As morning is upon me

My dreams dwindle into day,

I can still see a glimpse of Heaven

as it fades away.

Sleep on in life’s reality, one day we’ll understand,

We are just sojourners in this world with immortality at hand.

Ekowa ©2oo5-2oo6




In Response to a Dream


September 26, 2004  





I had a dream last night...

Let me clarify. I thought it was a dream, but it was not really a dream. It was reality and it burst into my sleep. 

I saw an old friend who'd passed away many, many years ago. She looked the same as I had remembered her. Not a day older.

I now believe this strange reality was sent to me through time and space for my edification. In sleep we are drenched with melatonin and I believe this substance is a connector to the supernatural through our pineal gland as the Egyptian understood.

Eye of Ra and the Pineal Gland in our brain

 The vision of my friend, Maxine was presented to me in a dreamlike state, that was used as a vehicle for me to see and understand a truth I would not, naturally turn my heart to look at on a deep level. She came to was to warn me of what I was going to face to give me a heads up on what I needed to do.

Maxine [I called her Mac] was trying to tell me what would be my/our experience outside this natural world at my/our death and rebirth.  She came or was sent with a  message so I would not be afraid when that time came.   I knew by our conversation this was the only way I could receive this particular truth  and understand it beyond my current mortal/earthly comprehension and wisdom, and fears and apprehensions.

Some may call it a Revelation [Something revealed by god to mankind] but it was more than what we have mentally assigned as revelation. She came in a dream form so I would not be fearful due to my programmed trepidations of the supernatural taught through  my religious indoctrination.


The message was the most important thing and not the form of the messenger.  Receiving the message without fear was essential. 

Fear of the supernatural will stunt the magnitude of the truth given to us. Fear is a de-magnitude element. It decreases everything.  We will not be able to see panoramically and understand spiritually when we filter the truth through fear. Fear makes the truth a lie in our own mind.

Yes, FEAR makes the TRUTH a LIE to us. FEAR makes the TRUTH look like a LIE!


'Dreams are glimpses into the past, present and future through the Creator's spacelessness and timelessness.'

We can not truly perceive this spiritual realm in our natural [fleshly] state, simply because we live in a sealed box made of flesh. Flesh or the Body is a barrier to full spiritual understanding.

Our experiences in this flesh box is not completely real when based on the length, breadth and height of the unknown universes.  The box that is our flesh, reacts mainly to earthly stimuli and that stimuli propels or quickens us to act out our boxed existence in this world. The product of that quickening makes us feel alive in this earth realm, but this one-sided fleshly knowledge [or aliveness] has made us dead or numb to the spiritual realm where we truly "live and breathe and have our being."

It is as if we are living with earplugs that cover our whole body and being.

In reality our life is a shadow, a counterfeit reality where we function through linear space and time like there is nothing else beyond our natural senses.

"We go through life thinking we are in reality, but we are really outside the whole of what is truly real."

Then, it is at odd moments when a light from the outside quickens the light within us and we are called by the Divine in a dream or vision, to take another step up in the process of our becoming whatever we are to be. We are warned to not step in a pothole or get involved with something or someone that will set us back. 

Sometimes these setbacks are irreparable in this life, so heeding the warning(s) are critical. We need to be at that juncture, nexus or event horizon, when our moment of revelation and change comes. It is like looking for an opportunity and either being too early or too late for it.

To arrive at this nexus we need to communicate on a higher level, the level of the Divine [what we have called God] this is inside and outside communication. We are not alone. We are helped in our growth.

When we strain to grow and see, a signal may be sent to us like a ray of light, even a unfamiliar noise , or it can be as simple as a highlight portion in a book we're reading, or a picture, or face, or word ,or phrase, or a old saying--something we've heard all our life.  Then in that moment it lives, takes shape and we SEE.  

This morning I was sent a message in my dream and this is part of it. What I am saying is part of it.

Dreams are not just the REM stage, Neurology, or sleep for rest sake alone or whatever scientists would call it.  So-called bad or complicated dreams are not just the firing of neurons, a spicy meal, or a fear of the unknown exclusively.  It can be at sundry times - communication with the Creator of all Things.

When that happens, that divine communiqué pierces our flesh-box and causes us--makes us-- look and listen with attenuated spiritual eyes and ears.

The Biblical Jesus/Yahshua said;

"...having eyes you see not, having ear you hear not, neither do you understand..."

[I'm  not speaking of evil communications like  'Son-of-Sam' or 'Charles Manson', they were crazy and possibly possessed by the a force that I do not understand. Even David Berkowitz says he was possessed by evil. What compelled him to kill, I can only shudder to think.] But God made good and evil...

What I am talking about is the virtuous and righteous calling, something else - the greater one in us communicating to its divine eternal source, which is the good, divine, just and that which is attached to the Greater-One[ manifested in whatever way is pleasing and efficacious] who created all the Universes.  That part in us that receives instruction from the greater Creator when we stop, see, listen, sleep and then understand.

The Hebrews daily saying is:

'Schema Israel , Adonai Elohim, Adonai Chad'

The word Schema means to listen or to hear but, it is not ordinary listening or hearing, it is a process that makes you breath in or eat and digest what you have heard. This hearing becomes a part of your inward [divine] person. The Egyptian called it being part of Heru, Ra, Osiris, or Isis that is why they are depicted as those deities or attributes of the One that is Eternal.

We call it being One with Christ [as in Christ in us the hope of glorification] or Revelation and for a moment, when we submit to the process, we can see. I mean really see.  We can be like Moses and see the face  of the infinite or Yeshua and be the son's a daughter's of God. We can comprehend the vastness of our real life beyond the cloak or veil of flesh and begin to understand who we really are!

That realization plugs us into a outlet that energizes our truer self.  

We can see ourselves as who we are other than flesh.

"We can give more and accomplish more than living a cursory life, believing we are bound only to what we do on this Earth."

We must realize we are  brighter than the darkness we live in.  We need to understand that we are "All the Children of God." We must understand we are not alone in this Universe. Light walks with us. Light is in us!  

Light is our real nature.

I use the word God because its conventional and convenient, but we can not bind ourselves in a word, when Creation and the Creator is more than we can understand. The word God is earthy and culturally universal, and for most modern folks give it a basic understanding we can relate to.  The Hebrews used the name Yahweh, the Ashanti used Nyame, the Igbo used Chi, the Egyptians used Ra, Amen, Hu or Ptah, and the Ethiopian says Igziabiher.  In western society we say God or Allah and now most times Jesus if you are inclined to the Christian way of thought. 

When I say GOD, I am talking about the One - The Supreme Creator of all things and us All. The One that can manifest itself as it wills, Male, Female, all, both or neither. The Sprit, the Force ...the one we emanate from, the Source of all things.

The Uncaused Cause.

Now, understanding this - let me get back to my dream.


The presence of my friend was not a ghost or a familiar spirit. How do I know? Believe me I know!

Those are words used by ignorant fictionists and spook hunters trying to explain the unexplainable to the unlearned, in a bid to control them, those afraid of what they see, and by using simple spooky terminology cloaked in fear and intimidation, we have been made afraid to deal with the unknown.

The Bible says Try the Sprits, but if you are afraid how can you try them?

We can "Resist the Devil and he will flee". Isn't that what the Bible says? We are all the children of God and we need to walk in protection and revelation.  

My friend was as real as I was inside the vision, but she fit into her spiritual realm as I do in this one. She is real, as real as you or I, but different. She is all spiritual in a spiritual realm.

To all those preachers who said they went to 'Heaven' or  descended into 'Hell', and the people who said they met Jesus, and he was a white man, and all the angels were white, blue-eyed blond-haired cherubs, those same ones that would call anyone else's dream counterfeit-- if it does not agree with your contrived theology... go jump in the lake!

She was as real!

When I looked at her, her countenance was solemn.  Her hands were clasped in front of her like a messenger or judge announcing a edict, and she said,

‘It is not what you think.’

Even though we did not go over the explanation.  I understood instinctively what she meant.

She was speaking of death and the afterlife, heaven and hell and the existence outside this terra firma. She was talking about NOW and the PAST and the FUTURE. That NOW and the FUTURE and the existence of all things were all one thing, not a string of chronological events, but life going on at once, effecting everything on every level.

She was trying to tell me, it [The Afterlife] was not as we had imagined or what we had been told. In fact, I sensed I could not imagine it at all.

Flesh limits our understanding  of the Super-Natural.

We think the supernatural is not real. We say it is, we look for it, but we don't believe it when it confronts us. We have been taught it in our everyday life. We think it is far away and remote from our daily lives. It is not. They who have gone on before us SEE us. They SEE us clearly!

Why did she come to me?

Why didn't God send my father, my son or my sister who had passed away?  I don't know maybe they were busy.

Just as the visions of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Paul, John the Revelator, and many others, before and after, the Biblical account could not be understood until after they'd returned into the body. Flesh limits the descriptions of what we have experienced. There is no earthly description that could accurately convey what happens in the spirit.

How can you describe BLUE a Blind man?

Apparently, where she resides, in her spiritual state, she could still feel and still see and be effected by what she feels, hears and sees. She was not in stasis or so rapted up in Heaven and God she forgot about the trials on this earth. She knew about it.  

There was a sadness or solemnity in her manner. I use those words and the definition for them, but they are not quite accurate and do not fully capture her mood.  It was like a sadness, even now, as I tell the story, I am trying to interpret an "ancient spiritual narrative" using modern terms. I am trying to describe in an language unsuited and elementary.

This communication seemed to go on without our lips moving or verbalization being exchanged. It was more than mind it was spirit, mind, emotion and consciousness all in one.

As we communicated a bit more she, imparted the necessity of knowing the spiritual world is not what I believed it is and those who have gone on whether I believed they went to heaven or hell, [which was also a concept I had to re-evaluate in our communication] are still actively engaged in our lives, but on a higher plane [vibration/dimension] and what we do effects them. Not in a negative way like the Catholic concept of Purgatory, but in a love and heart context, because there is no negative as we know it.  They grieve [again the word is elementary]  to see us reach higher levels in our lives on this earth, and to eventually reach a higher state in the spirit world.


We are in a class. This earth class is a test. Not for us to fail but to grow.

Then, I was impressed to focus my thoughts on her only daughter.  At the time, I knew her daughter she had a string of struggles in her life, drugs, manipulation, and her gender identity. Her father [my friend's husband] was an chronic alcoholic, and his problem was a constant source of upheaval for their daughter. Although their daughter, an only child, had everything she could materially desire, she gave in to a life of drugs and prostitution.  

Side Bar: We should all know that some drugs are introduced into society at the height of its creativity, and it is used to demoralize and disjoint future generations from taking positive control and over-throwing the negative status quo that exists in politics, social issues, religion...etc.

Her daughter had a son in the midst of her tragic odyssey, and later gave him up to his father's side of the family while she returned to the streets.  After another bout with drugs she had another son.  My friend was always her daughter's only source of stability when  she was alive on earth, and it seemed for a time things would work out in her daughters life. After this struggle and a stint in a rehabilitation center, she was reunited with her mother before she died. They seemed to mend their relationship and he daughter tried again to make  a go of her life.

When Mac died her daughter was left to emotionally fend for herself and her children.  Although she was left with an great earthly inheritance, by the worlds standards, it was not enough. 

The problem was, in her life she was not given the "awareness" of a real spiritual connection. Although she and her mother attended a church regularly, and the drug rehabilitation center was god-based, she [ like most of us] did not realize that a divine connection in our understanding with our Creator was necessary for our  growth as human being,  and our development as spiritual beings. Unfortunately, in these modern times, church attendance, Pastor LOVE, the prosperity gospel, and the victim mentality keeps people from developing a real spiritual relationship with the Greater One.

We need that real spiritual relationship to prepare for the slings and arrows of life on this earth, and to be prepared and working effectively in our next birth.

When we have not developed that connection as if should have been given to us by our parents or our parent figures, it's as if we are born premature and as Preemie we left to fend for themselves do not survive. If we are not aware of that connection, by our own earthly ignorance, we are underdeveloped in this world and are unprepared and unaware of our spiritual past/present/future and we will be ineffective in our spiritual future, which is the only future we all have. 

"It is given to you to know the Mysteries," says Jesus talking to his disciples. Why would he withhold the truth from those  came to rescue? He did not. It is the way we have been taught to misinterpret he scriptures.

It is just like trying to rush a child to walk or potty trained. they will do it, but it they do it out of sink they will have overlapping problems.

It hurt Mac to see what was going on with her daughters earthly life, and to know that she did not give her enough divine instruction or  at least give her the tools to find the right spiritual direction.  I understood by her presence, that it hurts all of those who have gone on before us and are in eternity.

Again, they grieve to see the choices, we, their children, and the people of this world have made, because...

Love does not die... and Love is the key to it all!


When I spoke [ through nonverbal communication] to her again, she was distant in her mind, and I realized that she'd traveled on a thread or string of the memories we'd shared.  She brought the experience of the past with her as a means of transportation and identification.

It was like a navigating mechanism or transportation system [like a highway] The memories of the past are energy that also do not die, but becomes a vehicle of transportation into the NOW.

Sidebar: Thought is the vehicle. thought is neither past, present or future. thought is now, just as light is now. She traveled on thought just like a light beam. [2012]

When we communicated  I realized we could both see the depth and width of our  experiences as [eternity long] friends and I could see the examples or snapshots of our friendship plucked out of the whole and this is what she used to return here.

I saw, when I focused my [inward] attention, that the experience of our friendship was swirling around us, passing through us like a wave of love or conductivity.  It was almost like she brought the "Imprint of her life" back with her as proof she was who she was on earth when I knew her, and not a counterfeit.  

It was like an identification card of sorts.

I was part of her and she was part of me that I could feel. Our connection was like air, or breath, or water, or life! It was a sign or imprint that surrounded us. It was life in the cosmic form with all that makes us who we are without the "Box of Flesh".  

I told her my mother had passed away.  But, in reality she had not. My mother was depressed from an illness she had and was afraid she may die, but I did not understand why I said my mother had died.  I think  because I was experiencing timelessness and the workings of eternity. I saw that there is no a line in space and time, because it does not exist.  It may have been, I saw a glimpse of  what is mixed with what was, and what will be.  


Side bar: I am adding this in 2012.  In January my Mother died, passing back into Eternity. So what I saw in that dream was the future. But, I had a chance to share this with her and have her look for her "guides" when she made her transition. I believe on her death bed I heard her say, " It is Beautiful."

It may have also been the tragedy of many of my mother figures had Grandmother, sister, godmother, mother-in-law and several older women friends had all gone on and my own motherhood was at an end due to menopause. It may have been everything separately and at once.

My son who'd lived to be 2 years old -had struggled in this life, and God did not let that dream of him growing in this world with me come to fruition. He died and my heart is still broken.  I had no more birth children, and now, well into menopause, the thought of  never conceiving and carrying a child weighs heavily on me.

Whatever Motherhood implied, I said my mother died, as hers had. As my friend and I  were communicating I understood that  everything that will happen, has already happened.

I asked her had she seen my mother but, she did not respond.  I understood that it  was not her current mission to tell me about anything or anyone else or explain to me what I meant by 'my mother dying', that was something that would be reveled as I spiritually matured and natural time passed. Then, our conversation was interrupted and she repeated her words.

It is not like what we think

It is not like what you think

In her words was a wisdom that made me understand - the phrase was used as a key to unlock my spiritual [subconscious] understanding and old/ancient memories I had forgotten. Marker if you will.

We all have markers. They may show up in our lives. they are where we turn or regroup. They were given to us before we were born into our current life.


After I awoke from the dream actually my husband spoke to me and I woke up.  My mind and senses were wide opened up.  I felt raw and sensitive and attenuated. I could see and understand things I had only known in shadows before.

 I felt I had real spiritual knowledge.

But, as in most things outside the body when we return and days wears on and the trials of life meet us, we lose the intense sense of the truth and the realness of spirituality. As we come back into our clouded earthly [coffin] life. It is like decay and the concept of energy half-life.

I talked to my husband and told him about my dream and when I could not go back to sleep I decided to write this website and tell it to you all.


Listen: I am not the type of person that would write a thing as personal as this, because I know it can be misconstrued by those looking for ...whatever. BUT I had to write it and I pray that those who read this will understand and I believe by the spirit. If you have ears to will.


It is not what you think. This life is not what you think. Death is not what you think!


Does this mean we should cut short our class on this earth?  NOPE! We are here to learn and live!

We use the word spiritual or supernatural because that's the only words we know to use for a thing unexplainable in natural terms.  We differentiate what is spiritual from what is natural, but in reality they are fused together somehow.  There is no line between them except in our own flawed imaginations.

Superspiritual is the only way to explain this experience. I have found that words like spiritual, just as using gender and anthropomorphic [human-like] terms to explain and relate to our Creator and supernatural-ness are all ten-cent words, revisionists tales and sad concepts, that do not begin to tell the truth of the matter or the truth of why we are encased in MATTER!

This body/mind holds down our understanding and when people without a clear spiritual vision trying to explain the Divine, we fall further away from the truth of who we are! We mix it up the ancients telling of how it is in the spirit and how it is in the flesh. That is why mankind looks for ways to escape in order to gain more knowledge or to numb ourselves with the knowledge given to us my blind guides.

But, this is an earthly knowledge that is no spiritual good. That knowledge is only to control the  flesh.

Escapism is a trap! Whether it is in alcohol, drugs, over-eating, sex, money, greed, religiosity, or power they are all false doors and can never reveal the truth, they can never lead to true wisdom or true love.


Egyptian women and girls Praising the One God!

Looks like church doesn't it! Well it was the same thing!

Now, lift those hands and praise

Him 'cause there is nothing new under the SUN!


Counterfeits can not illustrate the truth.  They masks the truth and our perceptions to truth. Those escape tactics [imbalances and vices] puts us further into the shadows, and we become use to living under  a cloud, being dull, listless reactionaries-- Beings acted upon and eventually becoming so numb to spiritual stimuli that we keeping looking for the high[ in church or the world].

We remain animals and we just don't know it. We go here and there looking for stimuli - either, sexual, emotional, or pseudo- spiritual.   

We begin to crave the jumpstart. We crave the boost!

We become a willing audience for a grand play that is all a big lie used to keep us as divine children glued to this earth repeating and three-peating the same lessons in the worlds to come.

It is supernatural cross realm slavery.

BUT, we have the answer within our grasp, but we no not understand how to accurately discern, explain and teach what we see because of our disconnection.  The best we can do is use the terrestrial words we have. We are in a box, which is the flesh, with a vocabulary that is fleshly and limiting.


Every once in a while, the rays of  a supernatural understanding will come to us, and penetrate this atmosphere and this flesh [shell] and we see for a brief moment.

Tonight was my moment!

Catch this with me. Because as soon as time has elapsed we are dead again, numb to that which we knew was supernatural if we don't seize the dream.  If we do not seize it, in our  frustrations and numbness we go back to worrying about things that are terrestrial; houses, cars, clothes, success, power, money, sex, envy, jealousy---stuff that makes no matter inside and outside of the realm of Matter. 


We have enough in the world for everyone to live, thrive, flourish and meet our spiritual goals. We have the wrong thrust. What is success? Money, Power, Beauty, Youth? No-no-no!

We worry about our daily bread and how we will rob Peter to pay Paul.

We go back to looking for love in all the wrong places, because we have not settled in ourselves the truth of "long haul love", the love that never fails. That which will not violate the ultimate vow.

We go back to hating others and being hated, we go back to this earthly reality.

Let's look at what the Biblical speaker repeated and reiterated and was made to UNDERSTAND this truth that came from the ancient sages thousands of thousands of year earlier.

'Now, the message that we have heard from his son and announced is this; God is light, and there is no darkness at all in him [spirit].  If, then we say that we have fellowship with him [spirit], yet at the same time live in the darkness, we are lying both in our words and action.  But if we live in light - just as he [spirit] is light -then we have fellowship with one another, and the blood [woman's clot] of Jesus, his son, purifies us from every sin.'

1John 1:5-7

Sin is being out of step with the Divine inside of you and outside of you!

Light and truth and communication with God is like a meteor plunging into the atmosphere.  As it plummets to the earth it loses energy, becoming dense and changes as it goes through each invisible sphere as it finally hits the earth's crust.  As it rests on the ground it is a mere shadow of its former self.

That is what happened to US!

The mass of the meteor does not match the size. It has become condensed into the lump that lays upon the ground with all of the power laying dormant inside it.

We hear condensed information smashed with the power dormant inside. We are a heap and without the keys to see and understand who we are, we grow cold allowing ourselves to be awakened once in a while.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 1 Corinthians 13:12

We need the keys to  decode the message that God has given us.

The first key is LOVE!!

That is why we must reach up and out and meet that information where it is in its purest and best form.  We do that in our dream time or meditation time praise and prayer time.


But, sometimes when we can not reach it and something needs to reach us, because God will not leave us comfortless and without a witness...a light is sent on a thought. 

We, at different times have seen the truth and understood it for a moment, then the moment fades. We have been privy to the truth, but we can not explain it with ordinary words…so we call it God or spirit, or a supernatural experience, and we try to control it in ourselves and others, or we ignore it all together and talk ourselves out of what we've seen and claim we are Atheist or Agnostic or rationalists or realists.

That's All Blasphemy...

We are known by God! The words of this terra firma have no real meaning outside of this world.  We need to see  the larger truth of life. The Bigger picture. There is Life beyond this Life!  We came from it and we will return from it.

The writer was saying "...from dust thou are and dust you will return." YES, as the flesh, but we are MORE than flesh. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. YES, as the flesh.


We are spirits living in a body and on a day-to-day basis and we have no CLUE about our true essence, or how we should act and react in order to grow out of this womb of flesh into the next life.

We are the living atoms that bumped up against the positive and negative and incorporate those elements into our lives. We are charged electrons, but we do not understand that truth even though we were learned Chemistry and Physics.

God lives in us…

Our natural boxes/bodies have natural needs. Yes, We need food and shelter, security and love and we seek pleasure, but nothing can satisfy us here.  We always look for more, need more.  We spend whatever it is, as soon as we get it. It is a cycle of growth and decay, But it is not enough good energy to drive us to truth.

Love is Fuel

Not just physical love, but the purest kind of love is the true fuel. I see today - I see this morning that even love is a word that our mind can not truly comprehend.  Love is the greatest thing anywhere!  

When we become older we will need less sleep, less food, and the things we held so dear, and we realize that gave us mental and physical pleasure are few and far between.  Our bodies begin its journey to the ground and out spirit returns to where we all come from...our Source.  We will start to "roll up this tent of flesh" long before we are carried out of this life in a wooden/metal box. Since we do not understand what is beyond the veil [ I don't care what religion you profess - all of it is elementary belief]

As a preacher once said; Don't build a house when a tent is needed. This flesh is a Tent. A tabernacle not a permanent residence.

We are afraid!

We fear what we think is the unknown or unknowable. Man's greatest fear is the fear of the unknown and that ultimate fear is the fear of Dying and DEATH. But, it isn’t unknown, it is actually familiar. 

As we are born we die. It is the same manner, we are birthed into another world.


We all come from the same place and we all return there every night in what we think are dreams. We are resurrected every morning. We are given a witness of life after life.

We are only afraid because we are in a state of mass amnesia.


We  know there is an outside world, just as sure as a child in the womb hears the voice of their mother, hears music, sees light, and understands love, and pain.  That child believes the womb they live in is their whole world, and they are the master of that domain.  Then, the birth pangs start and the child is moved into the birthing position [ head first] on that decent.  Does fear course through their bodies?

The closest a woman and child get to dying and life is at childbirth.

Then, all of a sudden that child--that baby--that precious thing--that innocent being is thrust out into a new world. Forced out into death? Or carried into this LIFE?

It is death to the child - leaving a place that had become his home. Leaving a place where food, and love, and comfort, and truth was abundant.  That baby heard the mumblings and grumblings of something outside of that womb-world, but could not understand its true meaning.

Just like we hear the mumblings and grumblings of a spiritual world outside of ours, and SOMETIMES we even experience the supernatural, visions, dream out-of-body, and near-death,  but we can't  truly understand the meaning without the vocabulary to decipher it.

BUT, it will not be until the child are spewed or pulled out into that hidden world that the baby will begin to understand the reality of this natural life.

We must not fear the unknown.  We live!  We Live! The box [flesh] is death and the spirit is alive! There is another place where we will continue. We are immortals.

 I have read all the accounts of when the idea of immortality came into the writings of the ancients, but it had to come from somewhere. It was in us because we are sprit being living in a body, residence for this time,  upon the earth.  We are not just as plants that seem to die and another comes in its place.  The Flesh dies, but the spirit is ALIVE! We are more than just a melody, more than just a song, more than a genetic code.

One songwriter says, that is why we pen songs that say...'I will love you forever.' or 'I will love you for always' or my personal favorite Steve wonder's lyrics from:


As around the sun the earth knows she's revolving
And the rosebuds know to bloom in early may
Just as hate knows love's the cure
You can rest your mind assure
That I'll be loving you always.

Until the day is night and night becomes the day
Until the trees and seas just up and fly away
Until the day that eight times eight times eight is four.

Until the day that is the day that are no more
Did you know you're loved by somebody
Until the day the earth starts turnin' right to left

Until the earth just for the sun denies itself
I'll be lovin you forever
Until dear mother nature says her work is through
Until the day that you are me and I am you



We know there is an eternity, there is an ALWAYS!!!! It is not just wishful thinking.

That Eternity and everlasting-ness, that Always dwells in us as well as outside us.

We have to teach ourselves to see and understand it, just like we need to teach self-control, taking care our flesh, educating our mind, living with respect for one another, and our planet.  We need to be aware that our body has a mind, and can contradict our supernatural mind, which is the person we really are.

 How many times have we said to ourselves and others.

'Why did I do that?’


‘That wasn’t right for me to do?’

What is seen as conscience to some, is God to others.  An understanding that we are in a greater circle where our actions matter in this matter.

This may be a simplistic interpretation and I am sure another, more eloquent writer could have penned it with more beauty but I am a simple writer trying to explain the unexplainable, the supernatural or as they say:  

 'Gods’ voice was like the sound of [a thousand] many waters.

Flesh is not evil like the Gnostics interpreted otherwise why are we in it? But our flesh is limiting,  but we are that microcosm [internally] of the heavenlies. 

 'As it is above so, it is Below' 


"As it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth."


What were they talking about? As we were in  Heaven, so are we on earth. The divine unhindered in Heaven MUST be the divine unhindered on Earth. The box should not--can not hinder us! 

I can say the vehicle to understanding this principle is Love.  

This was proclaimed in ancient pre-Biblical principles:

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

'Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself.'

These principles are at the core of our being, written on our spiritual hearts. It  is compassion, and love, and reciprocity, but each parent/guide who has reached the real understanding must open the door of understanding in their children by teaching it. 

 Action, Word and Deed.

"Impress [mark or chisel] them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deut. 6:7

The refer to in in physical terms but the marking is on the spirit.

Here the writer  seemingly referring to the Commandments of the Hebrews, but where did they get the commandments from? Mos[es] and where did he glean them from? The Egyptian priests he was schooled under. This truth was known and taught long before Moses.

The chiseling imprint is that we are made of, the stuff of the stars, but in an earthly box. We are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm.

True love is the closet thing to understanding our Creator. But, that love has to be unselfish. That is the only way it can turn into truth, wisdom, and workable energy. That is all but impossible in this modern world because the flesh [our coffin] filters each action, and each emotion, and each understanding through the sieve of this world.  That is earthly love. 

We have to not have a fleshly motivation when loving. We must Love for Love's sake!

 Heavenly or super-natural  love is different.  It is love not based in self. Let us master the 

art of Heavenly loving one another. It takes a lot to change. But we can.

 Un-Selfish, true love is the currency of Heaven?

How's your bank account?


Love is the hinge and the door. Love is the currency that the next world exists on.

‘It is not what we think!

she said...'

Our ancestors and those who have gone on before can see us, can still feel sadness when they see how we live this life, without learning the lesson that love is the key, and they are concerned because we are all connected through eternity! BUT once in a while the message gets to us:

This is not your best. You must do better!

They see the problems or temptations coming before we do, because they are looking from a heavenly purview. This happens to us all of us when we put on incorruptible. 

As the Bible says: 

"We don’t know what we will be, but we will be like him…" 

That is a biblical concept that I am left thinking about.

'We must let the Christ be formed in us...'

We do not know who we are in the natural, we do not understand the process in the natural, we are more than flesh and blood but, we reside in this earth-suit because we reside on this earth, and we can not see or understand the greatness only the poverty of ourselves. The eyes of our understanding is darkened.  

That is why we are sent messages, and perceive differences and are warned and encouraged by God through his people.

We can not let our Flesh rule!

I must confess freely that I did not visit my friends before she died, and I've regretted that for a long  time. But, this was not a dream of reconciliation or forgiveness, per se.  When she arrived forgiveness was already acknowledged and we understood that forgiveness was given by her and already extended to me. She did not demand to know why I was not there in the end when she fell ill, she did tell me when I called her why she did not want to see me.  It does not matter now. That was not the thing that was  important. She understood my shortcomings and hers while we were  in the flesh.

She understood the weakness of flesh, our fears, and  confusion about the whole  life, growth, death, transition process stunts us. We are all confused about death and dying and afraid when our turn comes what will happen, and we wonder whether it's heaven, hell, sleep, or oblivion if we are honest with ourselves. Because we have mis-remembered.

She wanted me/us to know that it is a different world and "they" are watching me/us, "they" are grieved and I/we must find a way to corporately and individually rise to the GLORY that is in all of us! We matter to them!

Listen !!!

If, there is anybody reading this...

and I hope there is!

This may be it, this may be the last time you'll have an opportunity to say ' I love You' or show ' I love you' to those you care for, and who care for you! That is so important, so very, very important. 

 Not for guilt sake - No! No! But for Love's sake.

Remember your grandmother, or teacher, or mother, or Dad...whoever it was that loved you and was proud of you, and had a stake in your life? 

Well, they're watching you!  They are loving, and grieving, and fretting, and praising, and singing over YOU! Those people that would say to you now:


'You are better than what you are doing!'

You are better than how you are acting!'

You are better than what you are planning!

Don't let your flesh and the ways of this world keep you from the truth.

Don't let this world kill you!

It's  not what We think!

This life's love and wisdom is stores up for the next, just like a child in the womb is formed daily, not to stay permanently in the womb, but is made to be born. It is in this phase of the learning in the earth-realm only for a terrestrial life-span. 

We are being formed into what we will be, just like a moth or butterfly we are being changed from the inside out!


Stop, Turn, and Return to our Source of Life


Last night we had a three-quarter moon and around it were puffs of clouds.  It was a beautiful sight.  We saw the handiwork of our Creator and we all acknowledges its beauty.

'We beheld his glory and we were humbled.'

But, that glory is not just in the sky, or sun's reflective power in the moon.  That glory is in US...all of US!

We must stop looking at one another as if we do not have God residing in all of us.

We must take hold to this Generation.  They are becoming less spiritual and more carnal because we continually let them remain children by helping them ignore spiritual truths.  When was the last time they beheld God's glory in you?

We must stop looking down on those in a worst shape than us and help them Up, help them Understand.  We are a peculiar people a chosen generation a kingdom of priests.

Not just Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists', Hindu or Atheist, Agnostics or us all of US!

We must stop seeing our brothers as Ghetto dwellers, Trailer park trash, pimps, crack heads, white-collar, blue-collar, no-collar, rich, poor, educated, illiterate, welfare rats and the inconsequential. Every life affects/effects ever other life!

'We are fitly joined together...where every joint supplies.'

We are ripples in this cosmic, oceanic stream!

They, We, all of us need to know and express to one another that  ' We are all the children of Light, the children of God'. We need to see divinity in each other.

We've dreamt it.  We've sensed it.  We've studied it. We have felt it! Archeology has dug up the truth about it. We see the light of it.  Now, we need to ACT on it.

We need to understand  

We are the Children of Light.


The entrance to Heaven is Wisdom and Obedience!

The currency in Heaven is LOVE!



The Kingdom of 
Heaven is with us!

'Then God said ' let there be light' - and light appeared. And God was pleased with what he saw.  Then he separated the light from the darkness...'

 Genesis 1: 1-5

'Ye are the light of the world, a city on a hill can not be hid.'

Matthew 5:14

'Before the world was created the word already existed; he [it] was with God, and he was the same as God.  From the very beginning the word as with God.  through him [the word] God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him. The word [sacred utterance] was the source of life, and this life brought life to mankind.  The light [revelation] shines in darkness, and the darkness can never put it out...This was the real light - the light that come into the world and shine on all mankind.'

John 1: 1-9

' My dear friends, we are now God's children, but it is not clear what we shall become.  But know when Christ appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he really is.

1John 3:1

'...There shall be no more night, and they will not need lamps or sunlight, because the Lord God and the lamb/ram [love, innocence and gentleness] will be their light[ revelation and truth], And they/we will rules as KINGS forever and ever.'

 Rev. 22:5


Blessings to you all,



'Change your words into truth and then change that truth into LOVE, And maybe our children's grandchildren , and their great-grandchildren will tell.'



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