Crossing the Burning Sands






The True History of the Black Pan-Hellenic Phenomenon

"The Neophyte or students ultimate aim in Khemet was for a person to become "One with God" or to "become like God."

Maát. pg. 91, NVCTC.

 'Beloved, we are God's children now; it does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. '



Stealing The Egyptian Mysteries

There was no ' Egypt ' before the black king from whose name it was indirectly derived. Before that the country was called Chem (Khem) or Chemi (Khemi) another name indicating its black inhabitants, and not the color of the soil, as some writers have needlessly strained themselves in asserting.
Chancellor Williams

Everybody wants to belong to something. It is human nature to join and be a part of a larger movement. The Fraternity and Sorority system is o different than the Masons and the Eastern Stars. One must investigate the origins of a party, club, lodge, sorority, fraternity or secret society you have joined and swore to protect and uphold.  If you find the origins are spurious what then?



History is necessary to the Prince of such that it allows him to most effectively rule his people.”



The founder of political science, Niccolo Machiavelli formulated a thesis which defines even today the relationship of authority to history. In other words, Lie about history if it benefits your Rulership and subvert history if is serves the purpose of the Prince!


20th century history says; “The first Black Greek fraternities and sororities were created in America in and around the early 1900's and came to their culmination in the 1960's.” This is historically true - by there very existence they are a corrupt shadow of a stolen copy of ancient African Mysteries.  The original great mystery was invented by the African parents of the children that have been sold a lie those children that call themselves Black-Greeks.

Today there are Nine Fraternities and Sororities that make up this order and are called the Divine Nine. The people who started the fraternities and sororities were probably unaware or unwilling to see the ‘Stolen Legacy’ of this Greek system used to usurp African religion and culture. The Greeks adopted this system and modified it and repackaged in years later and sold to sell it to the children whose heritage in which they absconded. Therefore, we became the will accomplishes to the thievery.

The question to all those outside of the Pan-Hellenic “loop:

“Who are these people and what was the reason for the creation of these societies? “

Let us look at the truth behind the lettered men and woman who hold positions of esteem in every major political, judicial, educational, religious, cultural and mass media circles of society.  

The Divine Nine?

Copying the Neteru, the Ennead or the Greek Pantheon?









The Ninth is the Boulé Sigma Pi Phi

The symbol of the Boulé and the Grecian Sphinx

Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, also known as "The Boulé'" was founded in May of 1904.  It was started as an elitist organization, modeled after the "Talented Tenth" theory once espoused and later renounced by W.E.B. Dubois, who was a member.

The Boule's founder was Dr. Henry Minton, of Philadelphia , Pa , in 1904. The founding member of the New York chapter, WEB Dubois, said the Boulé' was created to:

 "Keep the black professional away from the ranks of Marcus Garvey." [Excerpted for a larger article:]

Huh? Keep Black professionals from the ranks of Marcus Garvey? Why? Marcus Garvey was trying to give us a chance to return to the Motherland.  Dubois, who died in Ghana , wanted Blacks divided in their affiliations.

The Neteru - Neteru or Netjer is the Ancient Egyptian word for "god or extension or attributes of the one god." There are variations on this word, including: neterchu, netjer.  The terms Neteru, Necheru, Netjer are used as plural, and Neter and Neteret are used as the singular form. The term is usually non-gender specific, and can be used to apply to either male or female gods.

However, Neter is usually referred to as a male god and Neteret to a female god (there is a feminine ending -T as in Hebrew), the active power which produces and creates things in regular recurrence; which bestows new life upon them, and gives back to them their youthful vigor,"[1] and he adds that the innate conception of the word completely covers the original meaning of the Greek {Greek fu'sis} and the Latin natura.

Side by side with neter, whatever the original meaning in texts of all ages a number[8, 9, 12] of beings called neteru which Egyptologists universally [ and erroneously] translate by the word "gods."

Among these must be included the great cosmic powers and the beings who, although held to be supernatural, were possibly finite and mortal, and were endowed by the Egyptians with love, hatred, and passions of every sort and kind. The difference between the conceptions of neter the one supreme God and the neteru is best shown by an appeal to Egyptian texts.

The Ennead -The earliest information we have about Egyptian mythology comes from hieroglyphics sacred writing on the walls of tombs, such as the burial chambers in pyramids. These "pyramid texts" and other documents tell us that from about 3200 to 2250 B.C. The Egyptians believed in a family of nine gods. This family became known as the Great Ennead, from the Greek word Ennead, meaning nine. The nine gods of the Great Ennead were Atum, Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, Osiris, Isis , Nephthys, and Horus. The cardinal number that is the sum of eight and one.

The Greek pantheon - The collective gods of a people, or a work treating of them; as, a divinity of the Greek pantheon. A temple dedicated to all the gods; especially, the building so called at Rome  

The Boulé Sphinx as compared to the ancient Egyptian model

In the background, you will notice their logo. Most will say it is a sphinx. True, but not The truth. Most will associate the sphinx with the tall, solid block statue our ancestors built in ancient KMT. Because we have been conditioned to "accept without question", we never thought of looking up what the word Sphinx means.


Greek description:  A sphinx is winged woman with exposed breast with the lower portion of the body as a -lion. Nothing like the tall statue in KMT seen above. Hu is a symbol of God and man.

In formal Egyptian art, deities often have mixed human and animal form. The head identifies the theme, while the form of the body depends on the activity depicted: so, in order to show the king as a supernatural power, but with his personal identity as ruler, the Egyptian artist depicts him with the body of a lion and the head of a man wearing the head-cloth and rearing cobra unique to kingship - this is the sphinx. Similarly, a goddess could be depicted with the head of a lion, to show her in fury, or the head of a cow, to show her maternal love, but with the body of a woman, if she is holding a scepter. Through the proportions of their formal art, the Egyptian artists were able to create hybrid forms that are harmonious rather than monstrous - in marked contrast to later classical Roman art, where the hybrid forms of Egyptian deities create an entirely different effect. [1]

Greek Sphinx

Boulé Icon


The original, African name of the Great Sphinx is Her-Em-Akhet, which means 'Heru of the horizon' and has [possibly] the face of the builder, Khafre. [Khufu].

But, this may indeed be impossible since the HU is older than the pyramids by thousands or maybe tens of thousands of years.

When we look up the 'European' definition of a Sphinx, it means "to strangle, guard; gatekeeper or protect". [2]

Let's breakdown these words first shall we? Then put them in context with the System of white supremacy that is at the root of it all.

Strangle - to smother, suppress repress, stifle

Guard - to watch, look out, protect, defend.

Gatekeeper - a person whose job is to open and close a gate [entry] and to prevent people entering without permission.

Protect - defend, save from harm, protect.

The symbol of the Greek Sphinx was one of a gatekeeper to keep others out, to watch and defend, to smother or suppress or stifle, anything that would point to Africa as the foundation of world history, culture, religion, philosophy, medicine, astrology, astronomy, music, medicine and government. 

The Sphinx is the symbol used to re-route and derail  'The Children of the Truth' who are now flocking to Greek Sororities and Fraternities into following and swearing allegiances to 'others' as leaders of the world instead of the children of the inventors leading as God had ordained.  Changing the truth of God into a lie.

The unlearned or ignorant [uninitiated in the Egyptian mysteries] Greeks thought that the "Sphinx" or HU of  Km.T was a "Strangler" and remade and portrayed their bastardized representation  as an  image of HU or 'Heru facing the Horizon' when in reality it was not. Now the name has stuck and we call HU the Sphinx of the desert, when the Egyptian did not call it a Sphinx at all.

'In ancient Greek mythology the Sphinx was depicted as a single, unique creature with the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the head and breast of a human female. Apparently it was not an ugly creature, but it was vicious and single-minded. It is not reported as having unusual or monstrous size, so the Sphinx was probably imagined as the size of a large lion, possibly with the human head and eagle wings larger than normal to retain proportion. '[3]

This symbol was understood very differently in the African mind.  In the Greek myths the initiations were asked to answer one Riddle of the Sphinx.

Thus the phrase, "Riddle of the Sphinx" is most appropriately applied to the Greek Sphinx, though it is now often applied to Egyptian Sphinx, with the connotation of being mysterious and enigmatic.

The Riddle was:

'What has four legs in the morning, two at noonday and three in the evening?

The answer was said to have been


I had to put him in here because he is sooooooooo fine!

The Greek Sphinx was considered a ‘demon of death’, devouring, destruction and bad luck. This is in contrast to the Egyptian sphinxes which were usually represented as guardians that embodied wisdom, strength, nobility and a relatively benign attitude toward human beings. Those who did not violate what they were set to guard.

Ankhenaten the man of peace shown as Hu bathed in the rays of the Aten/Ra.

The image of Ankhenaten with the body of a lion is not at strange one, neither is it to be considered the worship of a half God half man.  In iconographic terms it means he is the king or ruler.

Iconography: an important component of cognitive archaeology, this involves the study of artistic representations which usually have an overt religious or ceremonial significance; e.g. individual deities may be distinguished, each with a special characteristic, such as corn with the corn god, or the sun with a sun god etc.

The images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject; "religious iconography"; "the propagandistic iconography of a despot."

So, what kind of iconographic image does the Boulé sphinx represent? PROPAGANDA!  For who? The Greek System that is the basis of western Philosophy which is the basis of the System of White Supremacy–white genetic survival.

We can see that the Greek notion of the Sphinx or strangler is nothing like the African understanding.



'HU is Her-Em-Akhet'

The logo of the Boulé has nothing to do with a real ancient Egyptian understanding, but the Greek notion of devastation and destruction.  The best way to destroy a house from the inside. The best way to steal the kingdom is by poisoning the hearts and mind of the children against the parents and then making the children think they are aliened with a new parental figure.

The Boulé is an elite order of Blacks that by their own admission are 'advisors to the King.'  That Kings unfortunately are the European and American rulers of this present age.

But, we as a people go back further than This modern the 20th century and its ideology, in the words of a scholar:

'A people who do not know their history are like they were born yesterday. '[4]

In the minds of unconscious men and women who make up the so-called Talented tenth of African-American society, belies the thread of the Hellenistic society. This Society has, as the conqueror, changed the truth into a lie and formed the children of the founders of the Mystery system into the slaves of a false reality based in the theft of that powerful educational system.

Manuscripts from Ethiopia

In other words: 

"We [Greece] stole it an now we have repackaged it and we are selling it back to you [Africans]!"

Power over the ignorant:

 "To steal their reality and call it yours and then, sell it back to them in your image and make them worship it.""


What does George G.M. James say about the So-called Greek System?



"The giving of false praise to the Greeks, a custom which appears to be the educational policy conducted by the educational institutions has lead to the false worship of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; as intellectual worship, these institutions have organized what are known as Greek lettered fraternities and sororities, as the symbols of the superiority of the Greek intellect and culture."[5]

George G.M. James proved in his landmark book Stolen Legacy:

1. Greek philosophy is a misnomer.

2. Demonstrating the African origin of the Mysteries Schools; and reveal the Greek Theft of All things in Our Religious system.

So, why are we imitating thieves?

A student of the famed Aristotle who accompanied Alexander as he invaded Egypt and plundered her libraries. So impressed was the young Alexander with Egypt that he renounced his own father and claimed decendency from the Black Egyptian god, Amen.

Barque of Amun

In this coin he goes as far as to wear the ram horns, symbolic of Amen.

Alexander the Great was crowned [fake] Pharaoh by the current group of ruling Persian-   Philip of Macedon united Greece , and eventually Alexander the Great ruled it. Alexander defeated the Persian forces that had conquered Egypt and then took his army to Egypt . There he was welcomed as a conquering hero by the Egyptians [those who ruled and did not understand their heritage and others who wanted to end the Persian rule of Egypt ] because he brought an end to Persian rule. He was made a god by the Hellenized Egyptians as well as a Hellenized Pharaoh. He, however, had other campaigns to wage and took his army off to the Middle East and the Indus River Valley leaving a regent in charge of Egypt.

Called by the Greeks the Horns of Zeus - but Zeus, according to Herodotus is the Egyptian neteru Amen or Amon.

Herodotus recorded for us how the Greeks identified their Zeus with Amen-Ra.

Amen - 'The Hidden' The Egyptians, including the Alexandrians, had been worshipping, or been acquainted with, the head of the Egyptian pantheon, Amen-Ra, the great Sun-deity, for more than 1 000 years, B.C.E. Before He became known as Amen-Ra, he was only known as Amen among the Thebans.

AMEN was originally the "Hidden God who is in The Heavens" "The hidden One, meaning hidden symbolized by the sun, as was also the ancient Aten."

Funk and Wagnall’s: Standard College Dictionary, describes it:

"AMEN: In Egyptian mythology, the god of life and procreation .later identified with the Sun-god as the supreme deity, and called 'Amen-Ra'."

Smith's Bible Dictionary says: AMEN is, "an Egyptian divinity ... He was worshipped ... as Amen-Ra, or 'Amen the Sun'."

James Bonwick: Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought, repeatedly and frankly calls the Sun-deity of Egypt by its correct name: AMEN. He states on pp. 123-125,

"AMEN ... is in a sense, the chief Neteru of Egypt - supreme divinity. Whatever else he is, he must be accepted as the sun ... the hidden god, the solar aspect is clear ... there is the disk of the sun ... the sun Amen.

The sun was an attribute God and was not originally worshipped as the object of the sun. Ankhenaten understood this concept and tried to reestablish this worship as the Aten.

What was the greatest thing seen in the sky? The symbol of God - the Sun.

The Sun of God walking across the Waters

Inscriptions state that the Aten had no physical image, but it was represented as a solar disk projecting many downward rays that ended as human hands. Sometimes holding ankhs, the symbol of eternal life.

For, lo, the day hath come, burning as a furnace, And all the proud, and every wicked doer, have been stubble, And burnt them hath the day that came, Said Jehovah of Hosts, That there is not left to them root or branch,

And risen to you, ye who fear My name, Hath the sun of righteousness -- and healing in its wings, And ye have gone forth, and have increased as calves [young oxen full of food] of a stall.

Malachi 4:1-2


Copying the Counterfeiter


Why? Why? Why?

Once we know the truth why do we continue walking the burning sand of the ignorant?  Brothers and Sisters: When you 'crossed the Burning sands in your rituals when you ran across the hot coals, it was really a mockery.  It symbolized the Greeks stealing, robbing, raping and murdering then running across the burning sands of the desert with our heritage to bring it to Europe . It symbolizes them running across the Ethiopian Sea [now called the Mediterranean ] with your culture and heritage, and then returning to destroy the evidence, as Alexander, Aristotle, Socrates and others admittedly did.

And now, they have you Doing that same thing in 'the Making' rituals. All of it is a bastardized version of the religious system of Egypt aptly misunderstood by the Greek as the 'Mystery' System.

Whose yo' Daddy?

Do some research - you can not be a Greek-centered and African-centered they are two diametrically opposed positions.

African: A native of Africa ; also one ethnologically belonging to an African race.

Grecian: One well versed in the Greek language, literature, or

There was no Greek culture only the Stolen Legacy of Egypt/Africa.

'But when the borrower does not acknowledge that he has "borrowed", then the "Borrower" becomes a "Thief".

The Creed of the master counterfeiter:

"By this plan, we shall direct all mankind. In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set all in motion and in flames. The occupation must be so allotted and contrived, that we may, in secret, influence all political transactions."' The Illuminate'

 Adam Weishaupt


For the love of all things African,


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George G.M. James - Stolen Legacy

Chancellor Williams - Destruction of Black Civilization

Pan Hellenic Manifesto

The Illuminati - Dr. K. Kenyatta

Webster's Dictionary

Encyclopedia Britannica

W.E.B Dubois Archives

Although I do not agree with everything these brothers have on his site it is worth mentioning and they have strived to find the truth, as I do.  We as a people will get there!


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