say: You cannot have the fruit without the branch, and you cannot have the branch without the root of the Tree!  You cannot understand the Wisdom without the true Scribe.


'Paleo-Hebrew' (cuneiform Canaanite) is the name used by scholars to describe the language of the cuneiform tablets found during the excavation of the 4000 year old Canaanite City, Ebla.  Not to be confused with the language of the Bible, also called Hebrew, which was in fact an off-shoot of Aramaic, and appeared thousands of years later using Sidonian-Canaanite script. 


So, they are saying there were two Hebrew languages but which ones are we dealing with?  The Khametic alphabet shows that the Hebrew we know today was not the original written language of the ancient Hebrews. The original language is an offshoot of the Canaanite/Cushitic/Phoenician languages, from the sons of Nimrod and the grandsons of Kush.


On another note the Shemites had need of a certain dye that was produced in Phoenicia (Canaan) – Canaan is the Hurrian word for ‘Land of the Purple.’ This dye was used for the prayer shawl and mantels and the priest garments that were worn.  The dye came from a certain mollusk in the area.  Around 1500AD the dye was not used, because the original Africans had been dispersed.  The European now looked to procure it to further legitimatize their false claims. Why is this important?


Africans are the keeper of the Royal color, Blue/Purple. The Tekhelet, is an ancient biblical blue dye, which adorned the robes of kings, priests, and most Hebrews, was lost to the world nearly 1300 years ago.  It is also the main dye used on the Tzitzi, the corners of the prayer shawls, which reminds a Hebrew of the commandments of The Creator. This color represents The Creator.


Tell-el-Amarna Tablets (1500-1300 BCE) – The phrase subatu sa takilti - a garment of tekhelet - is listed as one of the precious articles sent to Egypt by Dusratta, King of the Mittani, as dowry to the Egyptian prince who was about to marry his daughter.


Canaanite Coast (1200-900 BCE) The vat from Tel Shikmona, together with various other archaeological finds at numerous sites (shown at left), reveals an advanced dye industry using Murex snails established on the Canaanite coast.


Discovery of Dye Industry – At Sidon (Nimrod), massive mounds (hundreds broken in the spot that gives access to the glands from which the dyestuff is obtained.  At some distance, a separate and distinct massive mound of Murex brandaris and Thais haemastoma was found.  Since a reddish-purple dye is most readily obtainable from the Murex brandaris and Thais haemastoma as opposed to the bluish-purple obtained from the Murex trunculus, Egyptologist A. Dedekind (1898) viewed this fact as undeniable proof that Murex trunculus was the snail used exclusively for tekhelet (blue), and the others for argaman (purple); Rav Herzog concurred.


Now, let us continue.


The Fertile Crescent is the land of the Akkadians, Sumerians, and Phoenicians, who were the children of Khem /Ham.  This is important, because the names will fool you, if you don’t understand that historians, linguists, and archeologists use names we are unfamiliar with to disguise the paternity of our ancestors, then you will be derailed in you analysis of our history.  It is ironic when the Ashkenazi Jews need to find a definition or explanation or additions for his Hebrew language they look to the Cushitic and so-called Arabic languages.


Here is an essay on the milieu of European history that affected subsequent Biblical translators.  Please pay attention to his analysis. From this you can see that when it comes to reading the scriptures, the European interpreter, translators, revisionists and scribes had (have) a serious agenda to rid the world of the truth!




I threw his picture in just because he's so fine!


The Origins of Racism
by Debay Tadesse
PhD Student
Howard University

It is now an accepted fact that Africa is the birthplace of Man and Human Societies and the birthplace of civilization. Nonetheless, for a very long time European academicians and historians denied Africa any achievement. They argued first that the Africans were sub-human creatures not capable of building any form of civilization. However, these Europeans came later to accept the humanity of the African but as a primitive man without past of future. Why did the Europeans hold these views about Africa and the Africans? Why the Africans were considered sub-human and primitive?

These views were the product of two eras: The era of the Atlantic Slave trade (16th to the 19th century) and the era of European colonization of Africa (19th to 20th century). The era of the Atlantic Slave Trade witnessed the forceful removal of millions of Africans to be sold into slavery in the New World where they worked in mining industries and the agricultural plantations that capitalists of Europe developed there. Indeed, the enslavement of Africans grew rapidly to become the most dominant factor in the economic system of Europe so much so that Europe owed its subsequent prosperity and power to the labor of these African victims of slavery. Henceforth, the Europeans became interested in the African as a commodity, and as chattel. The African was thus seen as sub-human, an animal that worked under the whip for the European master.

It was during the period of the Slave Trade and later in the nineteenth century that more than one hundred books about Africa and Africans appeared in Europe. The authors of these books, many of whom were slavers themselves, had a vested interest in the continuation of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, their biased writings bristled with stereotypes and myths about the Africans that they deliberately invented. For example, the slave trader, John Houston, wrote that the Africans "exactly resemble their fellow creatures and natives, the monkeys." Even the Scottish philosopher, David Hume, described the African as "naturally inferior to the white."


A summary of these views was given by the German philosopher, Hegel, in the famous Jena lectures (Berlin 1830), wherein he declared that the Africans were sub-human and thus had no history. Yet these Europeans were not ignorant of the African past and culture. In fact the Axum civilization in Ethiopia, civilization of the Ghana, Mali, and Songhay empires in West Africa and the civilization of great Zimbabwe in southern Africa were very familiar to Europeans, but they deliberately suppressed all information that pointed to African civilizations and achievements.


The attitude of Europeans towards Africa and its people during the era of the slave trade can be captured in the quotes below:  


William Bosman: "a New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea" (1704) were: "They tell us that in the beginning God created Black as well as white men, and they tell us that God having created these two sets of men, offered two sorts of gifts, gold and the knowledge of reading and writing. Giving the blacks the first election they chose gold, and left the knowledge of letters to the whites. God granted their request, but being incensed at their avarice, resolved that the whites should forever, be their masters, and that they were obliged to wait on them as their slaves."


From a map published in Paris in 1761 we read:


"It is true that the center of the continent is filled with burning sands, savage beasts and almost inhabited deserts. The scarcity of water forces the different animals to come together to the same place to drink. It happens that finding themselves together at a time when they are in heat, they have intercourse with another, paying regard to the difference between species. Thus are produced those monsters which are to be found there in greater numbers than in any other part of the world."


Ekowa sidebar:

To all you co-called Black Greeks, out there: Alpha, Sigma, Kappa’s; et al.  Your ritual of ‘Crossing Over’ in to the Fraternity or Sorority is to traverse the burning sands of Egypt/Africa.  This is the picture of a slave-thief, running back to Greece after stealing the knowledge and culture, to perpetuate the falsification of African History. You have adopted the system of the oppressor and he is laughing at your ignorance.  


 ‘Know Thyself’



Here is European contribution of Ignorance!  David Hume European philosopher wrote in 1768:  


"I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the white. There never was a civilized nation of any other complexion than white.”

6th Century A.D. Jewish interpretation of Genesis:


"Now I cannot beget the fourth son whose children I would have ordered to serve you and your brothers. Therefore, it must be Canaan, your first born, whom they enslave. And since you have disabled me doing ugly things in the blackness of night, Canaan children shall be born ugly and black. Moreover, because you twisted your head around to see my nakedness, your children’s hair shall be twisted in kinks and their eyes red. Again, because lips jested at my misfortune, theirs shall swell. And because you neglected my nakedness, they shall go naked and their male members shall be shamefully elongated. Men of this race are called Negroes. Their forefather, Canaan, commanded them to love theft and fornication; to be banded together in hatred of their masters and never to tell the truth."


The German philosopher Hegel whom I quoted earlier and who had never been to Africa was of the opinion that:


"In Negro life the Characteristic point is the fact that he has not yet attained the realization of any substantial objective existence-as for example, God and religion the Negro exhibits the natural man in his completely wild and untamed state. There is nothing harmonious with humanity to be found in this type of character Africa should never be mentioned for it is no historical part of the world. What we properly understand by Africa is the unhistorical, undeveloped spirit, still in the conditions of mere nature. Africa had to be presented here only as on the threshold of the world's history. The Negro has no movement or development to exhibit."


The Hegelian dialectic – Thesis – Antitheses-Synthesis:


  1. Create a problem.
  2. Fuel it with fear, by seeing the problem over and over.
  3. Come with the solution to the problem

Now, that is the system of  White Supremacy at work! They lie about history and we let them lie.

The originators of culture, religion, science and medicine

Hegel is the same man that says Africans do to have history with an underdeveloped spiritHis philosophy I important because it further alienated the truth of the real African being the center of civilization.


The German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel applied the term dialectic to his philosophic system. Hegel believed that the evolution of ideas occurs through a dialectical process—that is, a concept gives rise to its opposite, and as a result of this conflict, a third view, the synthesis, arises. The synthesis is at a higher level of truth [but who's truth?] than the first two views. Hegel's work is based on the idealistic concept of a universal mind that, through evolution, seeks to arrive at the highest level of self-awareness and freedom.

German political philosopher Karl Marx applied the concept of dialectic to social and economic processes. Marx's so-called dialectical materialism, frequently considered to be a revision of the Hegelian system, asserts that ideas can arise only as a result of a material condition’.[13]

The Reform rabbi took on many of the roles of the Protestant minister. Early Reform theologians such as Abraham Geiger and Samuel Holdheim, influenced by German philosophers Immanuel Kant and G. W. F. Hegel, emphasized ethics and a belief in human progress[14]

The most powerful philosophical mind of the 19th century was the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, whose system of absolute idealism, although influenced greatly by Kant and Schelling, was based on a new conception of logic in which conflict and contradiction are regarded as necessary elements of truth, and truth is regarded as a process rather than a fixed state of things.

The source of all reality, for Hegel, is an absolute spirit, or cosmic reason, which develops from abstract, undifferentiated being into more and more concrete reality by a dialectical process consisting of triadic stages, each triad involving:

 (1) an initial state (or thesis),

(2) its opposite state (or antithesis), and

(3) a higher state, or synthesis, that unites the two opposites.

According to this view, logical laws govern history, so that “all that's real is rational, and all that's rational is real.”[15]

So, they have made themselves the orators of what is real and rational, what is true and universal.. WOW! That relegated us to the role of the beasts of society or the unreal and therefore irrational.  This is what we deal with everyday....hatred and fear of the black mind and history.

Now to return to Mr. Debassy’s very informative Thesis.

The colonial period is generally considered to have begun in earnest from 1884-1885 and continued until African nations obtained their independence in the early 1960's. During this period, Europeans exploited Africa's human and natural resources in as late as 1923. The views of the European historians and academicians during the colonial period could be summed up in a lecture by Professor A.P. Newton delivered that year. Professor Newton, who was invited to address the Royal African Society on the topic "Africa and Historical Research”, began his lecture with the categorical statement:

"Africa had no history before the coming of the Europeans. History only begins when men take to writing.  And since Africa had no knowledge of writing, information of African history could be found only in material remains, in language and in primitive culture. These are the concerns of linguists, archaeologists and anthropologists and not the concern of historians. ”This statement was reproduced some 40 years later by Professor Trevor-Roper -Professor of History at Oxford University who in 1963 said with equal pomposity and arrogance

 "Nowadays, undergraduates demand that they should be taught African History. Perhaps in the future there will be some African History to teach. But at the present there is none; there is only the history of Europeans in Africa. The rest is darkness, and darkness is not a subject of history. Please do not misunderstand me I do not deny that man existed even in dark countries and dark centuries the present world is one that is dominated by European techniques, Europeans examples, and Europeans ideas. It is these, which have shaken the non-European world out of its past, out of barbarism in Africa. The history of the world, for the last five centuries, is so far as it has significance, has been European History. The study of History must therefore be Europe-centric we cannot, thus, afford to amuse ourselves with the unrewarding gyrations of barbarous tribes in picturesque but irrelevant corners of the globe.”

The impact of these attitudes was that, on the one hand, while colonial history was accepted as a field worthy of study, African History was not. Moreover the study of colonial History of Africa (i.e., the study of the History of the white man in Africa) was not only studied and taught in schools but represented or became African History. This so-called African History was studied under three major themes:


(a) History of European colonial activities;

(b) What Europe brought to Africa;

(c) History of European settlers;


Therefore, the study of Africans and the African past was left to the anthropologists. On their part, the anthropologist concerned themselves with the study of what they called "primitive societies" untouched by civilization. They searched for the small and isolated African ethnic groups, which they called tribes, and made them the subject of their study. These small and isolated groups were taken as representative of the whole continent. And when they studied the groups, the anthropologists stressed their static nature rather than their dynamic nature. They did not bother to examine the larger and more complex societies, such as Ethiopians in East Africa, the Bantu of central and the southern half of the continent, the Hausa, the Mande (Mandinka) or the Songhay of West Africa. Having studied these small groups, the anthropologists concluded that African societies were timeless entities, without past or future. Naturally, this kind of study of African people was convenient to the European and British colonial administrations, specially the British who went about inventing chiefs to suit the colonial system they called 'Indirect Rule'.  Small wonder, anthropology was viewed with suspicion by educated Africans as the handmaiden of colonialism.


  1. First, they were telling their audience in Europe that the superior white men with his superior culture were justified in colonizing the so-called inferior and primitive African.  Only then would the African be guided to Christianity and civilization.


  1. Secondly, the anthropologists were conveying to the European colonizer that the African was primitive and weak and would never have the strength to challenge them effectively.


  1. Thirdly, the anthropologists were confirming to the colonizers that Africans were children, who were incapable of growing up, but were dangerous and had to be subjugated by force.



One may ask the question why the anthropologists reached such conclusions. In general, the European anthropologists of the colonial period were attempting to justify the colonization of Africa by Europe: Having exhausted the study of the small isolated African societies, the anthropologists were faced with the larger and more complex African societies. They came to realize that some of these complex political, economic and social systems were comparable and at times more advanced that those developed in Europe. In spite of the evidence, they denied these African achievements to the Africans, and looked for their origins outside the continent.  Their immediate reaction was that the civilizations of Egypt (KMT), Meroe, Axum, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali, Songhay, etc., must have been developed by invaders from the outside. These so-called invaders they called "Hamites" whom they described as white, inherently culturally superior, nomads who came to Africa in successive waves in the course of which they conquered the Africans who were then living in settled agricultural communities, and galvanized them into civilization.

The chief exponent of the "Hamitic Myth" was the British anthropologist, C.G. Seligman who in 1930 wrote in his Races of Africa, "The civilizations of Africa are the civilizations of the Hamites. Its history is the record of these people and of their interaction with the two African stocks, the Negro and the Bushman the incoming Hamites were pastoral Europeans, arriving in wave after wave, better armed as well as quicker outwitted than the dark agricultural Negroes."


Today, of course, we know better. African historiography since the attainment of independence in the 1960s has completely shattered the Hamitic myth and allied European racist writing on Africa and the Africans masquerading as science. Ethiopia is an ancient polity that managed to sustain an unbroken civilization free of foreign influences. Like ancient Egypt, and other civilization in Africa, Ethiopian civilization was systematically de-Africanized in Western literature. As anthropologists were faced with the larger and complex societies, they looked for external influences when faced with our civilization. Accordingly, in the case of Ethiopia, they came up with a new lie called the Semitic hypothesis. According to the Semitic hypothesis or myth the Ethiopians are actually not a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East who settled by the Red Sea. In saying this they included and still include, for example Professor Greenberg's thesis in The Languages of Africa (1954), the Ethiopian alphabet with Afro-Asiatic languages that includes the Arabic and Hebrew. In addition they say these Semitic people were the Habshit ethnic group with an alphabet called Geziet, which they used for writing.


Therefore they associated the current Amharic alphabet, which evolved from Geez with the Habsha people who live in Ethiopia today are called or Semites. Habshit (Semite). However, this myth or hypothesis is completely false because there is no evidence to prove it. In fact neither the Habshit people nor the Geziet alphabet exists in any part today's of Near East (Middle East) where they claim to have originated but only in Ethiopia. Ethiopians (Africans) invented the alphabet Geez between 2000-5000 B.C by Ethiopians in Ethiopia according to the clergy who kept the record in Ethiopia for thousands of years.


The period after World War II, (1945), is considered a turning point in the writing of African History. During the era of the Slave Trade, Africa was not considered as a historical part of the world and the African was regarded as sub-human. In the colonial period, the Europeans academics recognized the humanity of the Africans but still considered them an inferior and primitive without a history worthy of study. Hence, the African history that existed was "the history of Europeans in Africa" i.e. is colonial history. However, with the struggle for independence after 1945, the reconstruction, decolonization, and rehabilitation, of African history began, and are still progressing. The last 50 years have witnessed the establishment of Research Institutes, and the establishments of departments and Centers specializing in African Studies (including African history) not only in Africa but also in all parts of the world.


By 1963 thirty or forty universities in the U.S.A were offering courses in African History. This was followed by the setting up of special programs for graduate study and research in Africa. In Africa itself, the independent nations began to build their national archives in which historical data is made available for researchers and museums to preserve and project their cultural heritage. International conferences on African History were organized in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Books including textbooks on African History as well as journals specializing in African History filled the shelves of libraries and bookstores. African history has come of age. Nonetheless, the mistakes of the past still linger on in the writings of some historians of Africa and in the minds of some of us. Many but not all European academics and historians have forgotten the racist notion that "Africa has no History." We have indeed come a long way but there is still much to be done, beginning with the decolonization of our minds. "We learn the past to predict the future and to form the present." (End of quote)"



The Ekowa Conclusion


We must understand who we are and why we were given the keys of knowledge, and why was necessary for those who were not given those keys to eliminate us from the pages of History.  We start out with the simple, ‘What’s in a Name?’ A name defines the intrinsic nature of any being.’ If you do not know your name and the ancient name of your people you will walk in darkness thinking you are only an insignificant part of history and not that ‘You are History!’


If you don’t know History, it will be as if you were born yesterday.


Howard Zinn



"All truth passes through three stages.


First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident."


Arthur Schopenhauer





Shalom, Salaam, Peace,










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